PDF issues for the Year 2013

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January 2013
02/01WednesdayPDFConceited self-proclaimed saviorsread this issue
03/01ThursdayPDFKlaus hoists European flagread this issue
07/01MondayPDFNo dirty money, no tunnelersread this issue
08/01TuesdayPDFKlaus aloneread this issue
09/01WednesdayPDFSchwarzenberg: The best of the badread this issue
10/01ThursdayPDFJanoušek's big chanceread this issue
14/01MondayPDFMoney can't buy you loveread this issue
15/01TuesdayPDFAge mattersread this issue
16/01WednesdayPDFSchwarzenberg's presidential immunityread this issue
17/01ThursdayPDFZeman, Rychetský and Šloufread this issue
21/01MondayPDFObama vs. Nixonread this issue
22/01TuesdayPDFZeman and the lieread this issue
23/01WednesdayPDFZeman or KJSread this issue
24/01ThursdayPDFHow's the weather?read this issue
28/01MondayPDFZeman and the Princeread this issue
29/01TuesdayPDFDown and out in Paris and Londonread this issue
30/01WednesdayPDFThe fiscal what?read this issue
31/01ThursdayPDFDon't blame it on Benešread this issue

February 2013
04/02MondayPDFWaiting for Supermanread this issue
05/02TuesdayPDFWhy Czech yogurt isn't sellingread this issue
06/02WednesdayPDFWoodsman-in-chiefread this issue
07/02ThursdayPDFZeman and ČEZread this issue
11/02MondayPDFUnemployment up, job security downread this issue
12/02TuesdayPDFBank fees and debt collectorsread this issue
13/02WednesdayPDFPresidential vicesread this issue
14/02ThursdayPDFEnjoy life to the max?read this issue
18/02MondayPDFBárta vs. Babišread this issue
19/02TuesdayPDFBárta the political commentatorread this issue
20/02WednesdayPDFBulgaria and the Roman Empireread this issue
21/02ThursdayPDFOpposition agreement 2read this issue
25/02MondayPDFThe new 'working' classread this issue
26/02TuesdayPDFStill an emerging marketread this issue
27/02WednesdayPDFWhy delay the civil code?read this issue
28/02ThursdayPDFFinal Word readers have the pension bluesread this issue

March 2013
04/03MondayPDFAmnesty spoils Janoušek's chancesread this issue
05/03TuesdayPDFTreason!read this issue
06/03WednesdayPDFA bungled assassinationread this issue
07/03ThursdayPDFKlaus: The next generationread this issue
11/03MondayPDFWho's the biggest godfather?read this issue
12/03TuesdayPDFWanted: Moral authorityread this issue
13/03WednesdayPDFWho audits the auditors?read this issue
14/03ThursdayPDFHavel as moral authorityread this issue
18/03MondayPDFTatra changes hands (or does it?)read this issue
19/03TuesdayPDFWe are all bloodsuckers nowread this issue
20/03WednesdayPDFThe fleeting charm of ČSSDread this issue
21/03ThursdayPDFCentral & Western Europeread this issue
25/03MondayPDFBribery at Prague city hallread this issue
26/03TuesdayPDFDue diligenceread this issue
27/03WednesdayPDFEvil intent, incompetence or ...read this issue
28/03ThursdayPDFNothing personal, Václavread this issue

April 2013
02/04TuesdayPDFSummer time, and the livin' is confusin'read this issue
03/04WednesdayPDFODS: Stop your sobbingread this issue
04/04ThursdayPDFPeake and Kubaread this issue
08/04MondayPDFSchwarzenberg's flexible Realpolitikread this issue
09/04TuesdayPDFThatcher and Czech privatizationread this issue
10/04WednesdayPDFGodfathers bewareread this issue
11/04ThursdayPDFČSA still up in the airread this issue
15/04MondayPDFThe guilty pleasure of impulse callingread this issue
16/04TuesdayPDFApril putsch, but by whom?read this issue
17/04WednesdayPDFWhat Zeman told Schwarzenbergread this issue
18/04ThursdayPDFDetain the bastardsread this issue
22/04MondayPDFKlaus, shale gas and Temelínread this issue
23/04TuesdayPDFKuba's public-procurement policyread this issue
24/04WednesdayPDFThe vowread this issue
25/04ThursdayPDFHigh on Kalousek debtread this issue
29/04MondayPDFZeman, Sobotka and the next five yearsread this issue
30/04TuesdayPDFAbolish the across-the-board abolitionread this issue

May 2013
02/05ThursdayPDFDrop-dead beautifulread this issue
06/05MondayPDFMartin Roman and J&Tread this issue
07/05TuesdayPDFMethanol moneyread this issue
09/05ThursdayPDFKarel the Mumblerread this issue
13/05MondayPDFInfectious vodkaread this issue
14/05TuesdayPDFPutting people firstread this issue
15/05WednesdayPDFBrave messagesread this issue
16/05ThursdayPDFNeo-feudalismread this issue
20/05MondayPDFT is (not) for Traditionread this issue
21/05TuesdayPDFZeman and quantitative easingread this issue
22/05WednesdayPDFYour pension dutyread this issue
23/05ThursdayPDFThe Hrdlička bribe chartread this issue
27/05MondayPDFOne million liters of hooch in the groundread this issue
28/05TuesdayPDFConfusion about godfathersread this issue
29/05WednesdayPDFWho in Prague is a democrat?read this issue
30/05ThursdayPDFWho owns the Lendl Collection?read this issue

June 2013
03/06MondayPDFCrisis mismanagementread this issue
04/06TuesdayPDFGrowth through floodingread this issue
05/06WednesdayPDFSaved by the floodread this issue
06/06ThursdayPDFGimme gimme gimmeread this issue
10/06MondayPDFAbstemious Kalousekread this issue
11/06TuesdayPDFWhen politicians and executives must lieread this issue
12/06WednesdayPDFThe demise of independent newsread this issue
13/06ThursdayPDFBakala and sanitized journalismread this issue
17/06MondayPDFDasvidaniya, Nečasread this issue
18/06TuesdayPDFMoney's all that mattersread this issue
19/06WednesdayPDFObama in Berlinread this issue
20/06ThursdayPDFDrunk on bileread this issue
24/06MondayPDFKalousek and Kuba in Zeman's viseread this issue
25/06TuesdayPDFZeman vs. parliamentary democracyread this issue
26/06WednesdayPDFWhat Zeman won't tell Merkelread this issue
27/06ThursdayPDFKalousek's big mistakeread this issue

July 2013
01/07MondayPDFZeman's revengeread this issue
02/07TuesdayPDFIs there no stopping Zeman?read this issue
03/07WednesdayPDFRotten food just isn't selling the way it wasread this issue
04/07ThursdayPDFLegalized tunneling at OKDread this issue
08/07MondayPDFZemanspeakread this issue
09/07TuesdayPDFThe Zeman-Rychetský conspiracyread this issue
10/07WednesdayPDFThree words that shook PPF's worldread this issue
11/07ThursdayPDFSustaining the coupread this issue
15/07MondayPDF'Suitcase' Sobotka v. 'Plastic Bag' Fischerread this issue
16/07TuesdayPDFRittig, Alseda and Homolkaread this issue
17/07WednesdayPDFWhat Kalousek knew and when he knew itread this issue
18/07ThursdayPDFWhat does Kalousek fear?read this issue
22/07MondayPDFThe metamorphosis of Jeroným Tejcread this issue
23/07TuesdayPDFOut with the old, in with the same old thingread this issue
24/07WednesdayPDFMiloš Zeman as Napoleon the Pigread this issue
25/07ThursdayPDFSPOZ - the new ODSread this issue
29/07MondayPDFZeman's man at Prague city hallread this issue
30/07TuesdayPDFŽaluda's sleight of handread this issue
31/07WednesdayPDFForced print-to-internet migrationread this issue

August 2013
01/08ThursdayPDFIštvangate 2read this issue
05/08MondayPDFCzech Cultural Revolutionread this issue
06/08TuesdayPDFSobotka's retreatread this issue
07/08WednesdayPDFSobotka the democratread this issue
08/08ThursdayPDFBabiš and early electionsread this issue
12/08MondayPDFWhen chairmen betray their partiesread this issue
13/08TuesdayPDFOstrava is not Detroitread this issue
14/08WednesdayPDFThe nonpartisan presidentread this issue
15/08ThursdayPDFLegal tunneling of OKD bytyread this issue
19/08MondayPDFTOP and ODS to lift Nečas's immunityread this issue
20/08TuesdayPDFRepairing Nečas's natural disastersread this issue
21/08WednesdayPDFZeman's new lease on liferead this issue
22/08ThursdayPDFDefriending foreign investorsread this issue
26/08MondayPDFZeman & Klaus: Two for the price of oneread this issue
27/08TuesdayPDFSUPR Boboread this issue
28/08WednesdayPDFZeman's Syria policyread this issue
29/08ThursdayPDFUnwinnable wars and unsustainable debtread this issue

September 2013
02/09MondayPDFThe People vs. Martin Romanread this issue
03/09TuesdayPDFRusnok snubs Kerryread this issue
04/09WednesdayPDFWhen state prosecutors quarrelread this issue
05/09ThursdayPDFTrojan horses at Nokia, CME and IPBread this issue
09/09MondayPDFLies, half-lies and complete stupiditiesread this issue
10/09TuesdayPDFZeman's trap for Sobotkaread this issue
11/09WednesdayPDF#Whats_Twitter?read this issue
12/09ThursdayPDFZeman's constitutional amendmentread this issue
16/09MondayPDFAndrej Babiš's Super PACread this issue
17/09TuesdayPDFOKD and the price of a reputationread this issue
18/09WednesdayPDFRats abandon the Bakala shipread this issue
19/09ThursdayPDFNo sense of justiceread this issue
23/09MondayPDFWhen Zeman meets Bakalaread this issue
24/09TuesdayPDFIštvan, Vitásková and the shady solar businessread this issue
25/09WednesdayPDFZeman sticks it to Goldman Sachsread this issue
26/09ThursdayPDFHavelian dirty moneyread this issue
30/09MondayPDFBakala guts Economiaread this issue

October 2013
01/10TuesdayPDFAre Slovaks foreigners too?read this issue
02/10WednesdayPDFCanals lined with goldread this issue
03/10ThursdayPDFBabiš's power horizontalread this issue
07/10MondayPDFNationalizing OKD's coalread this issue
08/10TuesdayPDFTeflon Karelread this issue
09/10WednesdayPDFKateGate and its big winnerread this issue
10/10ThursdayPDFKlaus loses his 'immunity'read this issue
14/10MondayPDFMUS and the simple peopleread this issue
15/10TuesdayPDFCrossing out Kalousekread this issue
16/10WednesdayPDFThe corrupt Czech Senateread this issue
17/10ThursdayPDFBabiš's secret weaponread this issue
21/10MondayPDFThe Kč 2m flash diskread this issue
22/10TuesdayPDFAntonín Koláček zips his lipsread this issue
23/10WednesdayPDF10,000 crappy jobsread this issue
24/10ThursdayPDFLife after prisonread this issue
27/10SundayPDFWaiting for Zemanread this issue
29/10TuesdayPDFZeman's useful idiotread this issue
30/10WednesdayPDFWhat does Babiš want?read this issue
31/10ThursdayPDFKnown, unknown and suspected liesread this issue

November 2013
04/11MondayPDFProof of liferead this issue
05/11TuesdayPDFZeman speaks - but hides his faceread this issue
06/11WednesdayPDFThe Communists are backread this issue
07/11ThursdayPDFZeman's hapless bandread this issue
11/11MondayPDFThe CNB flips the nuclear switchread this issue
12/11TuesdayPDFA kinder, gentler Zemanread this issue
13/11WednesdayPDFSinger, Klaus and ERM IIread this issue
14/11ThursdayPDFAndrej Babiš - master of obfuscationread this issue
18/11MondayPDFNuclear switches and super inflationread this issue
19/11TuesdayPDFPPF's Chinese connectionread this issue
20/11WednesdayPDFJournalists in exileread this issue
21/11ThursdayPDFWho caused the devaluation?read this issue
25/11MondayPDFFrantišek Savov's very bad luckread this issue
26/11TuesdayPDFOligarchs against Bakalaread this issue
27/11WednesdayPDFPPF under attackread this issue
28/11ThursdayPDFHas Sobotka already Peaked?read this issue

December 2013
02/12MondayPDFBillionaires serving billionairesread this issue
03/12TuesdayPDF'There was no devaluation'read this issue
04/12WednesdayPDFSobotka's cabinet of budget irresponsibilityread this issue
05/12ThursdayPDFPrivatizing Czech Televisionread this issue
09/12MondayPDFZeman's last man standingread this issue
10/12TuesdayPDFIs Zeman still relevant?read this issue
11/12WednesdayPDFRegime change in the ČEZ Republicread this issue
12/12ThursdayPDFThe Kellner and Bakala republicsread this issue
16/12MondayPDFZeman rates himselfread this issue
17/12TuesdayPDFThe great purges of 2013read this issue
18/12WednesdayPDFLord of Czech woods and fieldsread this issue
19/12ThursdayPDFSobotka's guardian angelread this issue
23/12MondayPDFBabiš as PM?read this issue
30/12MondayPDFThree reasons for buying Ringierread this issue
31/12TuesdayPDFPerson of the Yearread this issue


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