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So many Prague streets are torn up that there are growing suspicions that the traffic complications are an intentional effort by Dep. Mayor Zdeněk Hřib of the Pirates to force people to get greener. Yet those who take up the call and leave their cars at home are now having to wonder what it will mean for their commute if Prague follows through on a recommendation to make all of the city's bus stops on-demand. Sure, it would save money on fuel, but it would also force many riders to get to the bus stop early, just in case the driver was running ahead of schedule and left them behind. DP Praha might benefit, but only by passing on the cost to the customer in the form of wasted time. Instead of scrimping at the bottom, it would be better if the city stopped the stealing at the top. It's been seven months since Pirates MP Jakub Michálek said that STAN used the black funds it stole from DPP to finance the illegal campaign for circling out the Pirates. Those black funds could go a long way if put to use legally. [ Czech Republic transit deputy repairs jams ]

Glossary of difficult words

to scrimp - to be thrifty or parsimonious; to economize;

to take up the call - to respond to a request or challenge;

on demand - as soon as or whenever required; only stopping when signaled to do so;

to go a long way - to suffice or be adequate for a long period of time.

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