PDF issues for the Year 2017

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January 2017
02/01MondayPDFObama's fake newsread this issue
03/01TuesdayPDFCensorship without censoringread this issue
04/01WednesdayPDFDoubts about invoice matchingread this issue
05/01ThursdayPDFBabiš loses the EET lotteryread this issue
09/01MondayPDFČSSD, Trump and Russiaread this issue
10/01TuesdayPDFCharter 77 and the monopoly on violenceread this issue
11/01WednesdayPDFChovanec's number is nearly upread this issue
12/01ThursdayPDFClandestine Prague meetingsread this issue
16/01MondayPDFDenying the obvious at ČTread this issue
17/01TuesdayPDFThe difference between Trump and Babišread this issue
18/01WednesdayPDFObama's billionairesread this issue
19/01ThursdayPDFOff you go, Andyread this issue
23/01MondayPDFCzechs First (yeah, right)read this issue
24/01TuesdayPDFBuy Czech, Hire Czechread this issue
25/01WednesdayPDFSrp and Babišread this issue
26/01ThursdayPDFSchapiro's conflict of interestread this issue
30/01MondayPDFBabiš in two places at onceread this issue
31/01TuesdayPDFDoes it still pay to be a šmejd?read this issue

February 2017
01/02WednesdayPDFAsset-declaration evasionread this issue
02/02ThursdayPDFJoining the anti-Trump insurrectionread this issue
06/02MondayPDFAndrej Babiš, ex-company manread this issue
07/02TuesdayPDFUkrainians welcomeread this issue
08/02WednesdayPDFČSSD in the service of šmejdiread this issue
09/02ThursdayPDFTrump and the Czech devaluationread this issue
13/02MondayPDFFake bondsread this issue
14/02TuesdayPDFIt's Sobotka's devaluation tooread this issue
15/02WednesdayPDFThe CNB dislikes the crownread this issue
16/02ThursdayPDFBabiš's Schillerová problemread this issue
20/02MondayPDFBabiš's motley crewread this issue
21/02TuesdayPDFZeman's price for Prouzaread this issue
22/02WednesdayPDFČSSD needs 56% Zemanread this issue
23/02ThursdayPDFWhy not equity, Mr. Babiš?read this issue
27/02MondayPDFBabiš formalizes his autocracyread this issue
28/02TuesdayPDFSobotka taxes the rich, Babiš fines the regulatedread this issue

March 2017
01/03WednesdayPDFTrump's speech viewed from Pragueread this issue
02/03ThursdayPDFSobotka's bank-bashingread this issue
06/03MondayPDFIn the service of the Chineseread this issue
07/03TuesdayPDFThe Real Babišread this issue
08/03WednesdayPDFHow Babiš is like Hillaryread this issue
09/03ThursdayPDFAnd the candidate is...read this issue
13/03MondayPDFHoping for a crisisread this issue
14/03TuesdayPDFTunneling Agrofertread this issue
15/03WednesdayPDFBabiš and Bakalaread this issue
16/03ThursdayPDFKalousek + Babiš = one helluva teamread this issue
20/03MondayPDFWhen Babiš is anti-Babišread this issue
21/03TuesdayPDFLabor havens and their conduitsread this issue
22/03WednesdayPDFManipulating the manipulated crownread this issue
23/03ThursdayPDFOperating in a corrupt environmentread this issue
27/03MondayPDFČSSD needs a pinch of Dominik Feriread this issue
28/03TuesdayPDFPresident 4.0read this issue
29/03WednesdayPDFUnobjective, unverified & unbalancedread this issue
30/03ThursdayPDFSocial-media literacyread this issue

April 2017
03/04MondayPDFThe Prouza effectread this issue
04/04TuesdayPDFNondisposable Babišread this issue
05/04WednesdayPDFFalse flagsread this issue
06/04ThursdayPDFParty like it's 1999read this issue
10/04MondayPDFReality resembles fiction in Syriaread this issue
11/04TuesdayPDFTrump, Zeman and Assadread this issue
12/04WednesdayPDF41 months of wealth redistributionread this issue
13/04ThursdayPDFWhat happens next?read this issue
18/04TuesdayPDFZeman vs. Erdoganread this issue
19/04WednesdayPDFBrno beats Wall Streetread this issue
20/04ThursdayPDFČSSD's corruption pipelineread this issue
24/04MondayPDFLiberal democracy at workread this issue
25/04TuesdayPDFWhy does Rusnok want volatility?read this issue
26/04WednesdayPDFBabiš's charm of personalityread this issue
27/04ThursdayPDFWho funds anti-Babiš?read this issue

May 2017
02/05TuesdayPDFThe coal fire under Sobotkaread this issue
03/05WednesdayPDFHow to measure Sobotka's successread this issue
04/05ThursdayPDFSobotka will not resignread this issue
09/05TuesdayPDFDid Zeman really intend to violate the Constitution?read this issue
10/05WednesdayPDFZeman needs an interventionread this issue
11/05ThursdayPDFSuicide bomber Sobotkaread this issue
15/05MondayPDFThe case against Schillerováread this issue
16/05TuesdayPDFSobotka's second jurisdictional complaintread this issue
17/05WednesdayPDFČSSD a.s. and Czech press freedomread this issue
18/05ThursdayPDFSobotka's mirthless victoryread this issue
22/05MondayPDFCzech TV protects Petr Kellnerread this issue
23/05TuesdayPDFKroupa vs. Spurnýread this issue
24/05WednesdayPDFSobotka pardons Zemanread this issue
25/05ThursdayPDFBabiš's menacing conglomerateread this issue
29/05MondayPDFČSSD takes one for the anti-Babiš teamread this issue
30/05TuesdayPDFBabiš vs. Burešread this issue
31/05WednesdayPDFNo Plan Aread this issue

June 2017
01/06ThursdayPDFHacking PPFread this issue
05/06MondayPDFSoros weaponizes the euroread this issue
06/06TuesdayPDFŤok baits Pokornýread this issue
07/06WednesdayPDFČSSD's David Rath dilemmaread this issue
08/06ThursdayPDFWhen judges break the lawread this issue
12/06MondayPDFIgnoring ČSSD's institutionalized corruptionread this issue
13/06TuesdayPDFEU election interferenceread this issue
14/06WednesdayPDFDealing in migration quotasread this issue
15/06ThursdayPDFFear the walking dead of ČSSDread this issue
19/06MondayPDFŠtěch and Hamáček veer off courseread this issue
20/06TuesdayPDFANO's four-year power playread this issue
21/06WednesdayPDFČSSD writes off an entire generationread this issue
22/06ThursdayPDFStay-at-home two-year-oldsread this issue
26/06MondayPDFPromises Babiš won't keepread this issue
27/06TuesdayPDFDeutsche Bundesbank, Filiale Pragread this issue
28/06WednesdayPDFČEZ, OKD and Sobotka's head on a platterread this issue
29/06ThursdayPDFVery bad timing for ČEZread this issue

July 2017
03/07MondayPDFIs ČEZ Julius Šuman?read this issue
04/07TuesdayPDFShakespeare advises, turn off your dataread this issue
10/07MondayPDFBlame it on Sobotkaread this issue
11/07TuesdayPDFThree Seas and a pondread this issue
12/07WednesdayPDFThe non-interventionist U.S. ambassadorread this issue
13/07ThursdayPDFDirty laundry and cleaned-out walletsread this issue
17/07MondayPDFKDU's duty before God and His childrenread this issue
18/07TuesdayPDFČSSD's Babišread this issue
19/07WednesdayPDFRychetský's defense of ČEZread this issue
20/07ThursdayPDFJurečka's very good startread this issue
24/07MondayPDFOutlý vs. Zemanread this issue
25/07TuesdayPDFOutlý vs. Zeman continuedread this issue
26/07WednesdayPDFSTAN's fansread this issue
27/07ThursdayPDFHow Iron was that Curtain?read this issue
31/07MondayPDFČSSD aims at knee, KDU at headread this issue

August 2017
01/08TuesdayPDFSrp and Rychetský's membership cardsread this issue
02/08WednesdayPDFČSSD a.s. on trialread this issue
03/08ThursdayPDFHostage to Czech foreign policyread this issue
07/08MondayPDFKalousek callingread this issue
08/08TuesdayPDFČSSD's presidential trapread this issue
09/08WednesdayPDFTen years after the crisis beganread this issue
10/08ThursdayPDFŠtěch at Zeman's serviceread this issue
14/08MondayPDFStrides in Czech democracyread this issue
15/08TuesdayPDFStitch-upread this issue
16/08WednesdayPDFFixed-income losersread this issue
17/08ThursdayPDFInvisible bond riskread this issue
21/08MondayPDFWill you still Respekt me tomorrow?read this issue
22/08TuesdayPDFStink stank stunkread this issue
23/08WednesdayPDFGoogle muddies the election watersread this issue
24/08ThursdayPDFLet's call this whole democracy thing offread this issue
28/08MondayPDFTake the buyoutread this issue
29/08TuesdayPDFTake the buyout (cont.)read this issue
30/08WednesdayPDFHammer the hammerread this issue
31/08ThursdayPDFOligarchs of the CR, show yourselves!read this issue

September 2017
04/09MondayPDFDo the OKD mathread this issue
05/09TuesdayPDFNow, and foreverread this issue
06/09WednesdayPDFBison & Babišread this issue
07/09ThursdayPDFCloudy e-prescriptionsread this issue
11/09MondayPDFZeman defends Sobotkaread this issue
12/09TuesdayPDFMonika in cuffsread this issue
13/09WednesdayPDFBabiš's strategy crystallizesread this issue
14/09ThursdayPDFEET creates child gamblersread this issue
18/09MondayPDFIs ČSSD the Nazi party?read this issue
19/09TuesdayPDFModern-day Zápotockýread this issue
20/09WednesdayPDFStředula blasts offread this issue
21/09ThursdayPDFChinese military takeoverread this issue
25/09MondayPDFMerkel, Schulz and Sobotkaread this issue
26/09TuesdayPDFThe anti-Merkel coalition that isn'tread this issue
27/09WednesdayPDFPokorný & Rychetskýread this issue

October 2017
02/10MondayPDFKingmaker Filip of the Radioactive Republicread this issue
03/10TuesdayPDFBoycotting Moravecread this issue
04/10WednesdayPDFKellner's Chinese debt problemread this issue
05/10ThursdayPDFLeb wohl, Superb!read this issue
09/10MondayPDFTvrdík returns to the scene of the crimeread this issue
10/10TuesdayPDFLiving with Babišread this issue
11/10WednesdayPDFDominique, Christine and Andrejread this issue
12/10ThursdayPDFLong-distance bulliesread this issue
16/10MondayPDFLeading Czech banker takes the Fifthread this issue
17/10TuesdayPDFRusnok's award-winning regime changeread this issue
18/10WednesdayPDFMoravec's last wordread this issue
19/10ThursdayPDFChoose your poisonread this issue
23/10MondayPDFThe Fourth Resistanceread this issue
24/10TuesdayPDFWho are the Kremlin's agents?read this issue
25/10WednesdayPDFBad news for Zemanread this issue
26/10ThursdayPDFPokorný and Rafaj (with an apology to Mgr. Radek Pokorný)read this issue
30/10MondayPDFBabiš's EU dependencyread this issue
31/10TuesdayPDFRevisiting the Lány putschread this issue

November 2017
01/11WednesdayPDFPolitical analyst Pavel Rychetskýread this issue
02/11ThursdayPDFThe Martin Roman conspiracyread this issue
06/11MondayPDFPresident of the ČEZ Republicread this issue
07/11TuesdayPDFYear Four of the Great Devaluationread this issue
08/11WednesdayPDFTopolánek and Czech TVread this issue
09/11ThursdayPDFBabiš's stalemate on CNNread this issue
13/11MondayPDFZeman and PPFread this issue
14/11TuesdayPDFRafaj without Pokornýread this issue
15/11WednesdayPDFEurope's tigerread this issue
16/11ThursdayPDFEurope's ATMread this issue
20/11MondayPDFSobotka lost the battle but won the warread this issue
21/11TuesdayPDFBabiš's toughest deal yetread this issue
22/11WednesdayPDFBabiš's new cost of doing businessread this issue
23/11ThursdayPDFBabiš's lucky numberread this issue
27/11MondayPDFTOP 09's part-time chairmanread this issue
28/11TuesdayPDFSobotka and Kellner force Babiš's China handread this issue
29/11WednesdayPDFZeman's bitter revengeread this issue
30/11ThursdayPDFCzech Democratic Republicread this issue

December 2017
04/12MondayPDFA kinder, gentler Šumanread this issue
05/12TuesdayPDFBabiš's unlucky numbersread this issue
06/12WednesdayPDFKing goes to the Castleread this issue
07/12ThursdayPDFBabiš vs. Nejedlýread this issue
11/12MondayPDFAnti-OKD coalitionread this issue
12/12TuesdayPDFFriendly and hostile Babišread this issue
13/12WednesdayPDFLithium information and disinformationread this issue
14/12ThursdayPDFDishonoring the Constitutionread this issue
18/12MondayPDFNo migrants, no commissionsread this issue
19/12TuesdayPDFČEZ in the Babiš Republicread this issue
20/12WednesdayPDFJuncker campaigns for Zemanread this issue
21/12ThursdayPDFOpposition = prisonread this issue
27/12WednesdayPDFBabiš in Polandread this issue
28/12ThursdayPDFBasket of deplorablesread this issue


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