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January 2015
05/01MondayPDFWith friends like that...read this issue
06/01TuesdayPDFBigBoard and Babišread this issue
07/01WednesdayPDFLow debt, high taxesread this issue
08/01ThursdayPDFUkrainian reform begins in Pragueread this issue
12/01MondayPDFBad timing for Nečasováread this issue
13/01TuesdayPDFChina's Czech connectionread this issue
14/01WednesdayPDFGood deflation is backread this issue
15/01ThursdayPDFSyrian refugees define Czech politicsread this issue
19/01MondayPDFChovanec levels the playing fieldread this issue
20/01TuesdayPDFMynář and the Kč 7m questionread this issue
21/01WednesdayPDFCreeping immigration policyread this issue
22/01ThursdayPDFNorway's gods of guiltread this issue
26/01MondayPDFSobotka's idea of 'corporate tax'read this issue
27/01TuesdayPDFSwiss drop Singer on his fannyread this issue
28/01WednesdayPDFZeman's global warread this issue
29/01ThursdayPDFZaorálek's plea to the Americansread this issue

February 2015
02/02MondayPDFWho's going to steal Mero and Čepro?read this issue
03/02TuesdayPDFThe CNB flips the nuclear switch (again)read this issue
04/02WednesdayPDFKalousek, korruption and Kapschread this issue
05/02ThursdayPDFJan Macháček switches oligarchsread this issue
09/02MondayPDFZeman and Zaorálek find common groundread this issue
10/02TuesdayPDFZeman rehabilitates ODSread this issue
11/02WednesdayPDFUkraine - another Iraqread this issue
12/02ThursdayPDFIf the president says it, it's trueread this issue
16/02MondayPDFDisgusted with Lidové novinyread this issue
17/02TuesdayPDFStropnický - waste to be removedread this issue
18/02WednesdayPDFHavel and Ukraineread this issue
19/02ThursdayPDFZeman, Babiš and the banker's dilemmaread this issue
23/02MondayPDFThe two Andysread this issue
24/02TuesdayPDFThe battle for Belarusread this issue
25/02WednesdayPDFThe Babiš-Křetínský empireread this issue
26/02ThursdayPDFThink like a criminalread this issue

March 2015
02/03MondayPDFApologies to PPF (sort of)read this issue
03/03TuesdayPDFMiloš Zeman's Wild West showread this issue
04/03WednesdayPDFMinority discrimination against ČSSDread this issue
05/03ThursdayPDFZeman's next stop: Moscowread this issue
09/03MondayPDFBabiš's ministersread this issue
10/03TuesdayPDFKmoníček and Iraqread this issue
11/03WednesdayPDFVondra sees no evilread this issue
12/03ThursdayPDFWhat would Russian-style criminals do?read this issue
16/03MondayPDFBabiš's super tunnelread this issue
17/03TuesdayPDFBabiš, Savov and Oleo Chemicalread this issue
18/03WednesdayPDFSobotka's trick democracyread this issue
19/03ThursdayPDFOligarchs and sleazy lawyers at Czech TVread this issue
23/03MondayPDFBabiš sings from Zeman's hymnbookread this issue
24/03TuesdayPDFCentral bankers are a breed apartread this issue
25/03WednesdayPDFKapsch vs. PPFread this issue
26/03ThursdayPDFKlaus's Swiss amnestyread this issue
30/03MondayPDFIs Babiš eyeing Tesco?read this issue
31/03TuesdayPDFCzechs and the new Asian infrastructure bankread this issue

April 2015
01/04WednesdayPDFPrague's dubious lawyersread this issue
02/04ThursdayPDFNWR's last gaspread this issue
07/04TuesdayPDFPolitical parties and their financingread this issue
08/04WednesdayPDFPolitical parties and their playing fieldread this issue
09/04ThursdayPDFAn offer they can't refuseread this issue
13/04MondayPDFRate-rigging and central-bank speakread this issue
14/04TuesdayPDFThe data-roaming trapread this issue
15/04WednesdayPDFMiloš Zeman 3.0read this issue
16/04ThursdayPDFSobotka finds a new godfatherread this issue
20/04MondayPDFWas Babiš a KGB agent?read this issue
21/04TuesdayPDFChina and New Europeread this issue
22/04WednesdayPDFThe genius of Bohuslav Sobotkaread this issue
23/04ThursdayPDFCzechs, Germans and Arabsread this issue
27/04MondayPDFQuestions about Petr Rafajread this issue
28/04TuesdayPDFZaorálek in the service of the Russiansread this issue
29/04WednesdayPDFDrones, terrorists and Temelínread this issue
30/04ThursdayPDFWhy me, Lord?read this issue

May 2015
04/05MondayPDFExtending moral limits in journalismread this issue
05/05TuesdayPDFPresident Gen. Petr Pavelread this issue
06/05WednesdayPDFBabiš vs. Brusselsread this issue
07/05ThursdayPDFTerrorists among usread this issue
11/05MondayPDFSmall-minded isolationismread this issue
12/05TuesdayPDFThe data-roaming trap and the final skinningread this issue
13/05WednesdayPDFZeman's crony diplomacyread this issue
14/05ThursdayPDFForced immigrationread this issue
18/05MondayPDFWas Zeman right about sanctions?read this issue
19/05TuesdayPDFImmigration revolutionread this issue
20/05WednesdayPDFBabiš's new enemy - TV Novaread this issue
21/05ThursdayPDFMultipolar Babišread this issue
22/05FridayPDFDid the sanctions stop another invasion?read this issue
25/05MondayPDFDid the sanctions stop another invasion?read this issue
26/05TuesdayPDFRafaj as Zeman's instrument of revengeread this issue
27/05WednesdayPDFTime to arrest Babiš?read this issue
28/05ThursdayPDFZeman's doctored euro-statisticsread this issue

June 2015
01/06MondayPDFThe irrelevance of Nagyováread this issue
02/06TuesdayPDFAt the mercy of Kellner, Roman and the PSEread this issue
03/06WednesdayPDFThe futility of taming Zemanread this issue
04/06ThursdayPDFThe nose knowsread this issue
08/06MondayPDFMeasuring damage by the Babiš scaleread this issue
09/06TuesdayPDFDo Czechs make better crooks?read this issue
10/06WednesdayPDFRůžička and other fallen heroesread this issue
11/06ThursdayPDFStudents against oligarchyread this issue
15/06MondayPDFPPF and CNBread this issue
16/06TuesdayPDFWhat Křetínský had in his bagread this issue
17/06WednesdayPDFČSSD's internecine war over EU fundsread this issue
18/06ThursdayPDFAs incompetent or corrupt as Sepp Blatterread this issue
22/06MondayPDFPetr Pavel's power to deploy Nato troopsread this issue
23/06TuesdayPDFAmazon S.à r.l.read this issue
24/06WednesdayPDFA nation of gamblersread this issue
25/06ThursdayPDFSobotka changes immigration policy foreverread this issue
29/06MondayPDFSobotka buys a pig in a pokeread this issue
30/06TuesdayPDFAll eggs in one government basketread this issue

July 2015
01/07WednesdayPDFZeman's preemptive strikes against Americaread this issue
02/07ThursdayPDFZaorálek in a minefield of interestsread this issue
07/07TuesdayPDFSobotka and Chovanec to the symbolic gallowsread this issue
08/07WednesdayPDFPPF, O2 and the stench of easy moneyread this issue
09/07ThursdayPDFIf you don't trust Babiš...read this issue
13/07MondayPDFWhom is Tomáš Prouza representing?read this issue
14/07TuesdayPDFThe War on Greeceread this issue
15/07WednesdayPDFHighway tolls for dummiesread this issue
16/07ThursdayPDFRoll out the barrel one last timeread this issue
20/07MondayPDFKnow your rightsread this issue
21/07TuesdayPDFHow much will Bakala and Sobotka pay?read this issue
22/07WednesdayPDFMeet your refugee, meet your ministerread this issue
23/07ThursdayPDFSympathy for the innocent and the guiltyread this issue
27/07MondayPDFDavid Rath and his hundreds of millionsread this issue
28/07TuesdayPDFČSSD, PPF and the real toll deadlineread this issue
29/07WednesdayPDFReconstruction of party financingread this issue
30/07ThursdayPDFSobotka caught between two billionairesread this issue

August 2015
03/08MondayPDFSobotka for hireread this issue
04/08TuesdayPDFEU-27 vs. PPFread this issue
05/08WednesdayPDFOur unique prime ministerread this issue
06/08ThursdayPDFKurds - allies or enemies?read this issue
10/08MondayPDFSobotka goes round two against Bakalaread this issue
11/08TuesdayPDFWhen two billionaires fightread this issue
12/08WednesdayPDFKrnáčová in the service of M. Romanread this issue
13/08ThursdayPDFThe Chinese 'devalue,' but not the Czechsread this issue
17/08MondayPDFPost-totalitarian and pre-totalitarianread this issue
18/08TuesdayPDFSocial media and asymmetric warfareread this issue
19/08WednesdayPDFBohuslav Sobotka has seen better daysread this issue
20/08ThursdayPDFČeská pošta - the new ČEZread this issue
24/08MondayPDFAgrotec as case studyread this issue
25/08TuesdayPDFChina, PPF and Czech foreign policyread this issue
26/08WednesdayPDFBabiš's problem with womenread this issue
27/08ThursdayPDFZeman's indirect ultimatum to Sobotkaread this issue
31/08MondayPDFComic relief as the ship goes underread this issue

September 2015
01/09TuesdayPDFBack to school in a hurryread this issue
02/09WednesdayPDFThe oligarchs' presidentread this issue
03/09ThursdayPDFHow McDonald's cheats its Czech customersread this issue
07/09MondayPDFHow quickly the Chinese soldiers were forgottenread this issue
08/09TuesdayPDFCNB violates G-20 doctrineread this issue
09/09WednesdayPDFPromoting Havel's ideas with Bakala's stolen moneyread this issue
10/09ThursdayPDFSobotka's wise but naive foreign policyread this issue
14/09MondayPDFČSSD's conflict of interest at the Arbitration Courtread this issue
15/09TuesdayPDFBig government, mediocre judicial servicesread this issue
16/09WednesdayPDFZeman's impeccable timingread this issue
17/09ThursdayPDFWho is liable for unsafe vaccines?read this issue
21/09MondayPDFA huge success named Blankaread this issue
22/09TuesdayPDFMeaningless protests against Zemanread this issue
23/09WednesdayPDFSobotka takes on the Germansread this issue
24/09ThursdayPDFA model conflict of interestread this issue
29/09TuesdayPDFBlinded by success at Škoda Autoread this issue
30/09WednesdayPDFZeman vs. Obamaread this issue

October 2015
01/10ThursdayPDFThe crucifixion of Bohuslav Sobotkaread this issue
05/10MondayPDFSobotka's pimpread this issue
06/10TuesdayPDFSobotka wins on OVMread this issue
07/10WednesdayPDFKřetínský's debt and climate problemread this issue
08/10ThursdayPDFSave Czech Radio from oligarchizationread this issue
12/10MondayPDFWho planned the OKD scam?read this issue
13/10TuesdayPDFSyrian drivers to the rescueread this issue
14/10WednesdayPDFÍčko, Íčko, god is watchingread this issue
15/10ThursdayPDFLanger, Rozbořil and PPPread this issue
19/10MondayPDFSobotka's next eleven monthsread this issue
20/10TuesdayPDFCan Rozbořil run again?read this issue
21/10WednesdayPDFMinister with ballsread this issue
22/10ThursdayPDFSpies, lies and Chinese tiesread this issue
26/10MondayPDFStrategic Muslim thinkersread this issue
27/10TuesdayPDFAmazon's unsafe Czech havenread this issue
29/10ThursdayPDFZeman toys with U.S. ambassadorread this issue

November 2015
02/11MondayPDFWhy it matters who owns Bleskread this issue
03/11TuesdayPDFIvan Bílek and selective justiceread this issue
04/11WednesdayPDFYear Two of the Great Devaluationread this issue
05/11ThursdayPDFThe Great Devaluation and the IMFread this issue
09/11MondayPDFPenta joins the Czech media mogulsread this issue
10/11TuesdayPDFCentral-bank overreach on Příkopyread this issue
11/11WednesdayPDFČEZ is coming apart at the seamsread this issue
12/11ThursdayPDFBabiš gets a taste of his own democracyread this issue
16/11MondayPDFSobotka and the coming security clampdownread this issue
18/11WednesdayPDFWho are the bigger extremists?read this issue
19/11ThursdayPDFHow lawyers dig railroad tunnelsread this issue
23/11MondayPDFSobotka utters the E-wordread this issue
24/11TuesdayPDFGallows and the contract registryread this issue
25/11WednesdayPDFOrder of the Police Stateread this issue
26/11ThursdayPDFAn uncommon oligarchread this issue
30/11MondayPDFTOP 09 becomes DEP 15read this issue

December 2015
01/12TuesdayPDFTime to de-escalateread this issue
02/12WednesdayPDFSobotka takes job with China Inc.read this issue
03/12ThursdayPDFBabiš creates the dream databaseread this issue
07/12MondayPDFWho is buying E15?read this issue
08/12TuesdayPDF80 days to stop Babišread this issue
09/12WednesdayPDFRansdorf vs. Swiss bankersread this issue
10/12ThursdayPDFLow-hanging lawyersread this issue
14/12MondayPDFIn defense of filibusteringread this issue
15/12TuesdayPDFSaving miners means burning Sobotkaread this issue
16/12WednesdayPDFKalousek targets invoice matchingread this issue
17/12ThursdayPDFEvil Person of the Yearread this issue
21/12MondayPDFMartin Roman's coming-outread this issue
22/12TuesdayPDFNew ammunition in the TV ad warsread this issue
23/12WednesdayPDFChristmas time is here againread this issue
28/12MondayPDFIs GATCA gonna getcha?read this issue
29/12TuesdayPDFVitásková's climbdownread this issue
30/12WednesdayPDFMarket Economy Status for Chinaread this issue
31/12ThursdayPDFThe Big Question of 2015read this issue

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