PDF issues for the Year 2009

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January 2009
02/01FridayPDFDr. Klaus and Mr. Hyderead this issue
05/01MondayPDFMore gas painsread this issue
06/01TuesdayPDFCrisis councilread this issue
07/01WednesdayPDFWhat we got wrong in 2008read this issue
08/01ThursdayPDFWhat else we got wrongread this issue
09/01FridayPDFCounsel to the councilread this issue
12/01MondayPDFBorn for Brusselsread this issue
13/01TuesdayPDFCrisis resolved, mystery remainsread this issue
14/01WednesdayPDFWorking-capital loan guaranteesread this issue
15/01ThursdayPDFBuying 'Czech'read this issue
16/01FridayPDFAeroflopread this issue
19/01MondayPDFMoral authorityread this issue
20/01TuesdayPDFChanging of the guardread this issue
21/01WednesdayPDFBe the best you can beread this issue
22/01ThursdayPDFIn/deflationread this issue
23/01FridayPDFGas wars: Who will lose?read this issue
26/01MondayPDFRadar and national securityread this issue
27/01TuesdayPDFSpending bubbleread this issue
28/01WednesdayPDFRevolutionread this issue
29/01ThursdayPDFB2B crisis resolutionread this issue
30/01FridayPDFJ&T on the blockread this issue

February 2009
02/02MondayPDFViktor & Georgeread this issue
03/02TuesdayPDFProtectionismread this issue
04/02WednesdayPDFSelective Kmentaread this issue
05/02ThursdayPDFPlan aheadread this issue
06/02FridayPDFCool to scrapread this issue
09/02MondayPDFPyramids and the Berlin Wallread this issue
10/02TuesdayPDFODS's price of victoryread this issue
11/02WednesdayPDFThe two Mireksread this issue
12/02ThursdayPDFTransformation bill comes dueread this issue
13/02FridayPDFCzechs and Europeread this issue
16/02MondayPDFDouble exposureread this issue
17/02TuesdayPDFNew captains neededread this issue
18/02WednesdayPDFTaking the hitread this issue
19/02ThursdayPDFWar talkread this issue
20/02FridayPDFThe big oneread this issue
23/02MondayPDFProfit in crisisread this issue
24/02TuesdayPDFSlumlord millionairesread this issue
25/02WednesdayPDFWarning signread this issue
26/02ThursdayPDFWild East, Mild Centerread this issue
27/02FridayPDFNational name sovereigntyread this issue

March 2009
02/03MondayPDFAmerica mortgagedread this issue
03/03TuesdayPDFRich as a Roman princeread this issue
04/03WednesdayPDFThe N wordread this issue
05/03ThursdayPDFAccelerated timingread this issue
06/03FridayPDFCommies and bankstersread this issue
09/03MondayPDFRailroadedread this issue
10/03TuesdayPDFCaps on, caps offread this issue
11/03WednesdayPDFByznys as usualread this issue
12/03ThursdayPDFRush and Rathread this issue
13/03FridayPDFPhysiology of a conformistread this issue
16/03MondayPDFForesight, or dumb luck?read this issue
17/03TuesdayPDFOffshore not off limitsread this issue
18/03WednesdayPDFCaps on againread this issue
19/03ThursdayPDFTwo parties on the edgeread this issue
20/03FridayPDFPhysiology of a nonconformistread this issue
23/03MondayPDF$ell, $ell, $ellread this issue
24/03TuesdayPDFConfidence gameread this issue
25/03WednesdayPDFNo confidenceread this issue
26/03ThursdayPDFJirka to the rescueread this issue
27/03FridayPDFScreaming 'fire'read this issue
30/03MondayPDFLisbon on iceread this issue
31/03TuesdayPDFExpert at what?read this issue

April 2009
01/04WednesdayPDFOutmaneuveredread this issue
02/04ThursdayPDFSnubread this issue
03/04FridayPDFTrillion dollar bashread this issue
06/04MondayPDFThe last American presidentread this issue
07/04TuesdayPDFNow for the follow-upread this issue
08/04WednesdayPDFOrco out of controlread this issue
09/04ThursdayPDFSubsidized wealth destructionread this issue
10/04FridayPDFObedient Klausread this issue
14/04TuesdayPDFGenerals, soldiers, civiliansread this issue
15/04WednesdayPDFWhy Kalousek?read this issue
16/04ThursdayPDFNo pay, no playread this issue
17/04FridayPDFPack it in, Mirek!read this issue
20/04MondayPDFPink journalismread this issue
21/04TuesdayPDFOrco's proxy fightread this issue
22/04WednesdayPDFDeals or no dealsread this issue
23/04ThursdayPDFHow to 'kill' a CEOread this issue
24/04FridayPDFUseful idiotread this issue
27/04MondayPDFInclusive and deleteriousread this issue
28/04TuesdayPDFSwine fluread this issue
29/04WednesdayPDFMore usefulnessread this issue
30/04ThursdayPDFPolitical odds and endsread this issue

May 2009
04/05MondayPDFPuppet governmentread this issue
05/05TuesdayPDFTraveling medicine showread this issue
06/05WednesdayPDFFat attackread this issue
07/05ThursdayPDFHow to balloon a budgetread this issue
11/05MondayPDFTreasonread this issue
12/05TuesdayPDFA fool and his moneyread this issue
13/05WednesdayPDFThe long and short of itread this issue
14/05ThursdayPDFDances with wolvesread this issue
15/05FridayPDFProperty as a burdenread this issue
18/05MondayPDFRenouncing loyaltiesread this issue
19/05TuesdayPDFOverlapping interestsread this issue
20/05WednesdayPDFChina lobbyread this issue
21/05ThursdayPDFCR Todayread this issue
22/05FridayPDFThe company you keepread this issue
25/05MondayPDFHour of decisionread this issue
26/05TuesdayPDFPecina's real conflict of interestread this issue
27/05WednesdayPDFStan and Martyread this issue
28/05ThursdayPDFShoes, tea, eggs and clubsread this issue
29/05FridayPDFSuitcases of cashread this issue

June 2009
01/06MondayPDFKangaroo courtread this issue
02/06TuesdayPDFSlowing the debt trendread this issue
03/06WednesdayPDFLe modele francaisread this issue
04/06ThursdayPDFThe CEZ modelread this issue
05/06FridayPDFCoupons at GMread this issue
08/06MondayPDFOne out of four votes wastedread this issue
09/06TuesdayPDFKlaus losesread this issue
10/06WednesdayPDFSpin doctors stumbleread this issue
11/06ThursdayPDFGreen offshootsread this issue
12/06FridayPDFVanity in motionread this issue
15/06MondayPDFLess is moreread this issue
16/06TuesdayPDFRoad to serfdomread this issue
17/06WednesdayPDFJobs wantedread this issue
18/06ThursdayPDFA monopoly is bornread this issue
19/06FridayPDFMy friend Vaclav Havelread this issue
22/06MondayPDFTunnelers on Probationread this issue
23/06TuesdayPDFTerrorist watch listread this issue
24/06WednesdayPDFKlaus must (not) signread this issue
25/06ThursdayPDFImperial chutzpahread this issue
26/06FridayPDFGovernment of friendsread this issue
29/06MondayPDFDon't stop 'til you get enoughread this issue
30/06TuesdayPDFOpening the floodgatesread this issue

July 2009
01/07WednesdayPDFSuitcase Sobotkaread this issue
02/07ThursdayPDFA monopoly was bornread this issue
03/07FridayPDFCSA's last legread this issue
07/07TuesdayPDFChina and missile defenseread this issue
08/07WednesdayPDFCzech refuseniksread this issue
09/07ThursdayPDFTemporary recoveryread this issue
10/07FridayPDFWhose coal conspiracy?read this issue
13/07MondayPDFPresidential race beginsread this issue
14/07TuesdayPDFDictatorship of the mediocreread this issue
15/07WednesdayPDFTake or payread this issue
16/07ThursdayPDFNo 'free' carbon creditsread this issue
17/07FridayPDFThe premium paperread this issue
20/07MondayPDFElection predictionread this issue
21/07TuesdayPDFRaising radicalsread this issue
22/07WednesdayPDFTrustbusting CEZread this issue
23/07ThursdayPDFProfit over healthread this issue
24/07FridayPDFSelective thinningread this issue
27/07MondayPDFClass profilingread this issue
28/07TuesdayPDFGott knows bestread this issue
29/07WednesdayPDFTwo irreversible trendsread this issue
30/07ThursdayPDFSunburnedread this issue
31/07FridayPDFPowerread this issue

August 2009
03/08MondayPDFThe young and the restlessread this issue
04/08TuesdayPDFOutedread this issue
05/08WednesdayPDFCui bono?read this issue
06/08ThursdayPDFKompromatread this issue
07/08FridayPDFMansions on the hillread this issue
10/08MondayPDFSkin-saving timeread this issue
11/08TuesdayPDFDon't go to court for justiceread this issue
12/08WednesdayPDFGrand-coalition presidentread this issue
13/08ThursdayPDFHow to discredit the little guysread this issue
14/08FridayPDFCzech inadequacyread this issue
17/08MondayPDFConvenient statsread this issue
18/08TuesdayPDFSpies, lies and privatizeread this issue
19/08WednesdayPDFFreebie marketingread this issue
20/08ThursdayPDFShakedown Street repavedread this issue
21/08FridayPDFMorality playread this issue
24/08MondayPDFSwine flu revoltread this issue
25/08TuesdayPDFCast not the first stoneread this issue
26/08WednesdayPDFHungarian dancesread this issue
27/08ThursdayPDFTwo guided privatizationsread this issue
28/08FridayPDFMourn the politicsread this issue
31/08MondayPDFA real proread this issue

September 2009
01/09TuesdayPDFRogues' galleryread this issue
02/09WednesdayPDFSemi-anarchy in the CRread this issue
03/09ThursdayPDFTOP's gambitread this issue
04/09FridayPDFRemembering Tuscanyread this issue
07/09MondayPDFReserve languagesread this issue
08/09TuesdayPDFHitting a NERVeread this issue
09/09WednesdayPDFMedia transparencyread this issue
10/09ThursdayPDFMystery ownerread this issue
11/09FridayPDFNine long monthsread this issue
14/09MondayPDFEarly elections in doubtread this issue
15/09TuesdayPDFIPB, Part 2read this issue
16/09WednesdayPDFCSSD's misstepsread this issue
17/09ThursdayPDFSix of one...read this issue
18/09FridayPDFRadar and Chinaread this issue
21/09MondayPDFRadar in retrospectread this issue
22/09TuesdayPDFDeficit acceptance syndromeread this issue
23/09WednesdayPDFLisbon tacticsread this issue
24/09ThursdayPDFTOP 10read this issue
25/09FridayPDFPay late, pay dearlyread this issue
29/09TuesdayPDFRich land, poor landread this issue
30/09WednesdayPDFCost-cutting at CSAread this issue

October 2009
01/10ThursdayPDFChina's dayread this issue
02/10FridayPDFE-rights dark agesread this issue
05/10MondayPDFAnother Russian civil warread this issue
06/10TuesdayPDFCleaning upread this issue
07/10WednesdayPDFBattle of the budgetread this issue
08/10ThursdayPDFDegrees for saleread this issue
09/10FridayPDFWhere the jobs goread this issue
12/10MondayPDFPeacemakersread this issue
13/10TuesdayPDFLex Schwarzenbergread this issue
14/10WednesdayPDFAbdicationread this issue
15/10ThursdayPDFWishing for a gas crisisread this issue
16/10FridayPDFRussia believes in Klausread this issue
19/10MondayPDFBowing to Brusselsread this issue
20/10TuesdayPDFAdobe and the poundread this issue
21/10WednesdayPDFBack to basicsread this issue
22/10ThursdayPDFRegional powerhouseread this issue
23/10FridayPDF'Jsem Prazanem'read this issue
26/10MondayPDFCartel politicsread this issue
27/10TuesdayPDFJobs over technologyread this issue
29/10ThursdayPDFSupport your local cartelread this issue
30/10FridayPDFShould Czechs fear China?read this issue

November 2009
02/11MondayPDFJudicial opt-outread this issue
03/11TuesdayPDFLong on Goldmanread this issue
04/11WednesdayPDFWhat did Klaus want?read this issue
05/11ThursdayPDFWhy Klaus signedread this issue
06/11FridayPDFRenata and Britneyread this issue
09/11MondayPDFStill no commissionerread this issue
10/11TuesdayPDFAsia won the Cold Warread this issue
11/11WednesdayPDFFule at your serviceread this issue
12/11ThursdayPDFWhy Bartuska?read this issue
13/11FridayPDFTwenty years laterread this issue
16/11MondayPDFReap what you sowread this issue
18/11WednesdayPDFFor better or for worseread this issue
19/11ThursdayPDFOnly ex-Communists should applyread this issue
20/11FridayPDFMalicious intentread this issue
23/11MondayPDFBad-debt torpedo approachingread this issue
24/11TuesdayPDFVariations on a theme of Kalousekread this issue
25/11WednesdayPDFLeaks and raidsread this issue
26/11ThursdayPDFThe anti-CEZ coalitionread this issue
27/11FridayPDFFake degrees, fake outrageread this issue
30/11MondayPDFNo-trust anti-trustread this issue

December 2009
01/12TuesdayPDFThe dealread this issue
02/12WednesdayPDFForced deficit solutionsread this issue
03/12ThursdayPDFCorruption Regulatory Officeread this issue
04/12FridayPDFWhy Jancura?read this issue
07/12MondayPDFAngels and demonsread this issue
08/12TuesdayPDFA few sentencesread this issue
09/12WednesdayPDFCEZ winsread this issue
10/12ThursdayPDFCorruption facilitatorsread this issue
11/12FridayPDFWho are you?read this issue
14/12MondayPDFClimate-change equalityread this issue
15/12TuesdayPDFSeal of disapproval (corruption facilitators)read this issue
16/12WednesdayPDFStarter wivesread this issue
17/12ThursdayPDFThe reawakeningread this issue
18/12FridayPDFReason prevailsread this issue
21/12MondayPDFNot the person of the yearread this issue
22/12TuesdayPDFEvent of the yearread this issue
23/12WednesdayPDFLast Chinese Christmasread this issue
28/12MondayPDFBudget reduxread this issue
29/12TuesdayPDFSociety's creationread this issue
30/12WednesdayPDFPeople of the Yearread this issue
31/12ThursdayPDFNew Year's resolutionread this issue


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