PDF issues for the Year 2002

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January 2002
02/01WednesdayPDFA weak Presidentread this issue
03/01ThursdayPDFCzechs accept euroread this issue
04/01FridayPDFAndersen screams, and winsread this issue
07/01MondayPDFCustomers hang up on Telecomread this issue
08/01TuesdayPDFTelecom sheds low-paying customersread this issue
09/01WednesdayPDFSelling CEZread this issue
10/01ThursdayPDFCEZ sale is delayedread this issue
11/01FridayPDFODS and fightersread this issue
14/01MondayPDFBusiness first, safety secondread this issue
15/01TuesdayPDFPlotting against Klausread this issue
16/01WednesdayPDFReflex vs. AAA Autoread this issue
17/01ThursdayPDFReflex vs. AAA, Part IIread this issue
18/01FridayPDFTop Czechs earn top wagesread this issue
21/01MondayPDFKlaus has no favoritesread this issue
22/01TuesdayPDFTop managers prefer anonymityread this issue
23/01WednesdayPDFZelezny helps himself and ODSread this issue
24/01ThursdayPDFNomura and Jan Kavanread this issue
25/01FridayPDFODA and PPFread this issue
28/01MondayPDFAndersen encourages transparencyread this issue
29/01TuesdayPDFKlaus survives another attackread this issue
30/01WednesdayPDFThe 4C takes a slideread this issue
31/01ThursdayPDFStop picking on Andersen!read this issue

February 2002
01/02FridayPDFZantovsky plays a risky gameread this issue
04/02MondayPDFHavel's group loses its betread this issue
05/02TuesdayPDFAt your service, Mr. Klausread this issue
06/02WednesdayPDFKuhnl gave up too soonread this issue
07/02ThursdayPDFAt your service, Mr. Klaus (Part II)read this issue
08/02FridayPDFGood newsread this issue
11/02MondayPDFMore good newsread this issue
12/02TuesdayPDFThe CR isn't working, Part Iread this issue
13/02WednesdayPDFPunching out Cesky Telecomread this issue
14/02ThursdayPDFUnfair competitionread this issue
15/02FridayPDFThe CR isn't working, Part IIread this issue
18/02MondayPDFKlausocracyread this issue
19/02TuesdayPDFThe CR isn't working, Part IIIread this issue
20/02WednesdayPDFZeman sticks his foot in his earread this issue
21/02ThursdayPDFZeman's career could be overread this issue
22/02FridayPDFUnfair competition, Part IIread this issue
25/02MondayPDFTen years laterread this issue
26/02TuesdayPDFCzech Enronsread this issue
27/02WednesdayPDFGoing mobileread this issue
28/02ThursdayPDFCorruption at Prague city hallread this issue

March 2002
01/03FridayPDFCorruption at city hall, Part IIread this issue
04/03MondayPDFCross-border competition escalatesread this issue
05/03TuesdayPDFTaking shots at CSOBread this issue
06/03WednesdayPDFRelations with U.S. hit bottomread this issue
07/03ThursdayPDFCorruption at city hall, Part IIIread this issue
08/03FridayPDFCross-border competition escalates, Part IIread this issue
11/03MondayPDFCorruption at city hall, Part IVread this issue
12/03TuesdayPDFCEZ privatization endsread this issue
13/03WednesdayPDFShow me the moneyread this issue
14/03ThursdayPDFeBanka finds a nicheread this issue
15/03FridayPDFCSOB's dilemmaread this issue
18/03MondayPDFShow me the money, Part IIread this issue
19/03TuesdayPDFCorruption at city hall, Part Vread this issue
20/03WednesdayPDFThe True Believerread this issue
21/03ThursdayPDFThe True Believer, Part IIread this issue
22/03FridayPDFEuropean chambers revoltread this issue
25/03MondayPDFCS backs the status quoread this issue
26/03TuesdayPDFEuropean chambers revolt, Part IIread this issue
27/03WednesdayPDFCS backs the status quo, Part IIread this issue
28/03ThursdayPDFEuropean chambers revolt, Part IIIread this issue
29/03FridayPDFCS backs the status quo, Part IIIread this issue

April 2002
02/04TuesdayPDFBures seeks justiceread this issue
03/04WednesdayPDFBures seeks justice, Part IIread this issue
04/04ThursdayPDFHavel's image suffersread this issue
05/04FridayPDFHavel's image suffers, Part IIread this issue
08/04MondayPDFLove is ... sometimes an impostorread this issue
09/04TuesdayPDFLove is ... mending one's waysread this issue
10/04WednesdayPDFOn target for 2004read this issue
11/04ThursdayPDFOn target for 2004, Part IIread this issue
12/04FridayPDFODS opposes incentivesread this issue
15/04MondayPDFODS opposes incentives, Part IIread this issue
16/04TuesdayPDFThe Coalition favors incentivesread this issue
17/04WednesdayPDFGregr defends investment incentivesread this issue
18/04ThursdayPDFSudeten symbolismread this issue
19/04FridayPDFSudeten symbolism, Part IIread this issue
22/04MondayPDFPegging the crownread this issue
23/04TuesdayPDFApplying Jack Stack's adviceread this issue
24/04WednesdayPDFKasl answers his criticsread this issue
25/04ThursdayPDFNotorious power brokersread this issue
26/04FridayPDFKasl submits anti-corruption planread this issue
29/04MondayPDFKlaus blasts Gripen dealread this issue
30/04TuesdayPDF"7" favors ODSread this issue

May 2002
02/05ThursdayPDFRaising taxesread this issue
03/05FridayPDFIncentives don't matterread this issue
06/05MondayPDFHavel's gambleread this issue
07/05TuesdayPDFDeeper into debtread this issue
09/05ThursdayPDFCzech-American investmentread this issue
10/05FridayPDFBuy CEZread this issue
13/05MondayPDFDivide and conquerread this issue
14/05TuesdayPDFForeigners not wantedread this issue
15/05WednesdayPDFVoting absentee for Gripensread this issue
16/05ThursdayPDFRussia's new placeread this issue
17/05FridayPDFWeak unions, strong investorsread this issue
20/05MondayPDFZeman's one-man showread this issue
21/05TuesdayPDFGraft at Czech TVread this issue
22/05WednesdayPDFTerrorism in Pragueread this issue
23/05ThursdayPDFHavel or Klaus?read this issue
24/05FridayPDFUne revolution francaiseread this issue
27/05MondayPDFForeigners not wanted, Part IIread this issue
28/05TuesdayPDFForeigners wanted (in Prague)read this issue
29/05WednesdayPDFKasl to the Castle?read this issue
30/05ThursdayPDFAccounting magicread this issue
31/05FridayPDFHavel, Gripens and coalitionsread this issue

June 2002
03/06MondayPDFThe judge and his hangmanread this issue
04/06TuesdayPDFWill Gross go fishing?read this issue
05/06WednesdayPDFSpidla takes controlread this issue
06/06ThursdayPDFPost-election (in)stabilityread this issue
07/06FridayPDFRefinery investment in doubtread this issue
10/06MondayPDFSpidla's anti-Zeman cabinetread this issue
11/06TuesdayPDFOverdosed on Klausread this issue
12/06WednesdayPDFSpidla and taxesread this issue
13/06ThursdayPDFCommunists at the doorread this issue
14/06FridayPDFThe Klaus referendumread this issue
15/06SaturdayPDFKlaus' worst nightmareread this issue
17/06MondayPDFSpidla's strategyread this issue
18/06TuesdayPDFSpidla's strategy, Part IIread this issue
19/06WednesdayPDFThe KDU factorread this issue
20/06ThursdayPDFKlaus' next moveread this issue
21/06FridayPDFSpidla's languagesread this issue
24/06MondayPDFTrouble at TV Novaread this issue
25/06TuesdayPDFHavel and Communistsread this issue
26/06WednesdayPDFManager of the Yearread this issue
27/06ThursdayPDFHurry up and cancel!read this issue
28/06FridayPDFStrong and getting strongerread this issue

July 2002
01/07MondayPDFPPF grabs TV Novaread this issue
02/07TuesdayPDFTake the money and runread this issue
03/07WednesdayPDFFree speech at TV Novaread this issue
04/07ThursdayPDFAtheists in powerread this issue
08/07MondayPDFSpend now, starve laterread this issue
09/07TuesdayPDFMore where that came fromread this issue
10/07WednesdayPDFSpidla raises questionsread this issue
11/07ThursdayPDFKlaus won't go awayread this issue
12/07FridayPDFSecond-rate foreignersread this issue
15/07MondayPDFPilip's next moveread this issue
16/07TuesdayPDFSocialist medicineread this issue
17/07WednesdayPDFNot so Superread this issue
18/07ThursdayPDFODS "fights" bureaucracyread this issue
19/07FridayPDFThird-ratersread this issue
22/07MondayPDFThe end of mafia capitalismread this issue
23/07TuesdayPDFEU entry is a done dealread this issue
24/07WednesdayPDFBush's Prague partnerread this issue
25/07ThursdayPDFBush's Prague partner, Part IIread this issue
26/07FridayPDFBures will be backread this issue
29/07MondayPDFMluvim trochu ceskyread this issue
30/07TuesdayPDFLittle Enronread this issue
31/07WednesdayPDFMr. Cleanread this issue

August 2002
01/08ThursdayPDF(Un)hostile takeoverread this issue
02/08FridayPDFLittle Enron, Part IIread this issue
05/08MondayPDFWorldCom ignoredread this issue
06/08TuesdayPDFThe Israeli connectionread this issue
07/08WednesdayPDFPublic-finance reformread this issue
08/08ThursdayPDFDefending Czech airspaceread this issue
09/08FridayPDFFixing Cesky Telecomread this issue
12/08MondayPDFLittle white liesread this issue
13/08TuesdayPDFRolling over flood bondsread this issue
14/08WednesdayPDFGeneral Spidlaread this issue
15/08ThursdayPDFNemec, seals and electionsread this issue
16/08FridayPDFCzech TV excelsread this issue
19/08MondayPDFBefore the floodread this issue
20/08TuesdayPDFNext stop: Iraqread this issue
21/08WednesdayPDFHidden flood profitsread this issue
22/08ThursdayPDFZelezny's exitread this issue
23/08FridayPDFKasl vs. Nemecread this issue
26/08MondayPDFHot air neededread this issue
27/08TuesdayPDFMandatory flood insuranceread this issue
28/08WednesdayPDFAlienating the richread this issue
29/08ThursdayPDFWho's running Finance?read this issue
30/08FridayPDFIraq and the other warread this issue

September 2002
02/09MondayPDFThe Goodread this issue
03/09TuesdayPDFThe Badread this issue
04/09WednesdayPDFThe Uglyread this issue
05/09ThursdayPDFPilip or bustread this issue
06/09FridayPDFEven uglierread this issue
09/09MondayPDFPilip or bust, Part IIread this issue
10/09TuesdayPDFHousing made easierread this issue
11/09WednesdayPDFOur city of ruinsread this issue
12/09ThursdayPDFNo room for bicyclesread this issue
13/09FridayPDFWhere's the right?read this issue
16/09MondayPDFThe commies are comingread this issue
17/09TuesdayPDFPilip trumps Spidlaread this issue
18/09WednesdayPDFEurope yes, socialism noread this issue
19/09ThursdayPDFWho is Hana Marvanova?read this issue
20/09FridayPDFMarvanova for President?read this issue
23/09MondayPDFTelecom's prioritiesread this issue
24/09TuesdayPDFCan Spidla be trusted?read this issue
25/09WednesdayPDFGreens expect a boostread this issue
26/09ThursdayPDFKeep your head lowread this issue
27/09FridayPDFChallenging Klausread this issue
30/09MondayPDFBabis battles MF Dnesread this issue

October 2002
01/10TuesdayPDFMy (written) word is my bondread this issue
02/10WednesdayPDFBetting on Bemread this issue
03/10ThursdayPDFTelecom avoids a fightread this issue
04/10FridayPDFToo Americanread this issue
07/10MondayPDFReversing capital flightread this issue
08/10TuesdayPDFPresidential gamesread this issue
09/10WednesdayPDFToo much of a good thingread this issue
10/10ThursdayPDFFilling Havel's shoesread this issue
11/10FridayPDFWhat's Klaus' angle?read this issue
14/10MondayPDFKlaus, Zeman ... or Havelread this issue
15/10TuesdayPDFBoycott TV Novaread this issue
16/10WednesdayPDFWhy Špidla fears Zemanread this issue
17/10ThursdayPDFMobile profits still risingread this issue
18/10FridayPDFAppian gets Skodaread this issue
21/10MondayPDFODS loses its religionread this issue
22/10TuesdayPDFInternet profitsread this issue
23/10WednesdayPDFVote early and oftenread this issue
24/10ThursdayPDFSelf-censorshipread this issue
25/10FridayPDFNot funnyread this issue
29/10TuesdayPDFSenator Zeleznyread this issue
30/10WednesdayPDFCrimes without punishmentread this issue
31/10ThursdayPDFFriends of Havelread this issue

November 2002
01/11FridayPDFSpidla's bluffread this issue
04/11MondayPDFKasl's next moveread this issue
05/11TuesdayPDFZeman's grand planread this issue
06/11WednesdayPDFKlaus "foresees" rating cutread this issue
07/11ThursdayPDFCzechs warm to foreignersread this issue
08/11FridayPDFPPF plays with fireread this issue
11/11MondayPDFThe Nova dilemmaread this issue
12/11TuesdayPDFStrategizing at city hallread this issue
13/11WednesdayPDFBem in, Klaus outread this issue
14/11ThursdayPDFHidden tabloidsread this issue
15/11FridayPDFIgnoring businesspeopleread this issue
18/11MondayPDFHavel as mascotread this issue
19/11TuesdayPDFCountering bad pressread this issue
20/11WednesdayPDFNato's transformationread this issue
21/11ThursdayPDFHavel's farewell presentread this issue
22/11FridayPDFHavel is Havelread this issue
25/11MondayPDFBush's securityread this issue
26/11TuesdayPDFWhat can Zeman offer Klaus?read this issue
27/11WednesdayPDFPremier Klausread this issue
28/11ThursdayPDFEurotel to the rescueread this issue
29/11FridayPDFKlaus is finishedread this issue

December 2002
02/12MondayPDFBures should step asideread this issue
03/12TuesdayPDFDeath at the wheelread this issue
04/12WednesdayPDFAll the president's menread this issue
05/12ThursdayPDFPBJ down but not outread this issue
06/12FridayPDFSpidla's next big coupread this issue
09/12MondayPDFWhat business wantsread this issue
10/12TuesdayPDFHighway politicsread this issue
11/12WednesdayPDFToo much EU optimismread this issue
12/12ThursdayPDFWhat business needsread this issue
13/12FridayPDFDoubting the trustbustersread this issue
16/12MondayPDFA step back for Klausread this issue
17/12TuesdayPDFWho is business?read this issue
18/12WednesdayPDFThe EU's bargain buyread this issue
19/12ThursdayPDFSending out an SMSread this issue
20/12FridayPDFWashington wins in Copenhagenread this issue
23/12MondayPDFKlaus as casualty of warread this issue
27/12FridayPDFA Chinese Christmasread this issue
30/12MondayPDFMinister of coolread this issue
31/12TuesdayPDFAnother year, another dollarread this issue


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