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January 2016
00/01ThursdayPDFThe perfect stock manipulation?read this issue
04/01MondayPDFSo many lies about invoice matchingread this issue
05/01TuesdayPDFShould we make peace or war with the Brotherhood?read this issue
06/01WednesdayPDFHacked and damagedread this issue
07/01ThursdayPDFIs Sobotka a security risk?read this issue
11/01MondayPDFCriminal conspiracy in the Czech Parliamentread this issue
12/01TuesdayPDFYet another coup attemptread this issue
13/01WednesdayPDFBeneš, Kleslová and ČEZread this issue
14/01ThursdayPDFThe Babiš fortune that ČSSD and KDU builtread this issue
18/01MondayPDFTime for a new refugee policy?read this issue
19/01TuesdayPDFVitásková keeps up the fightread this issue
20/01WednesdayPDFBlame it on Seznamread this issue
21/01ThursdayPDFThe fix is inread this issue
25/01MondayPDFDeath is sometimes so definitiveread this issue
26/01TuesdayPDFCan you afford your mortgage?read this issue
27/01WednesdayPDFThe real meaning of Leetachkaread this issue
28/01ThursdayPDFThe tunneling of HNread this issue

February 2016
01/02MondayPDFWhy is Chovanec undermining Sobotka?read this issue
02/02TuesdayPDFWe ♥ Slávek Sobotkaread this issue
03/02WednesdayPDFAn ABC of scandalsread this issue
04/02ThursdayPDFChovanec vs. Chovanecread this issue
08/02MondayPDFAlexandr 'Radar' O'Vondra and U.S. interestsread this issue
09/02TuesdayPDFSobotka loses on the euro to Zeman-Babišread this issue
10/02WednesdayPDFLady Respekt of the Karlín Districtread this issue
11/02ThursdayPDFThe shift to Zemanread this issue
15/02MondayPDFFayad and the sting that didn't workread this issue
16/02TuesdayPDFFayad and Firtashread this issue
17/02WednesdayPDFProtesting against the Chineseread this issue
18/02ThursdayPDFHedging against Sobotkaread this issue
22/02MondayPDFMinister Tomáš Prouzaread this issue
23/02TuesdayPDFMFD vs. B&Rread this issue
24/02WednesdayPDFSobotka plays the anti-Russian cardread this issue
25/02ThursdayPDFBusiness destruction dayread this issue
29/02MondayPDFDon't write Sobotka off just yetread this issue

March 2016
01/03TuesdayPDFEver-closer union with Chinaread this issue
02/03WednesdayPDFFear not your current governmentread this issue
03/03ThursdayPDFToo big to jailread this issue
07/03MondayPDFFamily Business s.r.o.read this issue
08/03TuesdayPDFChovanec and Babiš join the peeing contestread this issue
09/03WednesdayPDFMultinationals see the lightread this issue
10/03ThursdayPDFApologies to Andrej Babišread this issue
14/03MondayPDFCan anyone be objective about Babiš?read this issue
15/03TuesdayPDFFalling out of love with Brusselsread this issue
16/03WednesdayPDFBabiš confronts Babiš in the mirrorread this issue
17/03ThursdayPDFZeman's beef with Babišread this issue
21/03MondayPDFTrust in trustsread this issue
22/03TuesdayPDFHow much dishonesty is okay?read this issue
23/03WednesdayPDFNo confidence in Sobotkaread this issue
24/03ThursdayPDFSaving Agent Burešread this issue
29/03TuesdayPDFTvrdík in the time of Trumpread this issue
30/03WednesdayPDFZaorálek doesn't speak pure Mandarinread this issue
31/03ThursdayPDFXi Jinping wonders, was it worth it?read this issue

April 2016
04/04MondayPDFKmoníček again explains what Zeman meantread this issue
05/04TuesdayPDFSo Křetínský doesn't own Blesk after allread this issue
06/04WednesdayPDFA man, a plan ... invoice matchingread this issue
07/04ThursdayPDFČSSD gets a taste of its own medicineread this issue
11/04MondayPDFČSSD sets a bad exampleread this issue
12/04TuesdayPDFBakala is gone, long live OKDread this issue
13/04WednesdayPDFŠkoda Auto still on topread this issue
14/04ThursdayPDFEPH's laundromatread this issue
18/04MondayPDFČSSD goes a bridge too farread this issue
19/04TuesdayPDFSobotka is no Orbánread this issue
20/04WednesdayPDFCut the Krúparead this issue
21/04ThursdayPDFMoney laundering by Sobotka and Babišread this issue
25/04MondayPDFCimrman in Czechiaread this issue
26/04TuesdayPDFSobotka's permanent warread this issue
27/04WednesdayPDFLuděk Sekyra for presidentread this issue
28/04ThursdayPDFStanding up to Trumpread this issue

May 2016
02/05MondayPDFCzechs not firstread this issue
03/05TuesdayPDFOKD is the lesser threatread this issue
04/05WednesdayPDFHow much does a Supreme Court justice cost?read this issue
05/05ThursdayPDFVote for ANO, get ČSSDread this issue
09/05MondayPDFEnd of the Freedom Dividendread this issue
10/05TuesdayPDFPetr Kellner's Stork's Nestread this issue
11/05WednesdayPDFCzechs at a junctureread this issue
12/05ThursdayPDFNothing compares 2 u, Škoda Transportationread this issue
16/05MondayPDFTrump, Babiš and the new demagogueryread this issue
17/05TuesdayPDFTopolánek declares war on Babišread this issue
18/05WednesdayPDFRusnok and the Great Devaluationread this issue
19/05ThursdayPDFZeman wins againread this issue
23/05MondayPDFA world without Andrejread this issue
24/05TuesdayPDFIsrael, our role modelread this issue
25/05WednesdayPDFFrugal Germans, oblivious Czechsread this issue
26/05ThursdayPDFSinger's parting shot at Zemanread this issue
30/05MondayPDFSobotka is a bad whinerread this issue
31/05TuesdayPDFNečas stands by his womanread this issue

June 2016
01/06WednesdayPDFNo more statute of limitations for taxesread this issue
02/06ThursdayPDFDressing badly for successread this issue
06/06MondayPDFChovanec's conflict of interestread this issue
07/06TuesdayPDFPolitically incorrect blogs and issues that matterread this issue
08/06WednesdayPDFHow much did the Supreme Court cost?read this issue
09/06ThursdayPDFŠlachta reports for duty (but to whom?)read this issue
13/06MondayPDFSaving PM Sobotkaread this issue
14/06TuesdayPDFBrexit, Waterloo and Pragueread this issue
15/06WednesdayPDFSobotka loses his get out of jail free cardread this issue
16/06ThursdayPDFSobotka follows Merkel to Chinaread this issue
20/06MondayPDFThe deals that Sobotka didn't seal in Chinaread this issue
21/06TuesdayPDFPokorný TVread this issue
22/06WednesdayPDFZeman and Karel, together at lastread this issue
23/06ThursdayPDFAgrofert a.s. vs ČSSD a.s.read this issue
27/06MondayPDFThe big winners from Brexitread this issue
28/06TuesdayPDFWhy ČSSD a.s. will push the euroread this issue
29/06WednesdayPDFBrexit 1776read this issue
30/06ThursdayPDFBabiš the enablerread this issue

July 2016
04/07MondayPDFIs Zeman using Schapiro to get at Sobotka?read this issue
07/07ThursdayPDFSaudi Arabia's first EU colonyread this issue
11/07MondayPDFFirst Šlachta, now Šlechtováread this issue
12/07TuesdayPDFThe reverse Lány putschread this issue
13/07WednesdayPDFHonesty is just too expensive for PPFread this issue
14/07ThursdayPDFWill the CR take Brexit seriously?read this issue
18/07MondayPDFChovanec and the 75%read this issue
19/07TuesdayPDFStork's Nest vs. Mánesgateread this issue
20/07WednesdayPDFBabiš's bond loopholeread this issue
21/07ThursdayPDFWhere is ČSSD's Sarajevo?read this issue
25/07MondayPDFWhy does Kellner want Prazdroj?read this issue
26/07TuesdayPDFMore about Babiš's tax-free bondsread this issue
27/07WednesdayPDFČSSD's refugee trapread this issue
28/07ThursdayPDFDefense 'minister' escapes convictionread this issue

August 2016
01/08MondayPDFZeman's message for Chovanecread this issue
02/08TuesdayPDFConstitutions in the era of destructionread this issue
03/08WednesdayPDFTurkey, refugees and the Czech electionsread this issue
04/08ThursdayPDFWho needs a foreign ministry?read this issue
08/08MondayPDFChovanec and his financial policeread this issue
09/08TuesdayPDFWhy Hašek, and not Chovanec?read this issue
10/08WednesdayPDFFear the CNB exitread this issue
11/08ThursdayPDFCan Merkel 'manage it' in Prague too?read this issue
15/08MondayPDFRationing Zemanread this issue
16/08TuesdayPDFCheapster Babiš forgot the tipread this issue
17/08WednesdayPDFEET and the Five Familiesread this issue
18/08ThursdayPDFSeven observations about the police reorganizationread this issue
22/08MondayPDFVítkovice under Komárekread this issue
23/08TuesdayPDFTurkey and Sobotka's EU armyread this issue
24/08WednesdayPDFSeeking asylum in Prague 6read this issue
25/08ThursdayPDFScheißegalread this issue
29/08MondayPDFCivil servants must be civilread this issue
30/08TuesdayPDFFive-letter word for arbitrary rulerread this issue
31/08WednesdayPDFSobotka's Putin connectionread this issue

September 2016
01/09ThursdayPDFRetirement dreams and realityread this issue
05/09MondayPDFThose incompetent Russian spiesread this issue
06/09TuesdayPDFTolls and yachtsread this issue
07/09WednesdayPDFIf you're ČEZ, who you gonna call?read this issue
08/09ThursdayPDFSobotka's ideal voterread this issue
12/09MondayPDFČSSD's criminal conspiracyread this issue
13/09TuesdayPDFHoráček makes a wise betread this issue
14/09WednesdayPDFSaving workers from the machinesread this issue
15/09ThursdayPDFThere are no good guysread this issue
19/09MondayPDFSobotka's failed summitread this issue
20/09TuesdayPDFSobotka's plan to attract refugeesread this issue
21/09WednesdayPDFThe biggest miscreantread this issue
22/09ThursdayPDFBabiš runs the state like a (listed) companyread this issue
26/09MondayPDFPeroutka and the context of the timeread this issue
27/09TuesdayPDFBabiš's bubbleread this issue
29/09ThursdayPDFFriendly war propagandaread this issue

October 2016
03/10MondayPDFThe perfect stock manipulation?read this issue
04/10TuesdayPDFSocialize the losses of migrationread this issue
05/10WednesdayPDFHavel's good intentionsread this issue
06/10ThursdayPDFMy country, my companyread this issue
10/10MondayPDFDear Ms. Chancellorread this issue
11/10TuesdayPDFQuotas shmotasread this issue
12/10WednesdayPDFThe new ČSSDread this issue
13/10ThursdayPDFIn the jailhouse nowread this issue
17/10MondayPDFUnchristian Christian Democratsread this issue
18/10TuesdayPDFBlame the voters (if you want to lose)read this issue
19/10WednesdayPDFČSSD vs. ČSSD a.s.read this issue
20/10ThursdayPDFForeign policy for saleread this issue
24/10MondayPDFHerman reveals how sausage is maderead this issue
25/10TuesdayPDFA short history of Dalai Lamaismread this issue
26/10WednesdayPDFOperation Bradyread this issue
27/10ThursdayPDFHoráček smells bloodread this issue
31/10MondayPDFZeman and the Jewsread this issue

November 2016
01/11TuesdayPDFBabiš vs. Kellnerread this issue
02/11WednesdayPDFChina doesn't play Chinese checkersread this issue
03/11ThursdayPDFInsecure Czech democracyread this issue
07/11MondayPDFYear Three of the Great Devaluationread this issue
08/11TuesdayPDFTrump and the devaluationread this issue
09/11WednesdayPDFAnti-Zeman, anti-Babiš, anti-Trumpread this issue
10/11ThursdayPDFLove and hate for Donald Trumpread this issue
14/11MondayPDFA softer shade of Trumpread this issue
15/11TuesdayPDFCabinet of criminalsread this issue
16/11WednesdayPDFAnother shade of Clintonread this issue
21/11MondayPDFPut up or shut up about Chinaread this issue
22/11TuesdayPDFHerman is no Havelread this issue
23/11WednesdayPDFLegally obligated to help Agrofertread this issue
24/11ThursdayPDFHow will Kellner defroth Prazdroj?read this issue
28/11MondayPDFSkipping moralityread this issue
29/11TuesdayPDFMissile-defense circusread this issue
30/11WednesdayPDFSpending Trump's peace dividendread this issue

December 2016
01/12ThursdayPDFBabiš's instruments of retaliationread this issue
05/12MondayPDFThe Senate's 'petty action' toward Chinaread this issue
06/12TuesdayPDFHerman's bromance with Trumpread this issue
07/12WednesdayPDFTurning Chinese at Prague Castleread this issue
08/12ThursdayPDFTrump, Soros, Babišread this issue
12/12MondayPDFLegal advice from Babiš to his enemiesread this issue
13/12TuesdayPDFExtremist Sobotkaread this issue
14/12WednesdayPDFPerson of the Year - David Rathread this issue
15/12ThursdayPDFRewards for rattingread this issue
19/12MondayPDFTrump, Putin and the CIAread this issue
20/12TuesdayPDFSocial Democratic valuesread this issue
21/12WednesdayPDFHerman's barbariansread this issue
22/12ThursdayPDFOligarchs get coal for Christmasread this issue
27/12TuesdayPDFTalking presidential nonsenseread this issue
28/12WednesdayPDFIt pays to be a šmejdread this issue
29/12ThursdayPDFChinese New Yearread this issue

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