Final Word from Monday, January 9, 2023

ČMKOS labor leader Josef Středula went into Czech TV's super debate last night knowing full well that he would withdraw from the presidential race. At one point he even said that he would like to be remembered in the future as a Czech president who fought to improve the lives of the people and who was able to negotiate everything for the country and for honest citizens. Then a short time later he read a prepared text of resignation from the race. He spent two hours selling himself for a position he already knew he wasn't going to seek, but it was par for the course in these presidential elections. Czech TV and other news outlets knew that Andrej Babiš wouldn't participate in their debates, but they still advertised them as if he would be there. Only PPF's TV Nova, which will host the final debate on Thur. night, was able to convince Babiš to attend and doesn't need to engage in false advertising. Babiš is betting everything on this one card. TV Nova is the winner no matter how it turns out. [ Czech Republic unions Television superdebate elections ]

Glossary of difficult words

full well - very well, exceedingly well;

par for the course - an expected or normal occurrence or situation.


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