PDF issues for the Year 2004

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January 2004
02/01FridayPDFBeating the tax manread this issue
05/01MondayPDFExploited!read this issue
06/01TuesdayPDFVisa rules deter visitorsread this issue
07/01WednesdayPDFIvan Klíma speaks his mindread this issue
08/01ThursdayPDFBorrow today, default tomorrowread this issue
09/01FridayPDFThe un-Atkins dietread this issue
12/01MondayPDFPBJ shuts downread this issue
13/01TuesdayPDFGross gets his knuckles rappedread this issue
14/01WednesdayPDFKlaus' commissionerread this issue
15/01ThursdayPDFSlow down, big shot!read this issue
16/01FridayPDFSlim Czechsread this issue
19/01MondayPDFShort skirtsread this issue
20/01TuesdayPDFPPF spreads its tentaclesread this issue
21/01WednesdayPDFPatients firstread this issue
22/01ThursdayPDFReturn of the kingread this issue
23/01FridayPDFEasy targetsread this issue
26/01MondayPDFPerfect spies, top managersread this issue
27/01TuesdayPDFJudges block reformread this issue
28/01WednesdayPDFThe VAT trapread this issue
29/01ThursdayPDFReviving the PBJread this issue
30/01FridayPDFThe diaper warsread this issue

February 2004
02/02MondayPDFRobbing Paul to pay Paulread this issue
03/02TuesdayPDFDon't look at usread this issue
04/02WednesdayPDFTlusty's the manread this issue
05/02ThursdayPDFSpidla's broken promiseread this issue
06/02FridayPDFOvertaxing laborread this issue
09/02MondayPDFLosing the advantageread this issue
10/02TuesdayPDFPPPread this issue
11/02WednesdayPDFKicking butt and taking namesread this issue
12/02ThursdayPDFUncovering skeletonsread this issue
13/02FridayPDFKeeping culture aliveread this issue
16/02MondayPDFSpidla prepares to pounceread this issue
17/02TuesdayPDFResuscitating Aeroread this issue
18/02WednesdayPDFModernizing the welfare stateread this issue
19/02ThursdayPDFSticky fingersread this issue
20/02FridayPDFTime for bankruptcy reformread this issue
23/02MondayPDFKuzvart gets weak kneesread this issue
24/02TuesdayPDFSlim pickingsread this issue
25/02WednesdayPDFKlaus' powerful penread this issue
26/02ThursdayPDFKalousek cripples Telickaread this issue
27/02FridayPDFKlaus smiles for MFDread this issue

March 2004
01/03MondayPDFTelicka's plum positionread this issue
02/03TuesdayPDFFree banking, for a priceread this issue
03/03WednesdayPDFFrom weekly to dailyread this issue
04/03ThursdayPDFThe great uniterread this issue
05/03FridayPDFMr. Klaus goes to Brusselsread this issue
08/03MondayPDFSpidla buys some timeread this issue
09/03TuesdayPDFExpensive gadgetsread this issue
10/03WednesdayPDFSmall is beautifulread this issue
11/03ThursdayPDFPolitical tunnelersread this issue
12/03FridayPDFShifting the tax burdenread this issue
15/03MondayPDFLessons from Madridread this issue
16/03TuesdayPDFGross takes chargeread this issue
17/03WednesdayPDFQuality public mediaread this issue
18/03ThursdayPDFInvestors remain calmread this issue
19/03FridayPDFProtest votesread this issue
22/03MondayPDFThe pension pinchread this issue
23/03TuesdayPDFThe Ferguson dividendread this issue
24/03WednesdayPDFNo tears for KFCread this issue
25/03ThursdayPDFSpeaking properlyread this issue
26/03FridayPDFAppian's way to CEZread this issue
29/03MondayPDFSazka shows its colorsread this issue
30/03TuesdayPDFHusak's eighth wonderread this issue
31/03WednesdayPDFMr. Popularread this issue

April 2004
01/04ThursdayPDFAds survive at Czech TVread this issue
02/04FridayPDFSvoboda asks U.S. for helpread this issue
05/04MondayPDFSazka, ODS and the Czech wayread this issue
06/04TuesdayPDFSir Peter: Czech at heartread this issue
07/04WednesdayPDFSpidla's big gambleread this issue
08/04ThursdayPDFThe voice of businessread this issue
09/04FridayPDFBeing Alan Levyread this issue
13/04TuesdayPDFZeman eyes Klaus againread this issue
14/04WednesdayPDFCzech national interestsread this issue
15/04ThursdayPDFEnd of the Havel eraread this issue
16/04FridayPDFMilius Zemanusread this issue
19/04MondayPDFSvoboda should stayread this issue
20/04TuesdayPDFOffshoring causes waves, Part Iread this issue
21/04WednesdayPDFOffshoring causes waves, Part IIread this issue
22/04ThursdayPDFOffshoring causes waves, Part IIIread this issue
23/04FridayPDFStan's plan for Telecomread this issue
26/04MondayPDFKlaus in Chinaread this issue
27/04TuesdayPDFMaximum VAT toleranceread this issue
28/04WednesdayPDFKlaus' endgameread this issue
29/04ThursdayPDFThe Businessread this issue
30/04FridayPDFThe saint and the sinner ladiesread this issue

May 2004
03/05MondayPDFThe end of mafia capitalismread this issue
04/05TuesdayPDFFrance and Germany play toughread this issue
05/05WednesdayPDFEuro in 2009?read this issue
06/05ThursdayPDFGross goes too farread this issue
07/05FridayPDFSend Boeing the billread this issue
10/05MondayPDFStan's plan proceedsread this issue
11/05TuesdayPDFStan's listeningread this issue
12/05WednesdayPDFThe Business doesn't flyread this issue
13/05ThursdayPDFTorturers and their mastersread this issue
14/05FridayPDFBAE's slush fundread this issue
17/05MondayPDFThe business of sportsread this issue
18/05TuesdayPDFJob flightread this issue
19/05WednesdayPDFTV collaboration, not competitionread this issue
20/05ThursdayPDFNecas's challenge to Topolanekread this issue
21/05FridayPDFLame-duck Spidlaread this issue
24/05MondayPDFThree strikes against Boeingread this issue
25/05TuesdayPDFAvoiding the visa trapread this issue
26/05WednesdayPDFWasted visa dollarsread this issue
27/05ThursdayPDFVisas are here to stayread this issue
28/05FridayPDFA hero of our timeread this issue
31/05MondayPDFLegal hocus-pocusread this issue

June 2004
01/06TuesdayPDFStock options at Telecomread this issue
02/06WednesdayPDFEnabling extraditionread this issue
03/06ThursdayPDFCzechs on D-Dayread this issue
04/06FridayPDFHonest, hard workread this issue
07/06MondayPDFGuileless Reagan, guileful Grossread this issue
08/06TuesdayPDFTelicka's bread and butterread this issue
09/06WednesdayPDFVictim Zeleznyread this issue
10/06ThursdayPDFGripes about Gripensread this issue
11/06FridayPDFHigh-risk electionsread this issue
14/06MondayPDFStan makes his moveread this issue
15/06TuesdayPDFCSSD loses, Zeman winsread this issue
16/06WednesdayPDFSpidla the survivorread this issue
17/06ThursdayPDFJudges have long memoriesread this issue
18/06FridayPDFWhat to do with Spidlaread this issue
21/06MondayPDFCzechs quiet on Attaread this issue
22/06TuesdayPDFZelezny: A poor winnerread this issue
23/06WednesdayPDFMoney derails Spidla tooread this issue
24/06ThursdayPDFSecond-class citizensread this issue
25/06FridayPDFTV Nova gets outlobbiedread this issue
28/06MondayPDFWarning: More fires aheadread this issue
29/06TuesdayPDFPPF's belated PR pushread this issue
30/06WednesdayPDFGross's triple trapread this issue

July 2004
01/07ThursdayPDFGood old Spidla daysread this issue
02/07FridayPDFKingmaker Klausread this issue
07/07WednesdayPDFDon't blame Gross (this time)read this issue
08/07ThursdayPDFZentiva's IPOread this issue
09/07FridayPDFBaby Face Grossread this issue
12/07MondayPDFMuzzling journalistsread this issue
13/07TuesdayPDFBreaking two taboosread this issue
14/07WednesdayPDFGetting to Grossread this issue
15/07ThursdayPDFPrivatization feverread this issue
16/07FridayPDFThe Bata spiritread this issue
19/07MondayPDFKlaus takes on Michael Mooreread this issue
20/07TuesdayPDFMore on Klaus and Mooreread this issue
21/07WednesdayPDFWhat sets Gross apartread this issue
22/07ThursdayPDFIraq humbles Svobodaread this issue
23/07FridayPDFShots heard round the worldread this issue
26/07MondayPDFGross silences Spidlaread this issue
27/07TuesdayPDFEnglish firstread this issue
28/07WednesdayPDFKalousek calls the shotsread this issue
29/07ThursdayPDFThe Manchurian Candidateread this issue
30/07FridayPDFProving the skeptics wrongread this issue

August 2004
02/08MondayPDFGross gets it half rightread this issue
03/08TuesdayPDFFriends of Israelread this issue
04/08WednesdayPDFZentiva needs Grossread this issue
05/08ThursdayPDFScare tacticsread this issue
06/08FridayPDFJahn wins the Oscarread this issue
09/08MondayPDFKalousek wants power, not reformread this issue
10/08TuesdayPDFThe phantom spam menaceread this issue
11/08WednesdayPDFBagmanread this issue
12/08ThursdayPDFSobotka's no-win situationread this issue
13/08FridayPDFJahn gets a free passread this issue
16/08MondayPDFGrosstaporead this issue
17/08TuesdayPDFValeski's legacy at Eurotelread this issue
18/08WednesdayPDFWho's pulling Topol's chain?read this issue
19/08ThursdayPDFTax structures in the spotlightread this issue
20/08FridayPDFGross's dysfunctional cabinetread this issue
23/08MondayPDFA maturing democracyread this issue
24/08TuesdayPDFODS uses the Clinton defenseread this issue
25/08WednesdayPDFPrivatization deja vuread this issue
26/08ThursdayPDFThe not-so-great communicatorread this issue
27/08FridayPDFPraise the Lord for Stanread this issue
30/08MondayPDFBublan's big stickread this issue
31/08TuesdayPDFYou've got (to have) email!read this issue

September 2004
01/09WednesdayPDFOff the recordread this issue
02/09ThursdayPDFSanta Skromachread this issue
03/09FridayPDF24read this issue
06/09MondayPDFKlaus' biggest vetoread this issue
07/09TuesdayPDFKlaus' bluffread this issue
08/09WednesdayPDFBig governmentread this issue
09/09ThursdayPDFSobotka reigns at Telecomread this issue
10/09FridayPDFCzechs favor Kerryread this issue
13/09MondayPDFMichael Moore invades Pragueread this issue
14/09TuesdayPDFVoice of Americaread this issue
15/09WednesdayPDFPolitically incorrectread this issue
16/09ThursdayPDFLive long, Mr. Bata!read this issue
17/09FridayPDFKafka doom, Bata optimismread this issue
20/09MondayPDFParty animalsread this issue
21/09TuesdayPDFBig stars, little problemsread this issue
22/09WednesdayPDFGross talks down Telecom priceread this issue
23/09ThursdayPDFRule of law at riskread this issue
24/09FridayPDFLies and the lying liars who tell themread this issue
27/09MondayPDFKilling jobsread this issue
29/09WednesdayPDFRunning on emptyread this issue
30/09ThursdayPDFDostal fights backread this issue

October 2004
01/10FridayPDFSleeping with the fishesread this issue
04/10MondayPDFWiretaps for everyoneread this issue
05/10TuesdayPDFRemembering Pedro Pickread this issue
06/10WednesdayPDFAd nauseam at Eurotelread this issue
07/10ThursdayPDFLooting the economyread this issue
08/10FridayPDFPreemptive justiceread this issue
11/10MondayPDFDylan's vision of fame and envyread this issue
12/10TuesdayPDFBoeing's catch-22read this issue
13/10WednesdayPDFKalousek's worst nightmareread this issue
14/10ThursdayPDFFloating Telecomread this issue
15/10FridayPDFPolitical rakes and hoesread this issue
18/10MondayPDFSurprise, surprise at CSAread this issue
19/10TuesdayPDFKalousek kills Tlustyread this issue
20/10WednesdayPDFYankee (won't) go home!read this issue
21/10ThursdayPDFMore on floating Telecomread this issue
22/10FridayPDFExternal PR needs a boostread this issue
25/10MondayPDFLearning from Karl Roveread this issue
26/10TuesdayPDFThe age of truth and deceitread this issue
27/10WednesdayPDFStanda and Sarkoread this issue
29/10FridayPDFTender madnessread this issue

November 2004
01/11MondayPDFGross takes on Klausread this issue
02/11TuesdayPDFWhy Bush will winread this issue
03/11WednesdayPDFBushwhacked, but life goes onread this issue
04/11ThursdayPDFTechies vs. tunnelersread this issue
05/11FridayPDFPolice and thievesread this issue
08/11MondayPDFGet a new plan, Stanread this issue
09/11TuesdayPDFPayback timeread this issue
10/11WednesdayPDFGreens get an openingread this issue
11/11ThursdayPDFCaps that don't workread this issue
12/11FridayPDFRetailer envyread this issue
15/11MondayPDFGross's PR mistakesread this issue
16/11TuesdayPDFODS's missing ingredientread this issue
18/11ThursdayPDFODS's other missing ingredientread this issue
19/11FridayPDFThe hassle factorread this issue
22/11MondayPDFLight at end of tunnelread this issue
23/11TuesdayPDFGross's nest eggread this issue
24/11WednesdayPDFOn the edge in Ukraineread this issue
25/11ThursdayPDFRespekt's political futureread this issue
26/11FridayPDFExpensive taxisread this issue
29/11MondayPDFDeath of the leftread this issue
30/11TuesdayPDFKlaus and the leftread this issue

December 2004
01/12WednesdayPDFMagical budget cutsread this issue
02/12ThursdayPDFPravo and the dying leftread this issue
03/12FridayPDFKlaus' brush with French socialismread this issue
06/12MondayPDFStand-alone Stanread this issue
07/12TuesdayPDFShop till you drop in the USAread this issue
08/12WednesdayPDFUkraine today, China tomorrowread this issue
09/12ThursdayPDFJahn who?read this issue
10/12FridayPDFSchoda Autowerkeread this issue
13/12MondayPDFLegal theftread this issue
14/12TuesdayPDFPPF's coming-outread this issue
15/12WednesdayPDFCME plans ad-rate hikeread this issue
16/12ThursdayPDFThe other Sobotkaread this issue
17/12FridayPDFPLEASE TO GET IN TOUCH URGENTLYread this issue
20/12MondayPDFMachiavellian Grossread this issue
21/12TuesdayPDFWatching the dollarread this issue
22/12WednesdayPDFChina's watching the dollarread this issue
23/12ThursdayPDFSweet thingsread this issue
27/12MondayPDFScandals at MF Dnesread this issue
28/12TuesdayPDFPolitical event of the yearread this issue
29/12WednesdayPDFNot the Person of the Yearread this issue
30/12ThursdayPDFTopol's on topread this issue
31/12FridayPDFCrisis managementread this issue


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