PDF issues for the Year 2003

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January 2003
02/01ThursdayPDFKeep the Aspidistra Flyingread this issue
03/01FridayPDFCzech colonialismread this issue
06/01MondayPDFZelezny's time has comeread this issue
07/01TuesdayPDFZieleniec rewrites historyread this issue
08/01WednesdayPDFPithart and the splitread this issue
09/01ThursdayPDFWashington or Brussels?read this issue
10/01FridayPDFTomorrow's Germanyread this issue
13/01MondayPDFSocial-security taxes to riseread this issue
14/01TuesdayPDFThe Pithart factorread this issue
15/01WednesdayPDFGovernor Klausread this issue
16/01ThursdayPDFCoca-Cola wins first roundread this issue
17/01FridayPDFWar gamesread this issue
20/01MondayPDFThe next premierread this issue
21/01TuesdayPDFLessons in phone etiquetteread this issue
22/01WednesdayPDFWho's out to get Zelezny?read this issue
23/01ThursdayPDFStatesman Klaus v. huckster Zemanread this issue
24/01FridayPDFThe case for Klausread this issue
27/01MondayPDFFour titans fallread this issue
28/01TuesdayPDFWar by defaultread this issue
29/01WednesdayPDFAmerica's warread this issue
30/01ThursdayPDFFixing bankruptcyread this issue
31/01FridayPDFSeeing straight on Iraqread this issue

February 2003
03/02MondayPDFCzech anti-Americanismread this issue
04/02TuesdayPDFThe Velvet Presidentread this issue
05/02WednesdayPDFThe battle for Pragueread this issue
06/02ThursdayPDFPlace your betsread this issue
07/02FridayPDFMore diplomatic dancingread this issue
10/02MondayPDFNo Klaus without Havelread this issue
11/02TuesdayPDFSafety in numbersread this issue
12/02WednesdayPDFIraq and budget reformread this issue
13/02ThursdayPDFGood news at city hallread this issue
14/02FridayPDFUnderstanding Czechspeakread this issue
17/02MondayPDFOut of the loop in Brusselsread this issue
18/02TuesdayPDFSpidla goes to Brusselsread this issue
19/02WednesdayPDFSvoboda dances to his own tuneread this issue
20/02ThursdayPDFUnion banka buys insuranceread this issue
21/02FridayPDFRusnok means businessread this issue
24/02MondayPDFOil and Iraqread this issue
25/02TuesdayPDFUnion banka and budget reformread this issue
26/02WednesdayPDFWill France strike again?read this issue
27/02ThursdayPDFKasl bites at Bem's heelsread this issue
28/02FridayPDFThe Klaus questionread this issue

March 2003
01/03SaturdayPDFSetting the world on fireread this issue
03/03MondayPDFPrivatization the Klaus wayread this issue
04/03TuesdayPDFRemember Stratton Investments?read this issue
05/03WednesdayPDFBashing banksread this issue
06/03ThursdayPDFDoing Geschaft with Klausread this issue
07/03FridayPDFGive "Red Vaclav" a chanceread this issue
10/03MondayPDFPrepare to relocateread this issue
11/03TuesdayPDFSpidla bends a littleread this issue
12/03WednesdayPDFSpidla's revengeread this issue
13/03ThursdayPDFWhy war?read this issue
14/03FridayPDFRusnok and early electionsread this issue
17/03MondayPDFPaying for TV Novaread this issue
18/03TuesdayPDFKlaus shapes Iraq policyread this issue
19/03WednesdayPDFBanks survive e-attackread this issue
20/03ThursdayPDFCzech troops stand byread this issue
21/03FridayPDFSvoboda bets on Americaread this issue
24/03MondayPDFWho stands whereread this issue
25/03TuesdayPDFIs Zeman really gone?read this issue
26/03WednesdayPDFHavel and Iraqread this issue
27/03ThursdayPDFPost it and grinread this issue
28/03FridayPDFReforming the United Nationsread this issue
31/03MondayPDFGross is (sort of) in controlread this issue

April 2003
01/04TuesdayPDFBiased war coverageread this issue
02/04WednesdayPDFEmptying the bankread this issue
03/04ThursdayPDFThe BBC makes the newsread this issue
04/04FridayPDFThe Zeman strategyread this issue
07/04MondayPDFSpymaster Spidlaread this issue
08/04TuesdayPDFCzech hearts and mindsread this issue
09/04WednesdayPDFAn elephant's memoryread this issue
10/04ThursdayPDFCzech-style democracyread this issue
11/04FridayPDFJumping the gun?read this issue
14/04MondayPDFFriendly advice for Klausread this issue
15/04TuesdayPDFForeign policy after Iraqread this issue
16/04WednesdayPDFCleaning up the courtsread this issue
17/04ThursdayPDFCzechs sign EU treatyread this issue
18/04FridayPDFThe burden of ownershipread this issue
22/04TuesdayPDFSvoboda's grand planread this issue
23/04WednesdayPDFSvoboda's uphill battleread this issue
24/04ThursdayPDF"Might makes right"read this issue
25/04FridayPDFForcing the EU on Czechsread this issue
28/04MondayPDFHonest policemenread this issue
29/04TuesdayPDFBohemia's meadows and forestsread this issue
30/04WednesdayPDFDivide and conquerread this issue

May 2003
02/05FridayPDFFlirt for successread this issue
05/05MondayPDFWhere're the weapons?read this issue
06/05TuesdayPDFThe new religionread this issue
07/05WednesdayPDFPillow talkread this issue
09/05FridayPDFNo parkingread this issue
12/05MondayPDFAmericans abroadread this issue
13/05TuesdayPDFImpulsread this issue
14/05WednesdayPDFUnion manread this issue
15/05ThursdayPDFZelezny's exitread this issue
16/05FridayPDFThe 'huge' price of no reformread this issue
19/05MondayPDFNegotiating with extortionistsread this issue
20/05TuesdayPDFChoosing a commissionerread this issue
21/05WednesdayPDFBut what about...?read this issue
22/05ThursdayPDFAbetting Communismread this issue
23/05FridayPDFSpidla's reform strategyread this issue
26/05MondayPDFThe sixth senseread this issue
27/05TuesdayPDFThe U.S. as election issueread this issue
28/05WednesdayPDFThe battle for Brusselsread this issue
29/05ThursdayPDFČSSD falls into lineread this issue
30/05FridayPDFDeflationread this issue

June 2003
02/06MondayPDFKlaus saves faceread this issue
03/06TuesdayPDFKunert's backread this issue
04/06WednesdayPDFODS's emergency teamread this issue
05/06ThursdayPDFFool's goldread this issue
06/06FridayPDFGold fraudread this issue
09/06MondayPDFWMD: A non-issueread this issue
10/06TuesdayPDFEuroholics in denialread this issue
11/06WednesdayPDFSpidla's last standread this issue
12/06ThursdayPDFEU questions remainread this issue
13/06FridayPDFA big step forwardread this issue
14/06SaturdayPDFCzechs vote Yesread this issue
16/06MondayPDFKlaus keeps quietread this issue
17/06TuesdayPDFNo strike todayread this issue
18/06WednesdayPDFEx-president's syndromeread this issue
19/06ThursdayPDFReformING pensionsread this issue
20/06FridayPDFMananaread this issue
23/06MondayPDFBiometric passportsread this issue
24/06TuesdayPDFShutting up shopread this issue
25/06WednesdayPDFFix it, Visa!read this issue
26/06ThursdayPDFReaders revile Visa taxisread this issue
27/06FridayPDFWhen the whip comes downread this issue
30/06MondayPDFHighway robberyread this issue

July 2003
01/07TuesdayPDFSpend the extra nickelread this issue
02/07WednesdayPDFEnglish with Dilbertread this issue
03/07ThursdayPDFPrivate propertyread this issue
04/07FridayPDFThe Russians are coming!read this issue
07/07MondayPDFKavan "persecuted" by U.S.read this issue
08/07TuesdayPDFKavan backs downread this issue
09/07WednesdayPDFHot wheels for cool dudesread this issue
10/07ThursdayPDFBuzkova aims highread this issue
11/07FridayPDFMultilingual namesread this issue
14/07MondayPDFTlusty gives it a restread this issue
15/07TuesdayPDFMore little white liesread this issue
16/07WednesdayPDFPolitical riskread this issue
17/07ThursdayPDFWhat's driving Czech TV?read this issue
18/07FridayPDFFavoring Bechtelread this issue
21/07MondayPDFThe temperature's risingread this issue
22/07TuesdayPDFMlynar gets no respectread this issue
23/07WednesdayPDFSocialist medicineread this issue
24/07ThursdayPDFGoing fixed-lineread this issue
25/07FridayPDFOur man on the Constitutional Courtread this issue
28/07MondayPDFForeign cash cowsread this issue
29/07TuesdayPDFWho's zoomin' who?read this issue
30/07WednesdayPDFWeak governmentsread this issue
31/07ThursdayPDFSpidla's give and takeread this issue

August 2003
01/08FridayPDFAnti-Klausismread this issue
04/08MondayPDFTax money at workread this issue
05/08TuesdayPDFODS misses its chanceread this issue
06/08WednesdayPDFSupport your local entrepreneurread this issue
07/08ThursdayPDFLast year at Carlsbadread this issue
08/08FridayPDFGanging up on TV Novaread this issue
11/08MondayPDFMicrosoft's private armyread this issue
12/08TuesdayPDFTV Nova's ownership messread this issue
13/08WednesdayPDFHe'll be backread this issue
14/08ThursdayPDFSvoboda's pent-up ambitionread this issue
15/08FridayPDFBankruptcy reform faces bankruptcyread this issue
18/08MondayPDFMasquerades of justiceread this issue
19/08TuesdayPDFYoung and impressionable ministersread this issue
20/08WednesdayPDFJapanese invasionread this issue
21/08ThursdayPDFFuture liabilitiesread this issue
22/08FridayPDFFailings at the FinMinread this issue
25/08MondayPDFForeigners earn "too much"read this issue
26/08TuesdayPDFStalemate in Parliamentread this issue
27/08WednesdayPDFThe politics of bad drivingread this issue
28/08ThursdayPDFThe Chinese threatread this issue
29/08FridayPDFODS loses, Klaus wins in Iraqread this issue

September 2003
01/09MondayPDFEU-US politics at CSAread this issue
02/09TuesdayPDFSpin vs. factsread this issue
03/09WednesdayPDFCracking TV Nova's monopolyread this issue
04/09ThursdayPDFLoosening the reins at Czech TVread this issue
05/09FridayPDFHands off my CTVread this issue
08/09MondayPDFKnocking on Prague's doorread this issue
09/09TuesdayPDFA week in the mediaread this issue
10/09WednesdayPDFWhy to topple Spidlaread this issue
11/09ThursdayPDFFootball fever and 9/11read this issue
12/09FridayPDFHow to spend itread this issue
15/09MondayPDFTaxing the richread this issue
16/09TuesdayPDFThe privatizersread this issue
17/09WednesdayPDFSpidla's defenseread this issue
18/09ThursdayPDFSaved by the redsread this issue
19/09FridayPDFInvestment incentives at riskread this issue
22/09MondayPDFWorking momsread this issue
23/09TuesdayPDFDollar diplomacyread this issue
24/09WednesdayPDFWhen bureaucrats write the rulesread this issue
25/09ThursdayPDFWho should get Nova's money?read this issue
26/09FridayPDFCompromising Spidlaread this issue
29/09MondayPDFEasy moneyread this issue
30/09TuesdayPDFRelated-party transactionsread this issue

October 2003
01/10WednesdayPDFGross behaviorread this issue
02/10ThursdayPDFSpidla wins againread this issue
03/10FridayPDFHas Spidla gone spy-crazy?read this issue
06/10MondayPDFSex and smokingread this issue
07/10TuesdayPDFNobel War Prizeread this issue
08/10WednesdayPDFCzech Credit Bureauread this issue
09/10ThursdayPDFPPF's money talksread this issue
10/10FridayPDFLanguages for liferead this issue
13/10MondayPDFPolice-less stateread this issue
14/10TuesdayPDFAsset declarationsread this issue
15/10WednesdayPDFCD prices come full circleread this issue
16/10ThursdayPDFCredit where credit is dueread this issue
17/10FridayPDFUkraine callingread this issue
20/10MondayPDFSaving bankruptcyread this issue
21/10TuesdayPDFChirac gets last laughread this issue
22/10WednesdayPDFWhere's Spidla on coal?read this issue
23/10ThursdayPDFMadam Secretaryread this issue
24/10FridayPDFPrisoners' Roundread this issue
27/10MondayPDFBoeing goes globalread this issue
29/10WednesdayPDFMarriott goes globalread this issue
30/10ThursdayPDFNew tax numbersread this issue
31/10FridayPDFA Superb lawread this issue

November 2003
03/11MondayPDFKlaus in Russiaread this issue
04/11TuesdayPDFPrice vs. qualityread this issue
05/11WednesdayPDFClever BAEread this issue
06/11ThursdayPDFDestruction and defaultread this issue
07/11FridayPDFThe Parik bread dynastyread this issue
10/11MondayPDFKalousek ousts Svobodaread this issue
11/11TuesdayPDFKlaus on the world stageread this issue
12/11WednesdayPDFCzechInvest under fireread this issue
13/11ThursdayPDFCoincidences at CzechInvestread this issue
14/11FridayPDFMad as hellread this issue
18/11TuesdayPDFLow wages, for nowread this issue
19/11WednesdayPDFCap the social taxread this issue
20/11ThursdayPDFNo more Mr. Cleanread this issue
21/11FridayPDFCloser to homeread this issue
24/11MondayPDFSpidla's gang of thievesread this issue
25/11TuesdayPDFPreemptive optimismread this issue
26/11WednesdayPDFDownsize this! Greenfield that!read this issue
27/11ThursdayPDFCap the social tax, Part IIread this issue
28/11FridayPDFMlynar defies his criticsread this issue

December 2003
01/12MondayPDFMertlik in Brusselsread this issue
02/12TuesdayPDFGetting burned on coalread this issue
03/12WednesdayPDFKozeny, Khodorkovsky, Zeleznyread this issue
04/12ThursdayPDFCost-cutting at Czech TVread this issue
05/12FridayPDFSmartphones for Xmasread this issue
08/12MondayPDFTax dumpingread this issue
09/12TuesdayPDFGood cop, bad copread this issue
10/12WednesdayPDFEven cheaper fightersread this issue
11/12ThursdayPDFToeing the lineread this issue
12/12FridayPDFBattle of New Europeread this issue
15/12MondayPDFThe failed Zeman strategyread this issue
16/12TuesdayPDFHonesty attracts investorsread this issue
17/12WednesdayPDFDirty tricksread this issue
18/12ThursdayPDFGripens it is, mayberead this issue
19/12FridayPDFSetting the trendread this issue
22/12MondayPDFBusiness in Iraqread this issue
23/12TuesdayPDFMerry Christmas!read this issue
29/12MondayPDFSpidla casts doubt on past dealsread this issue
30/12TuesdayPDFBanning spamread this issue
31/12WednesdayPDFPerson of the yearread this issue


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