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January 2022
02/01SundayPDFFiala vs. Babišread this issue
03/01MondayPDFFiala vs. Babišread this issue
04/01TuesdayPDFFreezing on the road to greendomread this issue
05/01WednesdayPDFTemporary, transitory and transitionalread this issue
06/01ThursdayPDFStop omicron now!read this issue
10/01MondayPDFBartoš's colossal errorread this issue
11/01TuesdayPDFReign of Omicron Iread this issue
12/01WednesdayPDFRohlík.cz in the real worldread this issue
13/01ThursdayPDFŠkoda Auto's profitable chip shortageread this issue
17/01MondayPDFFiala aligns with the CNBread this issue
18/01TuesdayPDFHow the CNB created the tight labor marketread this issue
19/01WednesdayPDFSuccessful ex-politiciansread this issue
20/01ThursdayPDFVaccine raperead this issue
24/01MondayPDFCurb your omicron enthusiasmread this issue
25/01TuesdayPDFSoothing covid fatigueread this issue
26/01WednesdayPDFBabiš and BISread this issue
27/01ThursdayPDFFiala's trusted adviser from the pastread this issue
31/01MondayPDFFear of higher interest ratesread this issue

February 2022
01/02TuesdayPDFZeman's statement on monetary policyread this issue
02/02WednesdayPDFOrbán in Moscowread this issue
03/02ThursdayPDFWhy more pandemic powers?read this issue
07/02MondayPDFEvading judicial reviewread this issue
08/02TuesdayPDFPodkonický as an exampleread this issue
09/02WednesdayPDFWhy is Zeman alienating his base?read this issue
10/02ThursdayPDFUrgent relief for the covid industry!read this issue
14/02MondayPDFOrbán, Kaczyński, Babiš and Fialaread this issue
15/02TuesdayPDFInterest-rate uprisingread this issue
16/02WednesdayPDFPES for Ukraineread this issue
17/02ThursdayPDFPandemic of the ignorantread this issue
21/02MondayPDFFiala's credibilityread this issue
22/02TuesdayPDFPutin and Rusnokread this issue
23/02WednesdayPDFFiala gets a lesson in Bidenspeakread this issue
24/02ThursdayPDFPutin's form of justiceread this issue
28/02MondayPDFTaunting Putinread this issue

March 2022
01/03TuesdayPDFHow Havel's truth prevailsread this issue
02/03WednesdayPDFWill they seize your flat or cottage?read this issue
03/03ThursdayPDFKinder, gentler state of emergencyread this issue
07/03MondayPDFPath to world war?read this issue
08/03TuesdayPDFTopolánek's gameread this issue
09/03WednesdayPDFRadar revisitedread this issue
10/03ThursdayPDFRefugee fatigueread this issue
14/03MondayPDFPutin's planread this issue
15/03TuesdayPDFWhat to do about Ukraineread this issue
16/03WednesdayPDFFiala in Kyivread this issue
17/03ThursdayPDFPearl Harbor momentread this issue
21/03MondayPDFWhen will Nato intervene?read this issue
22/03TuesdayPDFWarmongers among usread this issue
23/03WednesdayPDFReady for rationing?read this issue
24/03ThursdayPDFNato's weak western frontread this issue
28/03MondayPDFConduit for prolonging the warread this issue
29/03TuesdayPDFBudgeting for a gas shutdownread this issue
30/03WednesdayPDFWhy 58 days?read this issue
31/03ThursdayPDFPokorný and Síkelaread this issue

April 2022
04/04MondayPDFPutin's countersanctionread this issue
05/04TuesdayPDFCzech industry is in Putin's handsread this issue
06/04WednesdayPDFRusnok won't make the same mistake twiceread this issue
07/04ThursdayPDFUrsula outside in Kyivread this issue
11/04MondayPDFČernochová revives the oppositionread this issue
12/04TuesdayPDFCollective German gas guiltread this issue
13/04WednesdayPDFBiden's economic statecraftread this issue
14/04ThursdayPDFMilitary reliance on Russian gasread this issue
19/04TuesdayPDFGenocide, or maybe notread this issue
20/04WednesdayPDFLipavský takes on both Moscow and Berlinread this issue
21/04ThursdayPDFWidening the language and social gapread this issue
25/04MondayPDFCzech hawks and German dovesread this issue
26/04TuesdayPDFRusnok wouldn't beat Babišread this issue
27/04WednesdayPDFWhen will the gas stop flowing?read this issue
28/04ThursdayPDFSanctions bustersread this issue

May 2022
02/05MondayPDFCzech energy czarread this issue
03/05TuesdayPDFIndustrial revoltread this issue
04/05WednesdayPDFRussian oil and secondary sanctionsread this issue
05/05ThursdayPDFWho to believe, Rusnok or Biden?read this issue
09/05MondayPDFSolidarity starts nowread this issue
10/05TuesdayPDFUncertain outlook for industryread this issue
11/05WednesdayPDFNew Czech national revivalread this issue
12/05ThursdayPDFRevaluation Rusnok on the way outread this issue
16/05MondayPDFRusnok's train wreckread this issue
17/05TuesdayPDFOil embargo without guaranteeread this issue
18/05WednesdayPDFSanctions riftread this issue
19/05ThursdayPDFGas payments in rubles now dueread this issue
23/05MondayPDFRemoving Michlread this issue
24/05TuesdayPDFIncentive to conserveread this issue
25/05WednesdayPDFCan Nato stop Putin?read this issue
26/05ThursdayPDFDemocratic middle courseread this issue
30/05MondayPDFEnergy subsidies for everyoneread this issue
31/05TuesdayPDFFiala then, Fiala nowread this issue

June 2022
01/06WednesdayPDFPirates and coalread this issue
02/06ThursdayPDFThe ČEZ problemread this issue
06/06MondayPDFČernochová's defense strategyread this issue
07/06TuesdayPDFFundamentally weak crownread this issue
08/06WednesdayPDFBroadcast banread this issue
09/06ThursdayPDFMortgage crisisread this issue
13/06MondayPDFPirates and Kalousekread this issue
14/06TuesdayPDFVěslav Michalik, a banker and a politicianread this issue
15/06WednesdayPDFCanadian sanctions and European solidarityread this issue
16/06ThursdayPDFSíkela's energy tariffsread this issue
20/06MondayPDFPolice out of STAN's controlread this issue
21/06TuesdayPDFSolidarity with STANread this issue
22/06WednesdayPDFWhat did Rakušan know, and when did he know it?read this issue
23/06ThursdayPDFRevaluation Rusnok and his nuclear briefcaseread this issue
27/06MondayPDFSTAN's liabilityread this issue
28/06TuesdayPDFWavering commitmentread this issue
29/06WednesdayPDFOrganized crime of STANread this issue
30/06ThursdayPDFInflation blinds us to deflationread this issue

July 2022
04/07MondayPDFBabiš as PM again?read this issue

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