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“We separate the wheat from the chaff.”

Erik Best, publisher

The Final Word is a short daily commentary on the major business and political issues affecting the Czech Republic. It’s published Monday-to-Thursday each week by Erik Best and his experienced team and is free to anyone who chooses to subscribe. The Final Word has become an influential voice since it was founded in 2001. A Czech version of the Final Word has been available since 2010.

Each Friday, when the Final Word does not appear, we publish the Friday Edition, which is our weekly analysis of the main political and business events in the Czech Republic. It’s included free with each subscription to the Fleet Sheet daily bulletin and is not available elsewhere (but you can sample a recent issue by of the Friday Edition by clicking here).

The Fleet Sheet daily bulletin is our flagship product. It provides a quick and targeted look at the day’s main news items and is read by most of the country’s major companies. It’s available by subscription only, but you may sample a recent issue by clicking here). You may also test it for a two-week period by registering for a Free Trial. Full access to the Fleet Sheet Archive is included with each subscription to the Fleet Sheet daily bulletin.

The Final Word Archive is free to everyone and includes all the individual articles published in the Final Word since 2001. It’s an invaluable service and is available without registration.

The Fleet Sheet, Final Word and Friday Edition are serious products for anyone who is serious about succeeding in his or her field in the Czech Republic.


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