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January 2014
02/01ThursdayPDFKlaus's pessimistic optimismread this issue
06/01MondayPDFSobotka's guardian angel, Part IIread this issue
07/01TuesdayPDFWho speaks for the president?read this issue
08/01WednesdayPDFHow much, dear minister?read this issue
09/01ThursdayPDFDamn those low prices!read this issue
13/01MondayPDFDiagnosis: Terminalread this issue
14/01TuesdayPDFHustling and tunnelingread this issue
15/01WednesdayPDFWhat's vodka?read this issue
16/01ThursdayPDFWhere hot and cold air meetread this issue
20/01MondayPDFSobotka cavesread this issue
21/01TuesdayPDFKlaus vs. Romanread this issue
22/01WednesdayPDFPresident Vladimír Dlouhýread this issue
23/01ThursdayPDFReevaluating the Fischer governmentread this issue
27/01MondayPDFKnocking on Sobotka's doorread this issue
28/01TuesdayPDFSinger the bank nationalizerread this issue
29/01WednesdayPDFThe Roman Empire lives onread this issue
30/01ThursdayPDFLove that hat!read this issue

February 2014
03/02MondayPDFAgrofert as role modelread this issue
04/02TuesdayPDFPavel Telička's pay cutread this issue
05/02WednesdayPDFVodafone vs. PPFread this issue
06/02ThursdayPDFWelfare and retail salesread this issue
10/02MondayPDFUnfinished revolutionread this issue
11/02TuesdayPDFScuffling on the deck of the Titanicread this issue
12/02WednesdayPDFRational exuberanceread this issue
13/02ThursdayPDFČEZ money buys Ringierread this issue
17/02MondayPDFNečas, Nagyová, Rittig and double standardsread this issue
18/02TuesdayPDFSinger and Kellnerread this issue
19/02WednesdayPDFPoliticians and the nuclear switchread this issue
20/02ThursdayPDFO2 and the Snowden effectread this issue
24/02MondayPDFKlaus and the division of Ukraineread this issue
25/02TuesdayPDFYanukovich at Czech TVread this issue
26/02WednesdayPDFFollow the money to the regulatorread this issue
27/02ThursdayPDFBabiš and the cult of personalityread this issue

March 2014
03/03MondayPDFPossession is 9/10 of the lawread this issue
04/03TuesdayPDFUkraine and missile defenseread this issue
05/03WednesdayPDFThe fake Temelín debateread this issue
06/03ThursdayPDFVAT terroristsread this issue
10/03MondayPDFMiloš Milošević Zemanread this issue
11/03TuesdayPDFChampagne democratsread this issue
12/03WednesdayPDFZeman's no-win situationread this issue
13/03ThursdayPDFSecurity as an afterthoughtread this issue
17/03MondayPDFWorld-class crony capitalistsread this issue
18/03TuesdayPDFThe Crimean Revolutionread this issue
19/03WednesdayPDFBurned by Putinread this issue
20/03ThursdayPDFWhy Amazon?read this issue
24/03MondayPDFThree blows to Temelínread this issue
25/03TuesdayPDFRehabilitation of Karolína Peakeread this issue
26/03WednesdayPDFFrontrunning ČEZread this issue
27/03ThursdayPDFMedia's mini-mogulsread this issue
31/03MondayPDFIs Babiš still a businessman?read this issue

April 2014
01/04TuesdayPDFJamal, the bedroom bomberread this issue
02/04WednesdayPDFBakala's ringfenceread this issue
03/04ThursdayPDFHow long can Sobotka hang on?read this issue
07/04MondayPDFBabiš's OKD problemread this issue
08/04TuesdayPDFBabiš can't keep a secretread this issue
09/04WednesdayPDFPut up or shut up, Mr. Bakala!read this issue
10/04ThursdayPDFFrom IKEA to Lesyread this issue
14/04MondayPDFUnderprivileged Czech billionairesread this issue
15/04TuesdayPDFMucha, Lendl and Romanread this issue
16/04WednesdayPDFInsider information in the hands of reportersread this issue
17/04ThursdayPDFANO, things will get better, or maybe notread this issue
22/04TuesdayPDFEconomia's Journalism Awards 2013read this issue
23/04WednesdayPDFAmazon's jack-in-the-boxread this issue
24/04ThursdayPDFSour grapes won't fuel Temelínread this issue
28/04MondayPDFWorking for Germany Inc.read this issue
29/04TuesdayPDFBakala returns to the well for moreread this issue
30/04WednesdayPDFBartošová, Novotný and Janečekread this issue

May 2014
05/05MondayPDFEven Janoušek deserves a fair trialread this issue
06/05TuesdayPDFSanctions for Czechs and Slovaks?read this issue
07/05WednesdayPDFToo many words, Mozartread this issue
12/05MondayPDFHow PPF formulates China policyread this issue
13/05TuesdayPDFObama to meet Suitcase Sobotkaread this issue
14/05WednesdayPDFDrink Lobkowicz, but don't buy a piece of itread this issue
15/05ThursdayPDFNew rule: Crosswalks on pedestrian zonesread this issue
19/05MondayPDFIs Pitomio a racist?read this issue
20/05TuesdayPDFŽelezný steps on the wrong toesread this issue
21/05WednesdayPDFČSSD in cardiac arrestread this issue
22/05ThursdayPDFČEZ and ČSAread this issue
26/05MondayPDFSobotka relinquishes 22 years of ODS-ČSSD duopolyread this issue
27/05TuesdayPDFWho are these euroskeptics?read this issue
28/05WednesdayPDFThe Lobkowicz Brewery disasterread this issue
29/05ThursdayPDFJust don't mention Savov, Bakala or Romanread this issue

June 2014
02/06MondayPDFPrague's Kalousek-Roman Unionread this issue
03/06TuesdayPDFSocialists in Name Onlyread this issue
04/06WednesdayPDFSobotka takes pro-Russian security stanceread this issue
05/06ThursdayPDFOnly ebitda? No thanks.read this issue
09/06MondayPDFOn the edge of Nato and Russiaread this issue
10/06TuesdayPDFWho stole your pension?read this issue
11/06WednesdayPDFČEZ admits guilt to hide the real crimeread this issue
12/06ThursdayPDFSobotka learns from Comrade Stalinread this issue
16/06MondayPDFNo shortage of presidentsread this issue
17/06TuesdayPDFCzech bankruptcy piratesread this issue
18/06WednesdayPDFŠafr vs. Slonkováread this issue
19/06ThursdayPDFMartin Komárek undercover at ANOread this issue
23/06MondayPDFRoman's bitchread this issue
24/06TuesdayPDFDienstbier the Americanread this issue
25/06WednesdayPDFCentral bank hanky-pankyread this issue
26/06ThursdayPDFBabiš joins the ČEZ circleread this issue
30/06MondayPDFBabiš surpasses Kellner as richest Czechread this issue

July 2014
01/07TuesdayPDFSlonková deserved betterread this issue
02/07WednesdayPDFPenta's turnread this issue
03/07ThursdayPDFOur neighbors the Moldovansread this issue
07/07MondayPDFCongratulations, Petra, but....read this issue
08/07TuesdayPDFVultures over OKDread this issue
09/07WednesdayPDFFighting in Afghanistan for Zeman's causeread this issue
10/07ThursdayPDFSpying for the Yanks and Russkiesread this issue
14/07MondayPDFSack Václav Pačes nowread this issue
15/07TuesdayPDFSobotka's irrelevant foreign policyread this issue
16/07WednesdayPDFWhy Slonková fired Kemelread this issue
17/07ThursdayPDFVěra Jourová, a fine womanread this issue
21/07MondayPDFNot a terrorist actread this issue
22/07TuesdayPDFPergl and Pokorný's ministressread this issue
23/07WednesdayPDFInvisible sanctionsread this issue
24/07ThursdayPDFBabiš's revealing mea culparead this issue
28/07MondayPDFZaorálek's misguided embargoread this issue
29/07TuesdayPDFThe perversion of Western thoughtread this issue
30/07WednesdayPDFGood for Germans, bad for Czechsread this issue
31/07ThursdayPDFOligarchs who live like feudal lordsread this issue

August 2014
04/08MondayPDFBabiš and Sobotka - a match made in heavenread this issue
05/08TuesdayPDFShopping list: Beer, ice cream, loanread this issue
06/08WednesdayPDFOrder of the Shriveled Crownread this issue
07/08ThursdayPDFGender riggingread this issue
11/08MondayPDFTake the Munich express insteadread this issue
12/08TuesdayPDFWhy Czechs need the Chineseread this issue
13/08WednesdayPDFWhat happens when money is no longer so cheap?read this issue
14/08ThursdayPDFWill Uber go Unter in Prague?read this issue
18/08MondayPDFHow Babiš borrows more but owes lessread this issue
19/08TuesdayPDFIn defense of Andrej Babišread this issue
20/08WednesdayPDFSobotka will sacrifice others but not himselfread this issue
21/08ThursdayPDFPushkin for the internet ageread this issue
25/08MondayPDFBabiš on vacation with Bleskread this issue
26/08TuesdayPDFSobotka's failed referendumread this issue
27/08WednesdayPDFHave pity on ČSSDread this issue
28/08ThursdayPDFWhy newspaper sales are fallingread this issue

September 2014
01/09MondayPDFTerrorist invasion of Ukraineread this issue
02/09TuesdayPDFSwiss pull a fast one on Czechsread this issue
03/09WednesdayPDFNo quotas for women, no tough sanctions for Russiaread this issue
04/09ThursdayPDFSwitching media oligarchsread this issue
08/09MondayPDFBabiš and Roman send the media a messageread this issue
09/09TuesdayPDFVěra Jourová and dirty laundryread this issue
10/09WednesdayPDFSobotka the erudite analystread this issue
11/09ThursdayPDFThe Singer and Babiš effectread this issue
15/09MondayPDFHow Russia can retaliateread this issue
16/09TuesdayPDFHas World War III already begun?read this issue
17/09WednesdayPDFJanoušek lied, but so did the judgeread this issue
18/09ThursdayPDFBabiš vs. Roman: Still no dealread this issue
22/09MondayPDFViolating the Nato spiritread this issue
23/09TuesdayPDFPetr Pavel's anti-vetoread this issue
24/09WednesdayPDFCzechs at warread this issue
25/09ThursdayPDFSobotka outfoxes Babiš (for a change)read this issue
29/09MondayPDFMiloš Zeman, American agentread this issue
30/09TuesdayPDFSobotka resists Obamaread this issue

October 2014
01/10WednesdayPDFKleslová for development ministerread this issue
02/10ThursdayPDFPrague's billboard warsread this issue
06/10MondayPDFFlexible Ms. Jourová and Gen. Pavelread this issue
07/10TuesdayPDFZeman's next ambassador to Ukraineread this issue
08/10WednesdayPDFThe lost decade of Czech journalismread this issue
09/10ThursdayPDFSobotka's highway crewread this issue
13/10MondayPDFWho won the elections?read this issue
14/10TuesdayPDFShow us the audits, Mr. Babišread this issue
15/10WednesdayPDFZeman's message of Chinese democracyread this issue
16/10ThursdayPDFHow to f*** minority shareholdersread this issue
20/10MondayPDFNewspapers lose the electionsread this issue
21/10TuesdayPDFWhy Sobotka wants Prachař to stayread this issue
22/10WednesdayPDFAnonymity with Bleskread this issue
23/10ThursdayPDFWho owns Blesk?read this issue
27/10MondayPDFZeman and Kellner in Chinaread this issue
29/10WednesdayPDFA bad year for Czech journalistsread this issue
30/10ThursdayPDFKellner's secretsread this issue

November 2014
03/11MondayPDFHavel in Congress 25 years laterread this issue
04/11TuesdayPDFDeath of direct presidential electionsread this issue
05/11WednesdayPDFWhy the Chinese chose J&Tread this issue
06/11ThursdayPDFSlovak for Czech president?read this issue
10/11MondayPDFSpies get a bad rapread this issue
11/11TuesdayPDFKlaus's detail of historyread this issue
12/11WednesdayPDFThree theories about Blesk's real ownersread this issue
13/11ThursdayPDFŤok vs. Pokornýread this issue
18/11TuesdayPDFSobotka, Sokolovská and Euroviaread this issue
19/11WednesdayPDFZeman as pro-Russian separatistread this issue
20/11ThursdayPDFSobotka's Rudolfinum speechread this issue
24/11MondayPDFThe cost of presidential zzz'sread this issue
25/11TuesdayPDFWill Babiš swallow Agel?read this issue
26/11WednesdayPDFWhy Ferdinandov isn't Fergusonread this issue
27/11ThursdayPDFThe accidental mayorread this issue

December 2014
01/12MondayPDFAnofert as Appleread this issue
02/12TuesdayPDFHow to Maidanize Zemanread this issue
03/12WednesdayPDFThe flip side of gender equalityread this issue
04/12ThursdayPDFBetter off redread this issue
08/12MondayPDFZeman is in seventh heavenread this issue
09/12TuesdayPDFObama's soap-opera ambassadorread this issue
10/12WednesdayPDFWho's putsching whom?read this issue
11/12ThursdayPDFRussia's powerless oligarchsread this issue
15/12MondayPDFHalík, Švejnar disqualify themselvesread this issue
16/12TuesdayPDFThe new anti-Babiš coalitionread this issue
17/12WednesdayPDFKellner's exploding Russian inevitableread this issue
18/12ThursdayPDFBabiš is unique in the worldread this issue
22/12MondayPDFVisionary Czech foreign policyread this issue
23/12TuesdayPDFThe Christmas thing to doread this issue
29/12MondayPDFLustration and asset declarationsread this issue
30/12TuesdayPDFPerson of the Yearread this issue
31/12WednesdayPDFA Zen-full year 2015read this issue

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