PDF issues for the Year 2010

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January 2010
04/01MondayPDFCorruption facilitator in chiefread this issue
05/01TuesdayPDFRussian Christmas giftread this issue
06/01WednesdayPDFJob opening for Christian dealmakerread this issue
07/01ThursdayPDFCrisis of Christianityread this issue
08/01FridayPDFGrab the rope!read this issue
11/01MondayPDFA world of sheepread this issue
12/01TuesdayPDFMeaningless electionsread this issue
13/01WednesdayPDFWhen in Romeread this issue
14/01ThursdayPDFPied Pipers of Pragueread this issue
15/01FridayPDFPecina's package (corruption facilitators)read this issue
18/01MondayPDFNationalization by another nameread this issue
19/01TuesdayPDFAmbassador woesread this issue
20/01WednesdayPDFFailed statesread this issue
21/01ThursdayPDFDon't cry for Klausread this issue
22/01FridayPDFSocial-security compromiseread this issue
25/01MondayPDFToo much snow in Pragueread this issue
26/01TuesdayPDFOfficial slush fund approvedread this issue
27/01WednesdayPDFThe IMF (corruption facilitators)read this issue
28/01ThursdayPDFiPad revolutionread this issue
29/01FridayPDFRussia needs a PR planread this issue

February 2010
01/02MondayPDFRetail bondmenread this issue
02/02TuesdayPDFFischer's fragile popularityread this issue
03/02WednesdayPDFTheir debt, our problem tooread this issue
04/02ThursdayPDFElectrostateread this issue
05/02FridayPDFBlaming the foreignerread this issue
08/02MondayPDFElectrostate IIread this issue
09/02TuesdayPDFSchumpeter and the Mayansread this issue
10/02WednesdayPDFThe 'elite' (corruption facilitators)read this issue
11/02ThursdayPDFElectrostate IIIread this issue
12/02FridayPDFParoubek's pickleread this issue
15/02MondayPDFGreek propheciesread this issue
16/02TuesdayPDFMerkel and bank secretsread this issue
17/02WednesdayPDFSolar Klondikeread this issue
18/02ThursdayPDFElectrostate parodyread this issue
19/02FridayPDFThere's a riot goin' onread this issue
22/02MondayPDFHalf-opening Pandur's box (corruption facilitators)read this issue
23/02TuesdayPDFZeman, Putin and Euro-Americaread this issue
24/02WednesdayPDFPolygamy and the pension gapread this issue
25/02ThursdayPDFMilking the CEZ beastread this issue
26/02FridayPDFMoratorium on tunnelsread this issue

March 2010
01/03MondayPDFTeam Czechread this issue
02/03TuesdayPDFGoogle: friend or foe?read this issue
03/03WednesdayPDFTaxing the fried cheeseread this issue
04/03ThursdayPDFThe conflict cabinetread this issue
05/03FridayPDF'Crooks' and their rightsread this issue
08/03MondayPDFSudden collapseread this issue
09/03TuesdayPDFBem's racketread this issue
10/03WednesdayPDFAthazagoraphobiaread this issue
11/03ThursdayPDFLawyers, guns and moneyread this issue
12/03FridayPDFThe 0% solutionread this issue
15/03MondayPDFFull disclosureread this issue
16/03TuesdayPDFCensorship, or messageless?read this issue
17/03WednesdayPDFParoubek 2013read this issue
18/03ThursdayPDFElectrostate IVread this issue
19/03FridayPDF100bn reasons to vote for VVread this issue
22/03MondayPDFEast meets Westread this issue
23/03TuesdayPDFCrimes and misdemeanorsread this issue
24/03WednesdayPDFObama's Lisbonread this issue
25/03ThursdayPDFNuclear Pragueread this issue
26/03FridayPDFFirst Kasl, now Topolanekread this issue
29/03MondayPDFTopolanek's reverse racismread this issue
30/03TuesdayPDFRescue the IMFread this issue
31/03WednesdayPDFCEZ on TOPread this issue

April 2010
01/04ThursdayPDFFrustration risingread this issue
02/04FridayPDFThe inevitability of debtread this issue
06/04TuesdayPDFiPad disappointsread this issue
07/04WednesdayPDFHampl's inconvenient truthread this issue
08/04ThursdayPDFNew Cold War armisticeread this issue
09/04FridayPDFParoubek againread this issue
12/04MondayPDFMalice and calculationread this issue
13/04TuesdayPDFEthics and Temelinread this issue
14/04WednesdayPDFFooling Darwinread this issue
15/04ThursdayPDFCOL (cry out loud)read this issue
16/04FridayPDFStill Green, but more experiencedread this issue
19/04MondayPDFPension taxread this issue
20/04TuesdayPDFReturn value to moneyread this issue
21/04WednesdayPDFNever the Twainread this issue
22/04ThursdayPDFGoldman and Romanread this issue
23/04FridayPDFIn hell with Milos Zemanread this issue
26/04MondayPDFOrco's shareholder revoltread this issue
27/04TuesdayPDFPension non-reformread this issue
28/04WednesdayPDFDoing the hustleread this issue
29/04ThursdayPDFWhen Greek meets Czechread this issue
30/04FridayPDFPrunerov goes aheadread this issue

May 2010
03/05MondayPDFNearly sudden collapseread this issue
04/05TuesdayPDFKlaus knocks Necasread this issue
05/05WednesdayPDFCoasts of Bohemiaread this issue
06/05ThursdayPDFScarfaceread this issue
07/05FridayPDFDictator on a leashread this issue
10/05MondayPDFKlaus boosts Necasread this issue
11/05TuesdayPDFBegging to be suedread this issue
12/05WednesdayPDFKalousek's defense 'privatizers'read this issue
13/05ThursdayPDFA Miller's Taleread this issue
14/05FridayPDFThe orange and the greenread this issue
17/05MondayPDFFinal Word readers want Necasread this issue
18/05TuesdayPDFCorruption not always a priorityread this issue
19/05WednesdayPDFWhen you're down and outread this issue
20/05ThursdayPDFHeroes and villainsread this issue
21/05FridayPDFSave the banksread this issue
24/05MondayPDFTOP grand coalitionread this issue
25/05TuesdayPDFSave the stateread this issue
26/05WednesdayPDFJanota the politicianread this issue
27/05ThursdayPDFPraise for politiciansread this issue
28/05FridayPDFLostread this issue
29/05SaturdayPDFEstablishment loses (and wins)read this issue
31/05MondayPDFVK for VKread this issue

June 2010
01/06TuesdayPDFVV as coalition killerread this issue
02/06WednesdayPDFKalousek gives the run-aroundread this issue
03/06ThursdayPDFMessage to politicians and oligarchsread this issue
04/06FridayPDFThe admiral and the pirates' bootyread this issue
07/06MondayPDFThe problem called Kalousekread this issue
08/06TuesdayPDFFischer's callingread this issue
09/06WednesdayPDFTax folliesread this issue
10/06ThursdayPDFAn opinion on pollsread this issue
11/06FridayPDFThe Klaus factorread this issue
14/06MondayPDFThe cash/reputational trade-offread this issue
15/06TuesdayPDFThe A-Teamread this issue
16/06WednesdayPDFTuition and industrial policyread this issue
17/06ThursdayPDFMeet Amb. Ordwayread this issue
18/06FridayPDFSkoda in Chinaread this issue
21/06MondayPDFFirst impressionsread this issue
22/06TuesdayPDFSpills and yachtsread this issue
23/06WednesdayPDFVertical of powerread this issue
24/06ThursdayPDFCeska republika a.s.read this issue
25/06FridayPDFChairman of the boardread this issue
28/06MondayPDFBig Bad Johnread this issue
29/06TuesdayPDFSkoda derailedread this issue
30/06WednesdayPDFBrussels and the anti-CEZ coalitionread this issue

July 2010
01/07ThursdayPDFMr. Clean and his dream teamread this issue
02/07FridayPDFThe Firemen's Ballread this issue
07/07WednesdayPDFDisaster politicsread this issue
08/07ThursdayPDFTomb of the unknown perpetratorread this issue
09/07FridayPDFLife of the partyread this issue
12/07MondayPDFSpy lessonsread this issue
13/07TuesdayPDFArbitrary figuresread this issue
14/07WednesdayPDFMayor Tumaread this issue
15/07ThursdayPDFIn Treatmentread this issue
16/07FridayPDFCold War skulduggeryread this issue
19/07MondayPDFThe high price of no Paroubekread this issue
20/07TuesdayPDFSlovak straight talkread this issue
21/07WednesdayPDFCensorship at CTread this issue
22/07ThursdayPDFNo clear favoriteread this issue
23/07FridayPDFThe blackmail ministerread this issue
26/07MondayPDFThe new Stanislav Grossread this issue
27/07TuesdayPDFPolitical bigamy in actionread this issue
28/07WednesdayPDFSpidla's timeread this issue
29/07ThursdayPDFMafia thugs and mugsread this issue
30/07FridayPDFEpic Prague ODSread this issue

August 2010
02/08MondayPDFMicrosoft's Langer bonusread this issue
03/08TuesdayPDFAnother Miller's Taleread this issue
04/08WednesdayPDFLOP 10read this issue
05/08ThursdayPDFThe Brussels defenseread this issue
06/08FridayPDFKindling e-book interestread this issue
09/08MondayPDFDomestic rat holesread this issue
10/08TuesdayPDFClass warfare from the Rightread this issue
11/08WednesdayPDFCooking one's own gooseread this issue
12/08ThursdayPDFConfiscation American styleread this issue
13/08FridayPDFVB emulates VPread this issue
16/08MondayPDFCrisis and transformationread this issue
17/08TuesdayPDFThe best ... and the worstread this issue
18/08WednesdayPDFTwo foxes in the henhouseread this issue
19/08ThursdayPDFIntoleranceread this issue
20/08FridayPDFSexual tourism in the afterliferead this issue
23/08MondayPDFHouse-arrest extravaganceread this issue
24/08TuesdayPDFStastny: A happy mediumread this issue
25/08WednesdayPDFCP&Pread this issue
26/08ThursdayPDFPrivatizing public TVread this issue
27/08FridayPDFThe 11th manread this issue
30/08MondayPDFTopolanek the energy czarread this issue
31/08TuesdayPDFRight place, wrong timeread this issue

September 2010
01/09WednesdayPDFKalousek's budget shockerread this issue
02/09ThursdayPDFAnti-corruption platform still aliveread this issue
03/09FridayPDFCSA's bridge to nowhereread this issue
06/09MondayPDFAll turns around Mr. Kread this issue
07/09TuesdayPDFPublic service announcementread this issue
08/09WednesdayPDFErudition for saleread this issue
09/09ThursdayPDFRegulating stupidityread this issue
10/09FridayPDFSend 'em packingread this issue
13/09MondayPDFTschechien schafft sich abread this issue
14/09TuesdayPDFSomeone to watch over youread this issue
15/09WednesdayPDFCredibility deficitread this issue
16/09ThursdayPDFUpdate on Little Putinread this issue
17/09FridayPDFBohemia's Woods and (Solar) Fieldsread this issue
20/09MondayPDFResonance from the CEZ raidread this issue
21/09TuesdayPDFWhere's the money?read this issue
22/09WednesdayPDFBoring populistsread this issue
23/09ThursdayPDFRoman's exit strategyread this issue
24/09FridayPDFKalousek Defense Leagueread this issue
27/09MondayPDFWhere the money isread this issue
29/09WednesdayPDFNato encourages corruptionread this issue
30/09ThursdayPDFVisibility warningread this issue

October 2010
01/10FridayPDFCall the Convictread this issue
04/10MondayPDFUniting VAT, dividing businessread this issue
05/10TuesdayPDFFour-puppet theaterread this issue
06/10WednesdayPDFClear favoriteread this issue
07/10ThursdayPDFWhat's Schwarzenberg's game?read this issue
08/10FridayPDFNo free lunchread this issue
11/10MondayPDFCurrency destructionread this issue
12/10TuesdayPDFTunnel algebraread this issue
13/10WednesdayPDFTemelin delayedread this issue
14/10ThursdayPDFTemelin and the Russiansread this issue
15/10FridayPDFVV goes nowhereread this issue
18/10MondayPDFTOP lives or dies with Tumaread this issue
19/10TuesdayPDFPrague's gubernatorsread this issue
20/10WednesdayPDFCEZ bustingread this issue
21/10ThursdayPDFInfluential women in businessread this issue
22/10FridayPDFGrand coalition timeread this issue
25/10MondayPDFHope for Pragueread this issue
26/10TuesdayPDFBoris N. Kalousekread this issue
27/10WednesdayPDFIntegrity testread this issue
29/10FridayPDFNational heroread this issue

November 2010
01/11MondayPDFSell CEZread this issue
02/11TuesdayPDFKlaus and global governmentread this issue
03/11WednesdayPDFTea for threeread this issue
04/11ThursdayPDFAll in the familyread this issue
05/11FridayPDFDrinking & drivingread this issue
08/11MondayPDFWorld Bank and the gold standardread this issue
09/11TuesdayPDFNewton's law of grand coalitionsread this issue
10/11WednesdayPDFCharity publishingread this issue
11/11ThursdayPDFNot left to chanceread this issue
12/11FridayPDFSettling old scoresread this issue
15/11MondayPDFAnother scandal in Bohemiaread this issue
16/11TuesdayPDFAbsurdities in the time of crisisread this issue
18/11ThursdayPDFTime for self-reflection at TOP 09read this issue
19/11FridayPDFHate language and grand coalitionsread this issue
22/11MondayPDFBad drivers, bad managersread this issue
23/11TuesdayPDFBig byznys the Czech wayread this issue
24/11WednesdayPDFAs solid as a security clearanceread this issue
25/11ThursdayPDFKalousek and the Prague coalitionread this issue
26/11FridayPDFManaged decline, badly managedread this issue
29/11MondayPDFRussia and the euro opt-outread this issue
30/11TuesdayPDFHeads they win, tails you loseread this issue

December 2010
01/12WednesdayPDFSchweinereiread this issue
02/12ThursdayPDFAnimal Farmread this issue
03/12FridayPDFDiplomat Petr Kolar to the rescueread this issue
06/12MondayPDFWicked cablesread this issue
07/12TuesdayPDFA watchdog without biteread this issue
08/12WednesdayPDFThe first snowfallread this issue
09/12ThursdayPDFLong arm of the Serious Fraud Officeread this issue
10/12FridayPDFInsouciance about space secretsread this issue
13/12MondayPDFGadget overloadread this issue
14/12TuesdayPDFCentral Asian brazennessread this issue
15/12WednesdayPDFPenta, Fortuna and Sazkaread this issue
16/12ThursdayPDFBribers and bribeesread this issue
17/12FridayPDFDiscouraging dissentread this issue
20/12MondayPDFNecas's last stand?read this issue
21/12TuesdayPDFKlaus's *hit listread this issue
22/12WednesdayPDFPutinesque presidential systemread this issue
23/12ThursdayPDFChristmas thanks and humilityread this issue
27/12MondayPDFRepentanceread this issue
28/12TuesdayPDFWinning the lotteryread this issue
29/12WednesdayPDFUnperson of the Yearread this issue
30/12ThursdayPDFRecess appointmentread this issue
31/12FridayPDFTaxiing into the New Yearread this issue


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