PDF issues for the Year 2011

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January 2011
03/01MondayPDFDownsize meread this issue
04/01TuesdayPDFKlaus cracksread this issue
05/01WednesdayPDFVondra's shifting allegianceread this issue
06/01ThursdayPDFIPB won't go awayread this issue
07/01FridayPDFThe problem of mass mediaread this issue
10/01MondayPDFOn revolutionread this issue
11/01TuesdayPDFJobs, jobs, jobsread this issue
12/01WednesdayPDFAnother problem of mass mediaread this issue
13/01ThursdayPDFPower breakfast in Pragueread this issue
14/01FridayPDFData collectorsread this issue
17/01MondayPDFSazka: Betting on reorganizationread this issue
18/01TuesdayPDFSex, defense lies and videotaperead this issue
19/01WednesdayPDFThink tanks and crony corruptionread this issue
20/01ThursdayPDFChief Justice Klausread this issue
21/01FridayPDFFive Families, five pension fundsread this issue
24/01MondayPDFRepeat elections in Pragueread this issue
25/01TuesdayPDFThe fall of the house of J&Tread this issue
26/01WednesdayPDFDishonor among thievesread this issue
27/01ThursdayPDFKing Coal & Suitcase Sobotkaread this issue
28/01FridayPDFKalousek pouncesread this issue
31/01MondayPDFTunisami in Prague?read this issue

February 2011
01/02TuesdayPDFIn defense of Mlynářread this issue
02/02WednesdayPDFThe deceptive magic of GDPread this issue
03/02ThursdayPDFLiving on borrowed GDPread this issue
04/02FridayPDFBlame it on the alcohol goutread this issue
07/02MondayPDFVV is Very Versatileread this issue
08/02TuesdayPDFBlanka and Sazkaread this issue
09/02WednesdayPDFLízal and missed opportunityread this issue
10/02ThursdayPDFEgypt and the West's self-defeatread this issue
11/02FridayPDFMind games with the Chinese enemyread this issue
14/02MondayPDFFive and one (long) nightsread this issue
15/02TuesdayPDFKilling the neighbor's cowread this issue
16/02WednesdayPDFRegaining NERVread this issue
17/02ThursdayPDFLiving in VAT hellread this issue
18/02FridayPDFFool's goldread this issue
21/02MondayPDFThe Harvard pension momentread this issue
22/02TuesdayPDFHello, Lenin!read this issue
23/02WednesdayPDFMulti-source, but not reformread this issue
24/02ThursdayPDFAppian Expressread this issue
25/02FridayPDFWhy isn't Appian in jail?read this issue
28/02MondayPDFRebel rousing in Pragueread this issue

March 2011
01/03TuesdayPDFThe cost of anonymityread this issue
02/03WednesdayPDFFor intelligent readers onlyread this issue
03/03ThursdayPDFMr. 9.1 is at it againread this issue
04/03FridayPDFLike Russian, like Czechread this issue
07/03MondayPDFFreedom to write (but not to sell)read this issue
08/03TuesdayPDFThe chosen oneread this issue
09/03WednesdayPDFUprisingsread this issue
10/03ThursdayPDFSpies in the newsroomread this issue
11/03FridayPDFTime for a new government OSread this issue
14/03MondayPDFBlame it on businessread this issue
15/03TuesdayPDFŠkoda in China IIread this issue
16/03WednesdayPDFThe filthy richread this issue
17/03ThursdayPDFKalousek's plumbersread this issue
18/03FridayPDFQuid pro quo in Brnoread this issue
21/03MondayPDFAre Czechs at war?read this issue
22/03TuesdayPDFAll to do about Kalousekread this issue
23/03WednesdayPDFLibya and the decline of the Westread this issue
24/03ThursdayPDFLife after Vondraread this issue
25/03FridayPDFWater for Africa?read this issue
28/03MondayPDFThe high price of saving Vondraread this issue
29/03TuesdayPDFIn the police we trustread this issue
30/03WednesdayPDFGoggle-eyed and open-jawedread this issue
31/03ThursdayPDFNuclear power and human natureread this issue

April 2011
01/04FridayPDFApril babiesread this issue
04/04MondayPDFBárta bribed hereread this issue
05/04TuesdayPDFKnocking moral authorityread this issue
06/04WednesdayPDFTriple-entry bookkeepingread this issue
07/04ThursdayPDFDefective democracyread this issue
08/04FridayPDFDouble coyote uglyread this issue
11/04MondayPDFShe's a witch!read this issue
11/04MondayPDFDeoligarchizationread this issue
12/04TuesdayPDFDelusions of powerread this issue
13/04WednesdayPDFNečas vs. Klausread this issue
14/04ThursdayPDFThe Klaus video and bribe inflationread this issue
15/04FridayPDFCorruption czarread this issue
18/04MondayPDFTOP 09's scandalread this issue
19/04TuesdayPDFFalse recoveryread this issue
20/04WednesdayPDFHow blondes lose their illusionsread this issue
21/04ThursdayPDFForced supplier financingread this issue
22/04FridayPDFLearning Czech in time of crisisread this issue
26/04TuesdayPDFIn the name of securityread this issue
27/04WednesdayPDFKlaus, ABL and MFDread this issue
28/04ThursdayPDFSolar settlement?read this issue
29/04FridayPDFMakro and its pricesread this issue

May 2011
02/05MondayPDFSelf-destructive govermentsread this issue
03/05TuesdayPDFOsama and media fictionread this issue
04/05WednesdayPDFLife after Osamaread this issue
05/05ThursdayPDFPetr Hájek - the Czech Donald Trumpread this issue
06/05FridayPDFIn bed with Václav Moravecread this issue
09/05MondayPDFTransformation of an extremistread this issue
10/05TuesdayPDFJudges who make the newsread this issue
11/05WednesdayPDFBloodletting at Sazkaread this issue
12/05ThursdayPDFBallsy Bárta, wimpy Nečasread this issue
13/05FridayPDFTinker, Tailor, Appian, Natlandread this issue
16/05MondayPDFConfidence in public procurementread this issue
17/05TuesdayPDFToo old to work, too young to retireread this issue
18/05WednesdayPDFKlaus's national frontread this issue
19/05ThursdayPDFEasy targetsread this issue
20/05FridayPDFMany fingers in the budget jarread this issue
23/05MondayPDFBuild me up, Buttercupread this issue
24/05TuesdayPDFDSK and the end of the worldread this issue
25/05WednesdayPDFVAT and the economics of book piracyread this issue
26/05ThursdayPDFTemelín mon amourread this issue
27/05FridayPDFA lawyer walks into a betting agency...read this issue
30/05MondayPDFTax cheats bewareread this issue
31/05TuesdayPDFPaying for Germany's nuclear exitread this issue

June 2011
01/06WednesdayPDFKalousek's police state lightread this issue
02/06ThursdayPDFNone dare say it: Confiscationread this issue
03/06FridayPDFOf nitwits and forecasting geniusesread this issue
06/06MondayPDFLarge amounts don't grow on treesread this issue
07/06TuesdayPDFNo confidence in VVread this issue
08/06WednesdayPDFFundamental mistrustread this issue
09/06ThursdayPDFCzech TV's expensive funread this issue
10/06FridayPDFMystery trains skid to a haltread this issue
13/06MondayPDFRadical protest, radical responseread this issue
14/06TuesdayPDFDual PMsread this issue
15/06WednesdayPDFNatland's bright futureread this issue
16/06ThursdayPDFWhat Klaus didn't sayread this issue
17/06FridayPDFDrowned out by the unionsread this issue
20/06MondayPDFCloser to Greece by the dayread this issue
21/06TuesdayPDFScrew the consumerread this issue
22/06WednesdayPDFA monopoly is stillbornread this issue
23/06ThursdayPDFKing Miroslav's satrapsread this issue
24/06FridayPDFVít Bárta hits a lamppostread this issue
27/06MondayPDFAt war in Libyaread this issue
28/06TuesdayPDFiPad apps: Cool, but will they scale?read this issue
29/06WednesdayPDFBudget reality checkread this issue
30/06ThursdayPDFCommitting financial murderread this issue

July 2011
01/07FridayPDFCrisis Freedom Dayread this issue
04/07MondayPDFConfidence vote or confidence game?read this issue
07/07ThursdayPDFHardball vs. softball journalismread this issue
08/07FridayPDFO2's distaste for Appleread this issue
11/07MondayPDFContempt of the Constitutionread this issue
12/07TuesdayPDFBeware the economistsread this issue
13/07WednesdayPDFTime to act, O Lordread this issue
14/07ThursdayPDFThe Murdoch touchread this issue
15/07FridayPDFFake bills, tickets and investigationsread this issue
18/07MondayPDFVAT and the starvation dietread this issue
19/07TuesdayPDFAnti-colonial insubordinationread this issue
20/07WednesdayPDFMoscow callingread this issue
21/07ThursdayPDFVV's peaks and troughsread this issue
22/07FridayPDFBribery made easyread this issue
25/07MondayPDFHow insane is insane?read this issue
26/07TuesdayPDFKarolína Peake's tender momentread this issue
27/07WednesdayPDFAll eyes on Washingtonread this issue
28/07ThursdayPDFBack to cashread this issue
29/07FridayPDFMessage to tourists: Behave yourselvesread this issue

August 2011
01/08MondayPDFPruning the elite, one by oneread this issue
02/08TuesdayPDFTea Party politicsread this issue
03/08WednesdayPDFHyperinflating into warread this issue
04/08ThursdayPDFFallen heroes and villainsread this issue
05/08FridayPDFPrague's dying stock exchangeread this issue
08/08MondayPDFManaging our tumors and our debtread this issue
09/08TuesdayPDFWho will be the next Czech dictator?read this issue
10/08WednesdayPDFThe next Czech dictator - Kalousek?read this issue
11/08ThursdayPDFThe next Czech dictator - Klaus?read this issue
12/08FridayPDFOf Beatles and the end of a dreamread this issue
15/08MondayPDFKikina exposed by gaydarread this issue
16/08TuesdayPDFThe next Czech dictator - central bankers?read this issue
17/08WednesdayPDFOpencard and electronic drug auctionsread this issue
18/08ThursdayPDFCrisis? Whose crisis?read this issue
19/08FridayPDFNecks on the block!read this issue
22/08MondayPDFKalousek's stimulus packageread this issue
23/08TuesdayPDFPaying crooks not to stealread this issue
24/08WednesdayPDFBerlin 1961, Prague 2011read this issue
25/08ThursdayPDFČSOB's social-card bonanzaread this issue
26/08FridayPDFThe Friday Editionread this issue
29/08MondayPDFCablegate airport readingread this issue
30/08TuesdayPDFKlaus and the big bangread this issue
31/08WednesdayPDFWhy Nečas must goread this issue

September 2011
01/09ThursdayPDFHow clean is clean?read this issue
05/09MondayPDFWho benefits from higher VAT?read this issue
06/09TuesdayPDFTwo old men with mutual needsread this issue
07/09WednesdayPDFBiting the (EU) hand that feeds youread this issue
08/09ThursdayPDFTragedy in Russiaread this issue
12/09MondayPDFThe next Czech dictator - the EU budget czar?read this issue
13/09TuesdayPDFKalousek's catchy pension pitchread this issue
14/09WednesdayPDFKalousek's flunkyread this issue
15/09ThursdayPDFThe fall of the Roman empireread this issue
19/09MondayPDFThe Kč 100bn swapread this issue
20/09TuesdayPDFBabiš and a new Civic Forumread this issue
21/09WednesdayPDFMartin Roman's Yankee-bond problemread this issue
22/09ThursdayPDFSlapping down protestersread this issue
26/09MondayPDFMercenaries in Parliamentread this issue
27/09TuesdayPDFThe next Czech dictator - Putin?read this issue
29/09ThursdayPDFThe case for dual finance ministersread this issue

October 2011
03/10MondayPDFČEZ as presidential punching bagread this issue
04/10TuesdayPDFTricky Mirek's tax loopholeread this issue
05/10WednesdayPDFThe birthday boy and the mythread this issue
06/10ThursdayPDFTrouble in the anti-corruption sectorread this issue
10/10MondayPDFCorruption apologistsread this issue
11/10TuesdayPDFInterplanetary bonds to the rescueread this issue
12/10WednesdayPDFOccupy BB Centrumread this issue
13/10ThursdayPDFSaint Yulia, cohort in crimeread this issue
17/10MondayPDFThe Czech Enronread this issue
18/10TuesdayPDFKalousek's Promoproread this issue
19/10WednesdayPDFIn a normal country...read this issue
20/10ThursdayPDFThe big VAT truthread this issue
24/10MondayPDFTell it as it is, Prince Karelread this issue
25/10TuesdayPDFFirst ČEZ, next ČTÚ?read this issue
26/10WednesdayPDFPreparing for crisisread this issue
27/10ThursdayPDFMoneyballing Temelínread this issue
31/10MondayPDFThe Klaus eraread this issue

November 2011
01/11TuesdayPDFReferendum on dictatorshipread this issue
02/11WednesdayPDFPutting Roman awayread this issue
03/11ThursdayPDFInconsistent justiceread this issue
07/11MondayPDFAnother defeat for Kalousekread this issue
08/11TuesdayPDFBabiš misses his chanceread this issue
09/11WednesdayPDFPayola from Espanolaread this issue
10/11ThursdayPDFThanks, Marty!read this issue
14/11MondayPDFProcurement bill goes to the Senateread this issue
15/11TuesdayPDFČEZ and its 179 MPsread this issue
16/11WednesdayPDFLower the VAT!read this issue
21/11MondayPDFMillionaire taxread this issue
22/11TuesdayPDFRound Two at Prague city hallread this issue
23/11WednesdayPDFEconomia vs. Médearead this issue
24/11ThursdayPDFCashing in on MUS and OKDread this issue
28/11MondayPDFDienstbier, Hulinský, Čalfaread this issue
29/11TuesdayPDFMadoff-style firepowerread this issue
30/11WednesdayPDFViolent and nonviolent extremismread this issue

December 2011
01/12ThursdayPDFThe perils of being Martinread this issue
05/12MondayPDFSvoboda for president?read this issue
06/12TuesdayPDFThe EU financial melting potread this issue
07/12WednesdayPDFWho goes down with Ivo Rittig?read this issue
08/12ThursdayPDFFake originalsread this issue
12/12MondayPDFIs Klaus sulking or scheming?read this issue
13/12TuesdayPDFStripping bare and revealing nothingread this issue
14/12WednesdayPDFRussia's aircraft carrier in Central Europeread this issue
15/12ThursdayPDFWhat Czech retailers can teach HQread this issue
19/12MondayPDFVáclav Havel R.I.P.read this issue
20/12TuesdayPDFHavel's 'sainthood'read this issue
21/12WednesdayPDFHavel and Russiaread this issue
22/12ThursdayPDFGuardians of Havel's legacyread this issue
27/12TuesdayPDFTom Cruise's revengeread this issue
28/12WednesdayPDFFilm money & magicread this issue
29/12ThursdayPDFSt. Václav International Airportread this issue


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