PDF issues for the Year 2021

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January 2021
04/01MondayPDFNew Year's resolutionread this issue
05/01TuesdayPDFThe digital disadvantageread this issue
06/01WednesdayPDFTo lie like an epidemiologistread this issue
07/01ThursdayPDFLoving the lockdownread this issue
11/01MondayPDFLesson from the Capitol attackread this issue
12/01TuesdayPDFWill borders ever be reopened?read this issue
13/01WednesdayPDFCovid takes no prisonersread this issue
14/01ThursdayPDFDonald Trump's legacyread this issue
18/01MondayPDFCovid death/vaccinatedread this issue
19/01TuesdayPDFPirates and STAN, fair-weather friendsread this issue
20/01WednesdayPDFDonald Trump leaves 'peacefully'read this issue
21/01ThursdayPDF100% vaccine coverageread this issue
25/01MondayPDFVon der Leyen, Rychetský and the Czech Constitutionread this issue
26/01TuesdayPDFPavel Zeman didn't deliver and must payread this issue
27/01WednesdayPDFExit visas for essential business travelread this issue
28/01ThursdayPDFCurrency reform, devaluation and covid-19read this issue

February 2021
01/02MondayPDFYou may idly talk to your children nowread this issue
02/02TuesdayPDFHow Zeman fought for the 5% partiesread this issue
03/02WednesdayPDFRychetský outfoxed Zeman for nowread this issue
04/02ThursdayPDFRychetský legitimizes Okamuraread this issue
08/02MondayPDFBabiš is like Rychetskýread this issue
09/02TuesdayPDFA nation of guilty childrenread this issue
10/02WednesdayPDFBy the way, first we must vaccinate all the childrenread this issue
11/02ThursdayPDFŠkoda Auto's future is in Babiš's handsread this issue
15/02MondayPDFPM and WHO pandemic administratorread this issue
16/02TuesdayPDFPres. Pavel Rychetskýread this issue
17/02WednesdayPDFParents and their covid kidsread this issue
18/02ThursdayPDFMergers & emergenciesread this issue
22/02MondayPDFWhat is Tomáš Petříček up to?read this issue
23/02TuesdayPDFRetailers give an inch, Babiš takes a mileread this issue
24/02WednesdayPDFFaith in Germanyread this issue
25/02ThursdayPDFVaccine reality.read this issue
25/02ThursdayPDFVaccine realityread this issue

March 2021
01/03MondayPDFCompanies must test for 'covid'read this issue
02/03TuesdayPDFSend the sick home, not the wellread this issue
03/03WednesdayPDFČSSD and the death of industryread this issue
04/03ThursdayPDFPES for readersread this issue
08/03MondayPDFSmejkal's arkread this issue
09/03TuesdayPDFScaring people to deathread this issue
10/03WednesdayPDFNo more pretendingread this issue
11/03ThursdayPDFSputnik V in a two-vaccine systemread this issue
15/03MondayPDFKlaus and the smartvirusread this issue
16/03TuesdayPDFTesting the wrong peopleread this issue
17/03WednesdayPDFCovid Garbage Patrolread this issue
18/03ThursdayPDFCoveted passread this issue
22/03MondayPDFNot-so-hidden agenda to cripple Czech industryread this issue
23/03TuesdayPDFStill not testing the vulnerableread this issue
24/03WednesdayPDFIt can't happen hereread this issue
25/03ThursdayPDFTurning the corona crisis into cashread this issue
29/03MondayPDFPetr Kellnerread this issue
30/03TuesdayPDFHavel and Kellnerread this issue
31/03WednesdayPDFIn for the kill at ČT, or overkill?read this issue

April 2021
01/04ThursdayPDFIndustry survived the experts for nowread this issue
06/04TuesdayPDFOpposition leader Pavel Rychetskýread this issue
07/04WednesdayPDFI pledge allegiance ... to the Chinese testread this issue
08/04ThursdayPDFJan Hamáček vs. ČSSD a.s.read this issue
12/04MondayPDFIndividual lives don't matterread this issue
13/04TuesdayPDFPioneers in testingread this issue
14/04WednesdayPDFAlways a PPF manread this issue
15/04ThursdayPDFDancing with the Chineseread this issue
19/04MondayPDFCourse correction in Czech foreign policyread this issue
20/04TuesdayPDFLukashenko and Vrběticeread this issue
21/04WednesdayPDFWhere does the escalation end?read this issue
22/04ThursdayPDFLockdown of relations with Russiaread this issue
26/04MondayPDFZeman cements the political divideread this issue
27/04TuesdayPDFPromotion or incarcerationread this issue
28/04WednesdayPDFSue the epidemiologistsread this issue
29/04ThursdayPDFTracking you to the hairdresser'sread this issue

May 2021
03/05MondayPDFPedophiles and pedojabbersread this issue
04/05TuesdayPDFCollusion with ČTread this issue
05/05WednesdayPDFWas Hamáček secretly recorded?read this issue
06/05ThursdayPDFHow much time do we get this time?read this issue
10/05MondayPDFWho confesses under oath to leaking?read this issue
11/05TuesdayPDFPM Michal Koudelkaread this issue
12/05WednesdayPDFWhen China raises pricesread this issue
13/05ThursdayPDFŠkoda Auto's electric divideread this issue
17/05MondayPDFMillion Moments for Oligarchyread this issue
18/05TuesdayPDFThe other buildingread this issue
19/05WednesdayPDFOfficial disinformationread this issue
20/05ThursdayPDFPavel Zeman 'won't back down'read this issue
24/05MondayPDFRychetský, Benešová and Brožováread this issue
25/05TuesdayPDFRychetský's conflict of interestread this issue
26/05WednesdayPDFVaccinate all the childrenread this issue
27/05ThursdayPDFHerd mentalityread this issue
31/05MondayPDFCovid collectivizationread this issue

June 2021
01/06TuesdayPDFChildren soldiersread this issue
02/06WednesdayPDFArmed and ready to devalueread this issue
03/06ThursdayPDFPreparing for a long slide in populationread this issue
07/06MondayPDFZeman and Babiš with one stoneread this issue
08/06TuesdayPDFThinking like a central bankerread this issue
09/06WednesdayPDFNo free movement within the EUread this issue
10/06ThursdayPDFPetr Kellner's bad timingread this issue
14/06MondayPDFVaccine pushersread this issue
15/06TuesdayPDFDoes hate a coalition make?read this issue
16/06WednesdayPDFA tale of two empiresread this issue
17/06ThursdayPDFHelping Biden failread this issue
21/06MondayPDFPetr Kellner as a liabilityread this issue
22/06TuesdayPDFRenáta Kellnerová, the new shark in townread this issue
23/06WednesdayPDFOperation Deltaread this issue
24/06ThursdayPDFPrague Airport in fluxread this issue
28/06MondayPDFStork's Nest and Vrběticeread this issue
29/06TuesdayPDFOpioids and vaccinesread this issue
30/06WednesdayPDFWhat if the fake news were true?read this issue

July 2021
01/07ThursdayPDFCovid passports and Operation Deltaread this issue
07/07WednesdayPDFUnforgiven pub ownersread this issue
08/07ThursdayPDFPirate bubble burstsread this issue
12/07MondayPDFNarrow travel window for the twice vaccinatedread this issue
13/07TuesdayPDFPavel Zeman's legacyread this issue
14/07WednesdayPDFPresumed infectedread this issue
15/07ThursdayPDFBabiš braces for deltaread this issue
19/07MondayPDFGood-weather vehiclesread this issue
20/07TuesdayPDFVaccinated and eliminatedread this issue
21/07WednesdayPDFHating the unvaccinatedread this issue
22/07ThursdayPDFAll eyes on the UKread this issue
26/07MondayPDFCovid apartheid?read this issue
27/07TuesdayPDFLuxury home delivery for the poorread this issue
28/07WednesdayPDFHow Brussels planned for covidread this issue
29/07ThursdayPDFIn and out of war with Joe Bidenread this issue

August 2021
02/08MondayPDFSaved by the goldread this issue
03/08TuesdayPDFStrong-arming the PMread this issue
04/08WednesdayPDFDownplaying the risk from Chinaread this issue
05/08ThursdayPDFVojtěch's not-so-final solutionread this issue
09/08MondayPDFTesting the fully vaccinatedread this issue
10/08TuesdayPDFWho got to Babiš?read this issue
11/08WednesdayPDFWorld of changeread this issue
12/08ThursdayPDFRegulated piracyread this issue
16/08MondayPDFBombing for women's rightsread this issue
17/08TuesdayPDFPropaganda out of Afghanistanread this issue
18/08WednesdayPDFAfghanistan's Velour Revolutionread this issue
19/08ThursdayPDFNixon and the Golden Ruleread this issue
23/08MondayPDFMunich and Kabulread this issue
24/08TuesdayPDFKellner's lesson for parentsread this issue
25/08WednesdayPDFA stable and opium-free Afghanistanread this issue
26/08ThursdayPDFVojtěch's anti-antibody postureread this issue
30/08MondayPDFThe new war in Afghanistanread this issue
31/08TuesdayPDFAn mRNA vaccine in every armread this issue

September 2021
01/09WednesdayPDFBiden's peace dividendread this issue
02/09ThursdayPDFThird-person journalistsread this issue
06/09MondayPDFOperation Delta post-mortemread this issue
07/09TuesdayPDFWhich high crime is worse?read this issue
08/09WednesdayPDFSobotka the elder statesmanread this issue
09/09ThursdayPDFChinese 'sanctions' that cripple the Westread this issue
13/09MondayPDFChinflationread this issue
14/09TuesdayPDFBribing pensioners and the vaccinatedread this issue
15/09WednesdayPDFCNB joins the taper talkread this issue
16/09ThursdayPDFSlave sharingread this issue
20/09MondayPDFOpposition Agreement 2021read this issue
21/09TuesdayPDFNečas had Nagyová, Sobotka had Pokornýread this issue
22/09WednesdayPDFEnergy subsidies will exacerbate the energy crisisread this issue
23/09ThursdayPDFChina won't waitread this issue
27/09MondayPDFLiving on covid timeread this issue
29/09WednesdayPDFEvergraveread this issue
30/09ThursdayPDFRevaluation Rusnokread this issue

October 2021
04/10MondayPDFInflation and CNB deceptionread this issue
05/10TuesdayPDFWhy Babiš did it that wayread this issue
06/10WednesdayPDFBabiš's second termread this issue
07/10ThursdayPDFBartoš vs. Okamuraread this issue
11/10MondayPDFWho won?read this issue
12/10TuesdayPDF'Democrats' in actionread this issue
13/10WednesdayPDFVW at war with Babišread this issue
14/10ThursdayPDFHigher interest rates as industry sputtersread this issue
18/10MondayPDFHouse speaker in the hot seatread this issue
19/10TuesdayPDFVondráček's last actread this issue
20/10WednesdayPDFWelcome to Visegrad!read this issue
21/10ThursdayPDFBohemia Papersread this issue
25/10MondayPDFFirst underage Czech 'president'read this issue
26/10TuesdayPDFLearning from Bohemia Energyread this issue
27/10WednesdayPDFVystrčil's destructive China policyread this issue
29/10FridayPDFPokorný and Rafaj (with an apology to Mgr. Radek Pokorný)read this issue

November 2021
01/11MondayPDFLocking down Tomáš Etzlerread this issue
02/11TuesdayPDFHow Blesk helped sink the Pirates' shipread this issue
03/11WednesdayPDFWho loves Petr Fiala?read this issue
04/11ThursdayPDFYear nine of the Great Devaluationread this issue
08/11MondayPDFMartin Nejedlý's pal Pavel Blažekread this issue
09/11TuesdayPDFFiala's cost of powerread this issue
10/11WednesdayPDFPandora cost Babiš, Hamáček and Šlachta the electionsread this issue
11/11ThursdayPDFZeman's Green Deal foreign ministerread this issue
15/11MondayPDFClash of civilizations in Fiala's governmentread this issue
16/11TuesdayPDFHeretical PCR non-testingread this issue
18/11ThursdayPDFUnfreedom as the defaultread this issue
22/11MondayPDFWill Zeman appoint Fiala?read this issue
23/11TuesdayPDFRoman Chlíbek's professional misconductread this issue
24/11WednesdayPDFZeman is still a Jewread this issue
25/11ThursdayPDFKilling people now to save lives laterread this issue
29/11MondayPDFWill omicron shake things up?read this issue
30/11TuesdayPDFJansta and Czech TVread this issue

December 2021
01/12WednesdayPDFPersonal blackoutread this issue
02/12ThursdayPDFWhose side are Křetínský and Topolánek on?read this issue
06/12MondayPDFY3D - Year of the Third Doseread this issue
07/12TuesdayPDFWHO gets a Christmas giftread this issue
08/12WednesdayPDFWho abandoned Israel?read this issue
09/12ThursdayPDFBabiš was a better liarread this issue
13/12MondayPDFZeman's turnread this issue
14/12TuesdayPDFHas Zeman lost it?read this issue
15/12WednesdayPDFPavel Blažek's judicial mafiaread this issue
16/12ThursdayPDFPetr Fiala's yearread this issue
20/12MondayPDFVálek and the WHOread this issue
21/12TuesdayPDFMichal Šmarda and ČSSD a.s.read this issue
22/12WednesdayPDFAnother anti-Green Deal president?read this issue
23/12ThursdayPDFRusnok and the euro's demiseread this issue
27/12MondayPDFVálek gets a big Christmas giftread this issue
28/12TuesdayPDFEternal covidread this issue
29/12WednesdayPDFToo many workersread this issue
30/12ThursdayPDFIt was a _____ yearread this issue

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