PDF issues for the Year 2012

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January 2012
02/01MondayPDFBlood, sweat and tearsread this issue
03/01TuesdayPDFCrisis of confidence (and much more)read this issue
04/01WednesdayPDFThe impalement of Ron Paulread this issue
05/01ThursdayPDFArdis and 68 Publishersread this issue
09/01MondayPDFAsylum for Martyread this issue
10/01TuesdayPDFThrowing money to the windread this issue
11/01WednesdayPDFHavel Int. Airportread this issue
12/01ThursdayPDFSwinging with Satchmo in Pragueread this issue
16/01MondayPDFWhy no Czech downgrade?read this issue
17/01TuesdayPDFFooling the rating analystsread this issue
18/01WednesdayPDFMayor Svoboda's line under the pastread this issue
19/01ThursdayPDFThe export trapread this issue
23/01MondayPDFChoose your dictatorread this issue
24/01TuesdayPDFSliding into war with Iranread this issue
25/01WednesdayPDFEuro 2012 and the Czech dreamread this issue
26/01ThursdayPDFZimmerwald and Davosread this issue
30/01MondayPDFProcurement law on home stretchread this issue
31/01TuesdayPDFACTA means authoritarianread this issue

February 2012
01/02WednesdayPDFThe Appian way to Cokevilleread this issue
02/02ThursdayPDFDivorced but cohabitingread this issue
06/02MondayPDFNice job if you can get itread this issue
07/02TuesdayPDFHollywood's not-so-happy endingread this issue
08/02WednesdayPDFDienstbier for president?read this issue
09/02ThursdayPDFThe London City presidentread this issue
13/02MondayPDFHow far can the Con Court go?read this issue
14/02TuesdayPDFMore Greek than Greeceread this issue
15/02WednesdayPDFSnow job and the EU treatyread this issue
16/02ThursdayPDFThe economics of warread this issue
20/02MondayPDFJustice gone wrongread this issue
21/02TuesdayPDFThis Bud's on you, Mr. Bendlread this issue
22/02WednesdayPDFMass Effect 3 and the art of readingread this issue
23/02ThursdayPDFFW readers like real estateread this issue
27/02MondayPDFOscar for Obfuscationread this issue
28/02TuesdayPDFDeficits Anonymousread this issue
29/02WednesdayPDFRevolution Rock (či rok)read this issue

March 2012
01/03ThursdayPDFSqueezing the middle classread this issue
05/03MondayPDFRaise competitiveness, not taxesread this issue
06/03TuesdayPDFVaclav Klaus, president for liferead this issue
07/03WednesdayPDFHonza the Builderread this issue
08/03ThursdayPDFLiar, liar, pants on fire!read this issue
12/03MondayPDFVAT bites Big Business in the rearread this issue
13/03TuesdayPDFCzech TV's little T&Aread this issue
14/03WednesdayPDFThe corporate tax dilemmaread this issue
15/03ThursdayPDFSafe whistleblowingread this issue
19/03MondayPDFUnprofessional but effectiveread this issue
20/03TuesdayPDFEverybody wants to be a starread this issue
21/03WednesdayPDFWho will fill the political gap?read this issue
22/03ThursdayPDFWho's the 'new' at Prague city hall?read this issue
26/03MondayPDFWhere's the other Double Jan twin?read this issue
27/03TuesdayPDFJanousek's secret powwowread this issue
28/03WednesdayPDFKmenta BSread this issue
29/03ThursdayPDFJanoušek's public prosecutorread this issue

April 2012
02/04MondayPDFKalousek's wiggle roomread this issue
03/04TuesdayPDFRoman reloadedread this issue
04/04WednesdayPDFCoalition gone M.A.D.read this issue
05/04ThursdayPDFTime is not on Kalousek's sideread this issue
10/04TuesdayPDFThe silent oligarchread this issue
11/04WednesdayPDFDeoligarchizationread this issue
12/04ThursdayPDFSmall numbers, big businessread this issue
16/04MondayPDFBarta's comeuppanceread this issue
17/04TuesdayPDFMiroslav Kalousek - wine connoisseurread this issue
18/04WednesdayPDFKarolina Peake's overreachread this issue
19/04ThursdayPDFPeake without moneyread this issue
23/04MondayPDFNationalization by party affiliationread this issue
24/04TuesdayPDFThe new 118 coalitionread this issue
25/04WednesdayPDFDon't mess with Radim Jančuraread this issue
26/04ThursdayPDFCriminal elite and presumption of guiltread this issue
30/04MondayPDFThe church 'eco-tender'read this issue

May 2012
02/05WednesdayPDFWomen as the go-to guysread this issue
02/05WednesdayPDFWomen as the go-to guysread this issue
03/05ThursdayPDFODS and CSSD amateur hourread this issue
07/05MondayPDFAnother Velvet Revolutionread this issue
07/05MondayPDFAnother Velvet Revolutionread this issue
09/05WednesdayPDFDienstbier to the extremeread this issue
10/05ThursdayPDFThe price of Janousek's freedomread this issue
14/05MondayPDFToo important to be Czech presidentread this issue
15/05TuesdayPDFWhere to run from the euro?read this issue
16/05WednesdayPDFDavid 'Shoebox' Rathread this issue
17/05ThursdayPDFToo many Raths in the cageread this issue
21/05MondayPDFIPO heaven and hellread this issue
22/05TuesdayPDFCollective civilizational guiltread this issue
23/05WednesdayPDFA fish bigger than a small oneread this issue
24/05ThursdayPDFWhat does LIDEM stand for?read this issue
28/05MondayPDFPreparing for Grexitread this issue
29/05TuesdayPDFZeman or Fischerread this issue
30/05WednesdayPDFIt doesn't pay to cheat on your wiferead this issue
31/05ThursdayPDFFinancial literacy for politiciansread this issue

June 2012
04/06MondayPDFThe debt of nationsread this issue
05/06TuesdayPDFBack in the den of thievesread this issue
06/06WednesdayPDFHeadline news for Wed., June 6, 2012read this issue
07/06ThursdayPDFMPs for hireread this issue
11/06MondayPDFTwo-speed Europeread this issue
12/06TuesdayPDFTV Nova's escapismread this issue
13/06WednesdayPDFMilos Zeman to the 'rescue'read this issue
14/06ThursdayPDFThe Nixon defenseread this issue
18/06MondayPDFIn defense of the stateread this issue
19/06TuesdayPDFMi casa es tu casaread this issue
20/06WednesdayPDFCut the VAT now!read this issue
21/06ThursdayPDFThe fall galsread this issue
25/06MondayPDFDlouhý enters a split fieldread this issue
26/06TuesdayPDFA duopoly is bornread this issue
27/06WednesdayPDFDebater in chiefread this issue
28/06ThursdayPDFThe art of lyingread this issue

July 2012
02/07MondayPDFCzech out Pragueread this issue
03/07TuesdayPDFPavel Blazek's long conread this issue
04/07WednesdayPDFLike father, like sonread this issue
09/07MondayPDFOfficial rules of phone tagread this issue
10/07TuesdayPDFInsider's guide to yachtsread this issue
11/07WednesdayPDFA new paradigm in appropriationread this issue
12/07ThursdayPDFLearning from The Bossread this issue
16/07MondayPDFInterventionread this issue
17/07TuesdayPDFYes to the registry of public contractsread this issue
18/07WednesdayPDFDon't mess with this frigging brain surgeonread this issue
19/07ThursdayPDFKalousek is not a crook!read this issue
23/07MondayPDFMartin Bartak's EU connectionread this issue
24/07TuesdayPDFRogue operators, or official hit men?read this issue
25/07WednesdayPDFSharing in the goldread this issue
26/07ThursdayPDFThe dangers of being party chairmanread this issue
30/07MondayPDFShanghaied in Shanghairead this issue
31/07TuesdayPDFWhy Bradacova?read this issue

August 2012
01/08WednesdayPDFBastrykin's humble Prague beginningsread this issue
02/08ThursdayPDFSavov goes for Bakala's jugularread this issue
06/08MondayPDFWas a sunny dayread this issue
07/08TuesdayPDFIn the name of Vaclav Havelread this issue
08/08WednesdayPDFServing the state (within the state)read this issue
09/08ThursdayPDFCzechInvest, Czech don't investread this issue
13/08MondayPDFOlympic goldread this issue
14/08TuesdayPDFPriest's remorseread this issue
15/08WednesdayPDFServing the bankersread this issue
16/08ThursdayPDFPeanuts and filthy lucre at DPPread this issue
20/08MondayPDFPrince Sleepyhead's latest adventureread this issue
21/08TuesdayPDFVAT and mafia capitalismread this issue
22/08WednesdayPDFPlagiarism and other crimes of journalismread this issue
23/08ThursdayPDFChina's soft espionageread this issue
27/08MondayPDFAlbright, Aspen and the spoils of warread this issue
28/08TuesdayPDFCareer guidance for ODS wunderkinderread this issue
29/08WednesdayPDFMorning becomes electricread this issue
30/08ThursdayPDFWhy Svejnar should runread this issue

September 2012
03/09MondayPDFA streetcar named greedread this issue
04/09TuesdayPDFBlue meth in Pragueread this issue
05/09WednesdayPDFOLAF at the Castleread this issue
06/09ThursdayPDFFact-checking CEZ and Lesyread this issue
10/09MondayPDFKlaus and the Eurasian Unionread this issue
11/09TuesdayPDFPussy-whippedread this issue
12/09WednesdayPDFSvejnar and the lost causeread this issue
13/09ThursdayPDFProhibition Czech-styleread this issue
17/09MondayPDFChief bootleggerread this issue
18/09TuesdayPDFThe 19.99% solutionread this issue
19/09WednesdayPDFKalousek back in controlread this issue
20/09ThursdayPDFI vow on my honor....read this issue
20/09ThursdayPDFI vow on my honor....read this issue
20/09ThursdayPDFI vow on my honor....read this issue
24/09MondayPDFKlaus as witness against the stateread this issue
25/09TuesdayPDFIn whose interest if not the people's?read this issue
26/09WednesdayPDFEthanol pyramidread this issue
27/09ThursdayPDFČSSD on Klaus's sideread this issue

October 2012
01/10MondayPDFFederalists and hacks against Klausread this issue
02/10TuesdayPDFBlood on Klaus's shirtread this issue
03/10WednesdayPDFDeath by bloggingread this issue
04/10ThursdayPDFTuma's timeread this issue
08/10MondayPDFHavel's 'sick' followersread this issue
09/10TuesdayPDFDalik, Topolanek, Tuscany, J&T and PPFread this issue
10/10WednesdayPDFDangerous Mondaysread this issue
11/10ThursdayPDFDalik the perjurerread this issue
15/10MondayPDFBlame it on Kalousekread this issue
16/10TuesdayPDFWho wants a revolution?read this issue
17/10WednesdayPDFSupra-political class wins electionsread this issue
18/10ThursdayPDFDeliverance from conspiracyread this issue
22/10MondayPDFJan Fischer gets a boostread this issue
23/10TuesdayPDFODS's rebels and their villasread this issue
24/10WednesdayPDFKlaus the assassinread this issue
25/10ThursdayPDFObama or Romney - does it matter?read this issue
29/10MondayPDFKlaus busts open the solar scamread this issue
30/10TuesdayPDFThe battle for the crumbsread this issue
31/10WednesdayPDFWhat the Communists wantread this issue

November 2012
01/11ThursdayPDFSoukup's new attack dogread this issue
05/11MondayPDFFuksa and the ODS restart/overloadread this issue
06/11TuesdayPDFPrague's China policyread this issue
07/11WednesdayPDFIt takes two ... to run for presidentread this issue
08/11ThursdayPDFThe church 'eco-tender' passesread this issue
12/11MondayPDFMaybe that's why ČSSD prefers Communistsread this issue
13/11TuesdayPDFUnsafe at any speedread this issue
14/11WednesdayPDFLesy ČR and ČEZ: A case studyread this issue
15/11ThursdayPDFFlipping off the worldread this issue
19/11MondayPDFGerman expulsion leads to Communist coupread this issue
20/11TuesdayPDFJanoušek could make or break Bradáčováread this issue
21/11WednesdayPDFKarolína Peake in damage-control moderead this issue
22/11ThursdayPDFSinger's Wayread this issue
26/11MondayPDFBackpedaling on direct electionsread this issue
27/11TuesdayPDFLondon offshore secrets revealedread this issue
28/11WednesdayPDFChurch law leaves Klaus behindread this issue
29/11ThursdayPDFVondra skates on thin iceread this issue

December 2012
03/12MondayPDFClinton's Prague gambitread this issue
04/12TuesdayPDFZeman's real first ladyread this issue
05/12WednesdayPDFPrague as navel of the worldread this issue
06/12ThursdayPDFKuba's transparency agendaread this issue
10/12MondayPDFGrumpy old men and little girlsread this issue
11/12TuesdayPDFFudging the jobs numbersread this issue
12/12WednesdayPDFCollective neurosisread this issue
13/12ThursdayPDFBan the word 'až'read this issue
17/12MondayPDFVanishing 'golden' Czech handsread this issue
18/12TuesdayPDFDelay hurts Fischer the mostread this issue
19/12WednesdayPDFWhat would Klaus do?read this issue
20/12ThursdayPDFAnti-person of the yearread this issue
27/12ThursdayPDFRussian Christmasread this issue
31/12MondayPDFLife after Peakingread this issue


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