PDF issues for the Year 2001

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January 2001
08/01MondayPDFLess is sometimes more on the internetread this issue
09/01TuesdayPDFPetra Buzková spreads her legs for Bleskread this issue
10/01WednesdayPDFWill Ivan Langer be ODS's scapegoat?read this issue
11/01ThursdayPDFODS should not be counted out yetread this issue
12/01FridayPDFWe made a mistake, and we're sorryread this issue
15/01MondayPDFVladimir Zelezny is getting worriedread this issue
16/01TuesdayPDFPatria is on a political blacklistread this issue
17/01WednesdayPDFThe price of being knownread this issue
18/01ThursdayPDFWell paid, but worth itread this issue
19/01FridayPDFInvestors pull the plug on Globopolis.comread this issue
22/01MondayPDFJana Bobosikova stands up under fireread this issue
23/01TuesdayPDFA new political party takes rootread this issue
24/01WednesdayPDFSales of luxury cars are boomingread this issue
25/01ThursdayPDFFacts, facts, factsread this issue
26/01FridayPDFShould he stay or should he go?read this issue
29/01MondayPDFODS goes for Mertlik's jugularread this issue
30/01TuesdayPDFSpecial interests battle for KBread this issue
31/01WednesdayPDFIs the Constitutional Court biased?read this issue

February 2001
01/02ThursdayPDFThe Four Seasons opens in Pragueread this issue
02/02FridayPDFKlaus defends IPB's ex-managersread this issue
05/02MondayPDFForeigners lose "expert" tax statusread this issue
06/02TuesdayPDFPithart for President?read this issue
07/02WednesdayPDFKlaus speaks again on IPBread this issue
08/02ThursdayPDFMertlik favors regional income taxread this issue
09/02FridayPDFCommunists come up emptyread this issue
12/02MondayPDFMladek the privatizerread this issue
13/02TuesdayPDFThe CNB strikes backread this issue
14/02WednesdayPDFShould President Havel resign?read this issue
15/02ThursdayPDFCzech courts face new testread this issue
16/02FridayPDFThe EU's on a roll in Pragueread this issue
19/02MondayPDFGregr launches CSSD's election campaignread this issue
20/02TuesdayPDFZeman for President?read this issue
21/02WednesdayPDFNato's chief visits Pragueread this issue
22/02ThursdayPDFPilip's on the moveread this issue
23/02FridayPDFOops!read this issue
26/02MondayPDFWhat's Mertlik got up his sleeve?read this issue
27/02TuesdayPDFFair and consistent rulesread this issue
28/02WednesdayPDFChoosing between the E.U. and U.S.read this issue

March 2001
01/03ThursdayPDFStand up and be countedread this issue
02/03FridayPDFHolding onread this issue
05/03MondayPDFA little opposition agreementread this issue
06/03TuesdayPDFI'm (not) the bestread this issue
07/03WednesdayPDFWhoaaa!read this issue
08/03ThursdayPDFMinister Kalousek?read this issue
09/03FridayPDFOnly in Czech, pleaseread this issue
12/03MondayPDFActions, not wordsread this issue
13/03TuesdayPDFMoscow calling?read this issue
14/03WednesdayPDFCzech telecoms news (in English)read this issue
15/03ThursdayPDFJudicial reform is slowread this issue
16/03FridayPDFFoot-in-mouth diseaseread this issue
19/03MondayPDFJan Becher and Czech foreign policyread this issue
20/03TuesdayPDFBig bang, big businessread this issue
21/03WednesdayPDFVested interestsread this issue
22/03ThursdayPDFAmerican drivers bewareread this issue
23/03FridayPDFSOSread this issue
26/03MondayPDFMertlik the politicianread this issue
27/03TuesdayPDFKavan's Watergateread this issue
28/03WednesdayPDFKavan's Watergate: A rebuttalread this issue
29/03ThursdayPDFTenderitisread this issue
30/03FridayPDFBoeing, going, goneread this issue

April 2001
02/04MondayPDFKalousek 1, Svoboda 0read this issue
03/04TuesdayPDFPolitical reshufflingread this issue
04/04WednesdayPDFODS's flat tax and the EUread this issue
05/04ThursdayPDFStrategic, or hotheaded?read this issue
06/04FridayPDFCorruption 1, decency 0 read this issue
09/04MondayPDFSpidla the socialistread this issue
10/04TuesdayPDFFight clubread this issue
11/04WednesdayPDFThe new dissidentread this issue
12/04ThursdayPDFThe hot seatread this issue
13/04FridayPDFMertlik disappointsread this issue
17/04TuesdayPDFPower playread this issue
18/04WednesdayPDFThe new tax manread this issue
19/04ThursdayPDFSuperread this issue
20/04FridayPDFKlaus is Superread this issue
23/04MondayPDFGoing nowhereread this issue
24/04TuesdayPDFKlaus praises Tumaread this issue
25/04WednesdayPDFSuper man, super newspaperread this issue
26/04ThursdayPDFOut of favorread this issue
27/04FridayPDFDivided loyaltiesread this issue
30/04MondayPDFBuying influenceread this issue

May 2001
02/05WednesdayPDFODS and the EUread this issue
03/05ThursdayPDFCSSD and the EUread this issue
04/05FridayPDFThe 4C and the EUread this issue
07/05MondayPDFKSCM and the EUread this issue
09/05WednesdayPDFSOS and the EUread this issue
10/05ThursdayPDFThe Faithless 14read this issue
11/05FridayPDFAdvertisers shun Superread this issue
14/05MondayPDFA hockey dynastyread this issue
15/05TuesdayPDFHavel vs. Gregrread this issue
16/05WednesdayPDFThe EU? Not for meread this issue
17/05ThursdayPDFFinance Minister Sloufread this issue
18/05FridayPDFTrumpeting Nato enlargementread this issue
21/05MondayPDFMertlik strikes backread this issue
22/05TuesdayPDFDon't shoot the analysts (yet)read this issue
23/05WednesdayPDFSuper secretread this issue
24/05ThursdayPDFLosses are yours, profits are mineread this issue
25/05FridayPDFTunnel visionread this issue
28/05MondayPDFAiming highread this issue
29/05TuesdayPDFODS backs downread this issue
30/05WednesdayPDFA common adversaryread this issue
31/05ThursdayPDFFlirting with politicsread this issue

June 2001
01/06FridayPDFPure political pragmatismread this issue
04/06MondayPDFTip of the icebergread this issue
05/06TuesdayPDFRuml's political calculationsread this issue
06/06WednesdayPDFWaiting for changeread this issue
07/06ThursdayPDFUnbiased military experts wantedread this issue
08/06FridayPDFTV3 changes tacticsread this issue
11/06MondayPDFAnimal logicread this issue
12/06TuesdayPDFIvan Pilip bides his timeread this issue
13/06WednesdayPDFWhere's the CNB?read this issue
14/06ThursdayPDFOstracizing Klausread this issue
15/06FridayPDFBe afraid. Be very afraid.read this issue
18/06MondayPDFBush in Warsawread this issue
19/06TuesdayPDFKlaus teams up with Fischerread this issue
20/06WednesdayPDFSimply the bestread this issue
21/06ThursdayPDFSetting a precedentread this issue
22/06FridayPDFFellow travelersread this issue
25/06MondayPDFTurning to ODSread this issue
26/06TuesdayPDFBehind closed doorsread this issue
27/06WednesdayPDFCrony socialismread this issue
28/06ThursdayPDFZeman's return?read this issue
29/06FridayPDFKocarnik's here, there and everywhereread this issue

July 2001
02/07MondayPDFKB sale offers hoperead this issue
03/07TuesdayPDFRunning in placeread this issue
04/07WednesdayPDFODS vs. CSOBread this issue
09/07MondayPDFIndependence Dayread this issue
10/07TuesdayPDFDiplomatic simulation?read this issue
11/07WednesdayPDFGregr's spending spreeread this issue
12/07ThursdayPDFInterest-rate politicsread this issue
13/07FridayPDFCourting CSSDread this issue
16/07MondayPDFThe truth about bank privatizationread this issue
17/07TuesdayPDFSpinning off Temelinread this issue
18/07WednesdayPDFGone bananasread this issue
19/07ThursdayPDFTlusty joins Aeroread this issue
20/07FridayPDFSmoking out the factsread this issue
23/07MondayPDFCharouz pays his debtread this issue
24/07TuesdayPDFFischer's dilemmaread this issue
25/07WednesdayPDFThe great KB pay heistread this issue
26/07ThursdayPDFThe EU race is onread this issue
27/07FridayPDFCabinet delays final IPB saleread this issue
30/07MondayPDFHuman-rights ironiesread this issue
31/07TuesdayPDFCesky Eurotelread this issue

August 2001
01/08WednesdayPDFPolitical connections still countread this issue
02/08ThursdayPDFAsset or liabilityread this issue
03/08FridayPDFWhen isn't a Czech a Czech?read this issue
06/08MondayPDFThe K wordread this issue
07/08TuesdayPDFFree passage for allread this issue
08/08WednesdayPDFThe K word, Part IIread this issue
09/08ThursdayPDFThe dictatorship of the protesterread this issue
10/08FridayPDFCzech, and proud of itread this issue
13/08MondayPDFThe perfect spiesread this issue
14/08TuesdayPDFNomura's got it maderead this issue
15/08WednesdayPDFWhat voters wantread this issue
16/08ThursdayPDFSkoda favors a weaker crownread this issue
17/08FridayPDFLanger's on the way outread this issue
20/08MondayPDFBecherovka's political cocktailread this issue
21/08TuesdayPDFAndersen speaks its mindread this issue
22/08WednesdayPDFAll eyes on Petr Necasread this issue
23/08ThursdayPDFThe second-oldest professionread this issue
24/08FridayPDFKlaus' successorread this issue
27/08MondayPDFTlusty consolidatesread this issue
28/08TuesdayPDFThe wise approachread this issue
29/08WednesdayPDFConspiracy theoryread this issue
30/08ThursdayPDFPreparing for a currency crisisread this issue
31/08FridayPDFControlling currency riskread this issue

September 2001
03/09MondayPDFCSA pays for higher productivityread this issue
04/09TuesdayPDFEurope is doomed (says Klaus)read this issue
05/09WednesdayPDFProtesters are winning againread this issue
06/09ThursdayPDFAll work and no payread this issue
07/09FridayPDFYes, he's a crook, but ....read this issue
10/09MondayPDFKozeny's imitatorsread this issue
11/09TuesdayPDFMacek mixes business and politicsread this issue
12/09WednesdayPDFThe next big blowread this issue
13/09ThursdayPDFA new kind of warread this issue
14/09FridayPDFPreparing for warread this issue
17/09MondayPDFReassessing defense prioritiesread this issue
18/09TuesdayPDFInflation or global recession?read this issue
19/09WednesdayPDFWar politicsread this issue
20/09ThursdayPDFA measured responseread this issue
21/09FridayPDFWar powersread this issue
24/09MondayPDFDebating military actionread this issue
25/09TuesdayPDFCME vs. the CRread this issue
26/09WednesdayPDFThe Good Soldier Svejkread this issue
27/09ThursdayPDFWishy-washy on corruptionread this issue

October 2001
01/10MondayPDFSvejk strikes againread this issue
02/10TuesdayPDFIf you scream loud enough....read this issue
03/10WednesdayPDFDividing powerread this issue
04/10ThursdayPDFShelter from the stormread this issue
05/10FridayPDFUnder pressureread this issue
08/10MondayPDFWaiting for warread this issue
09/10TuesdayPDFExpanding the warread this issue
10/10WednesdayPDFPlugging fightersread this issue
11/10ThursdayPDFNew-car demand weakensread this issue
12/10FridayPDFTerrorism is bad for businessread this issue
15/10MondayPDFLeaving the USAread this issue
16/10TuesdayPDFFighting terror, winning electionsread this issue
17/10WednesdayPDF2004read this issue
18/10ThursdayPDFChanging KB's directionread this issue
19/10FridayPDFSlowing down privatizationread this issue
22/10MondayPDFBazooka causes concernread this issue
23/10TuesdayPDFOpposing the warread this issue
24/10WednesdayPDFVladimir Zelezny and TV3read this issue
25/10ThursdayPDFAvoiding bad debtread this issue
26/10FridayPDFKulhanek's head is in the sandread this issue
29/10MondayPDFA terrorist in Pragueread this issue
30/10TuesdayPDFVladimir Zeleny heads to Slovakiaread this issue
31/10WednesdayPDFTo buy or not to buy fighters?read this issue

November 2001
01/11ThursdayPDFYoung & Rubicam is reprimandedread this issue
02/11FridayPDFCzechs respond to Kulhanekread this issue
05/11MondayPDFZeman lowers the barread this issue
06/11TuesdayPDFTvrdik is flying highread this issue
07/11WednesdayPDFKlaus and ethicsread this issue
08/11ThursdayPDFKlaus shocksread this issue
09/11FridayPDFKlaus shocks, Part IIread this issue
12/11MondayPDFZeman hurts the war effortread this issue
13/11TuesdayPDFCzech TV wants moreread this issue
14/11WednesdayPDFZelezny lands in jailread this issue
15/11ThursdayPDFKlaus shocks, Part IIIread this issue
16/11FridayPDFArrest upsets Barrandov dealread this issue
19/11MondayPDFSmoking and drivingread this issue
20/11TuesdayPDFKlaus' running materead this issue
21/11WednesdayPDFWho's pressuring whom?read this issue
22/11ThursdayPDFAll or nothing, Part Iread this issue
23/11FridayPDFAll or nothing, Part IIread this issue
26/11MondayPDFAll or nothing, Part IIIread this issue
27/11TuesdayPDFAmericans get a black eyeread this issue
28/11WednesdayPDFFrench black eyesread this issue
29/11ThursdayPDFRecession?read this issue
30/11FridayPDFAdvertising in recessionread this issue

December 2001
03/12MondayPDFTV3 goes blankread this issue
04/12TuesdayPDFThe CNB plays catch-upread this issue
05/12WednesdayPDFUS suspected of corruptionread this issue
06/12ThursdayPDFMFD, TVD, TV3read this issue
07/12FridayPDFMr. Klaus goes to Brusselsread this issue
10/12MondayPDFAll or nothing, Part IVread this issue
11/12TuesdayPDFBAE's black eyeread this issue
12/12WednesdayPDFAll or nothing, Part Vread this issue
13/12ThursdayPDFAll or nothing, Part VIread this issue
14/12FridayPDFZelezny for Presidentread this issue
17/12MondayPDFEDF is gone but not forgottenread this issue
18/12TuesdayPDFPrivatization algorithmsread this issue
19/12WednesdayPDFEDF and Temelinread this issue
20/12ThursdayPDFEDF and Temelín, Part IIread this issue
21/12FridayPDFZeman demands transparencyread this issue
27/12ThursdayPDFNew car plant threatens Skodaread this issue
28/12FridayPDFThe default syndromeread this issue
31/12MondayPDFAnother Klaus yearread this issue


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