PDF issues for the Year 2023

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January 2023
02/01MondayPDFNot very hopeful New Year's messageread this issue
03/01TuesdayPDFMake howitzers, not Fabiasread this issue
04/01WednesdayPDFFunding internet freedomread this issue
05/01ThursdayPDFNerudová's late decisionread this issue
09/01MondayPDFFalse election advertisingread this issue
10/01TuesdayPDFBabiš's offer to fellow oligarchsread this issue
11/01WednesdayPDFThe French candidateread this issue
12/01ThursdayPDFHavel vs. Kolářread this issue
16/01MondayPDFCreeping Pearl Harbor momentsread this issue
17/01TuesdayPDFThe German candidateread this issue
18/01WednesdayPDFSíkela at the World Economic Forumread this issue
19/01ThursdayPDFAlternative majority at Prague city hallread this issue
23/01MondayPDFPavel, Babiš and U.S.-led escalationread this issue
24/01TuesdayPDFCzech pressure on Germanyread this issue
25/01WednesdayPDFIncreasing the democratic deficitread this issue
26/01ThursdayPDFDay One of the president-electread this issue
30/01MondayPDFEscalator in chiefread this issue
31/01TuesdayPDF'Civil' escalation with Chinaread this issue

February 2023
01/02WednesdayPDFAdvice to the new U.S. ambassadorread this issue
02/02ThursdayPDFEscalator in chief continues to escalateread this issue
06/02MondayPDFGen. Pavel sees a quick Ukrainian victoryread this issue
07/02TuesdayPDFTransparency in defense procurementread this issue
08/02WednesdayPDFBetter Germans than the Germansread this issue
09/02ThursdayPDFTime is now on Babiš's sideread this issue
13/02MondayPDFOlympic boycottread this issue
14/02TuesdayPDFPension and immigration reformread this issue
15/02WednesdayPDFLike Orbán, like Fialaread this issue
16/02ThursdayPDFThis ain't no crisisread this issue
20/02MondayPDFLet Russia keep Crimea?read this issue
21/02TuesdayPDFBusting the sanctions-bustersread this issue
22/02WednesdayPDFSqueezing ROI out of caraway-seed breadread this issue
23/02ThursdayPDFCzech irredentism isn't workingread this issue
27/02MondayPDFSanctions cat and mouse to endread this issue
28/02TuesdayPDFIndia and the new international orderread this issue

March 2023
01/03WednesdayPDFRussian LNG keeps flowingread this issue
02/03ThursdayPDFGigarealismread this issue
06/03MondayPDF'Irresponsible' Petr Pavelread this issue
07/03TuesdayPDFThe governor no one likesread this issue
08/03WednesdayPDFConformist Zemanread this issue
09/03ThursdayPDFThe general becomes presidentread this issue
13/03MondayPDFMichl kept his scalpread this issue
14/03TuesdayPDFCovid and Ukraine aren't real crisesread this issue
15/03WednesdayPDFWho judges constitutionality?read this issue
16/03ThursdayPDFDiversity at the Constitutional Courtread this issue
20/03MondayPDFBonds matterread this issue
21/03TuesdayPDFTime to arrest Zeman?read this issue
22/03WednesdayPDFFalse interest-rate hopesread this issue
23/03ThursdayPDFCompeting for Nerudováread this issue
27/03MondayPDFSTAN wants to raise VATread this issue
28/03TuesdayPDFHuman error leads again to big profitsread this issue
29/03WednesdayPDFPacking the Constitutional Courtread this issue
30/03ThursdayPDFDumbing down with ChatGPTread this issue

April 2023
03/04MondayPDFJustices who ousted Babiš to be oustedread this issue
04/04TuesdayPDFFirst Rusnok, now Rychetskýread this issue
05/04WednesdayPDFThe cost of discrediting Trump and Babišread this issue
06/04ThursdayPDFNÚKIB and TikTokread this issue
11/04TuesdayPDFFull alignment on Chinaread this issue
12/04WednesdayPDFAsocial coalitionread this issue
13/04ThursdayPDFWhere to bury them all?read this issue
17/04MondayPDFHappy and unhappy familiesread this issue
18/04TuesdayPDFFire now or fire later?read this issue
19/04WednesdayPDFThe other occupationread this issue
20/04ThursdayPDFCorruption at ČT according to Jaromír Soukupread this issue
24/04MondayPDFEU Commissioner Síkela and PM Ficoread this issue
25/04TuesdayPDFRadicalizing the upper classesread this issue
26/04WednesdayPDFSTAN and the Stansread this issue
27/04ThursdayPDFAssertive Czech asset seizuresread this issue

May 2023
02/05TuesdayPDFPavel says Ukraine not ready for counter-attackread this issue
03/05WednesdayPDFWhy Fiala went to Asiaread this issue
04/05ThursdayPDFDid Russia bomb Kyiv because of Pavel?read this issue
09/05TuesdayPDFMichl is looking for an excuseread this issue
10/05WednesdayPDFBetting on Kalousekread this issue
11/05ThursdayPDFStag night in Londonread this issue
15/05MondayPDFPosting from Germanyread this issue
16/05TuesdayPDFBig bad oligarchs under attackread this issue
17/05WednesdayPDFThe voice of OKDread this issue
18/05ThursdayPDFReward for anti-Babiš reportingread this issue
22/05MondayPDFThe Great Fialaread this issue
23/05TuesdayPDFFiala's other coalition partnerread this issue
24/05WednesdayPDFPrice confusionread this issue
25/05ThursdayPDFQuid pro quo for Baxaread this issue
29/05MondayPDFCzechs and the Indo-Pacificread this issue
30/05TuesdayPDFLegal hocus-pocusread this issue
31/05WednesdayPDFBoosting and cutting defense spendingread this issue

June 2023
01/06ThursdayPDFNo more expulsionsread this issue
05/06MondayPDFPreparing for war?read this issue
06/06TuesdayPDFWar as a growth industryread this issue
07/06WednesdayPDFServing democracy and dictatorshipsread this issue
08/06ThursdayPDFWho blew up the dam?read this issue
12/06MondayPDFRadioactive Věslav Michalik?read this issue
13/06TuesdayPDFPetr Nečas resigned too soonread this issue
14/06WednesdayPDFCzech TV and the wasted votesread this issue
15/06ThursdayPDFSTAN scores big victoryread this issue
19/06MondayPDFFighting Babiš in yesterday's battlesread this issue
20/06TuesdayPDFSelf-draftingread this issue
21/06WednesdayPDFDefense emergencyread this issue
22/06ThursdayPDFMilitarization of Czech societyread this issue
26/06MondayPDFPrigozhin and the Nato summitread this issue
27/06TuesdayPDFANO and the patriotic voteread this issue
28/06WednesdayPDFMarginalizing seniorsread this issue
29/06ThursdayPDF20 years of almost no defense spendingread this issue

July 2023
03/07MondayPDFUkrainians left to sink or swimread this issue
04/07TuesdayPDFWhat to do with 12 dumb bombsread this issue
10/07MondayPDFSlow or no return to growthread this issue
11/07TuesdayPDFRevolutionary change at ČT without revolutionread this issue
12/07WednesdayPDFWhy EET wasn't good enoughread this issue
13/07ThursdayPDFKickbacks for Ukraineread this issue
17/07MondayPDFSubsidy cuts no one has seenread this issue
18/07TuesdayPDFWhy businesses failread this issue
19/07WednesdayPDFPrepper Dan Křetínskýread this issue
20/07ThursdayPDFANO and the DCAread this issue
24/07MondayPDFANO and ODS minus Fialaread this issue
25/07TuesdayPDFFiala and Hemingwayread this issue
26/07WednesdayPDFLithium superpower?read this issue
27/07ThursdayPDFWhy should Hladík go?read this issue
31/07MondayPDFIt's all STAN's faultread this issue

August 2023
01/08TuesdayPDFRychetský rewrites historyread this issue
02/08WednesdayPDFCzech tobacco support for Ukraineread this issue
03/08ThursdayPDFPresident caught in Communist trapread this issue
07/08MondayPDFPavel Rychetský's successorread this issue
08/08TuesdayPDFJosef Baxa has no regretsread this issue
09/08WednesdayPDFPetr Pavel's constitutional pit bullread this issue
10/08ThursdayPDFPavel Rychetský's final challengeread this issue
14/08MondayPDFODS's hit listread this issue
15/08TuesdayPDFCzech TV's campaign against Fremrread this issue
16/08WednesdayPDFCzechs against F-35sread this issue
17/08ThursdayPDFMacron and Křetínskýread this issue
21/08MondayPDFWhen the Czechs spit in Russia's faceread this issue
22/08TuesdayPDFPavel Blažek's fake apologyread this issue
23/08WednesdayPDFMillion Moments for ODSread this issue
24/08ThursdayPDFWhen Russian LNG stops flowing...read this issue
28/08MondayPDFSay hello to BA.2.86read this issue
29/08TuesdayPDFJosef Baxa's super-clean slateread this issue
30/08WednesdayPDFANO and PPF against F-35sread this issue
31/08ThursdayPDFThe Nato tunnelread this issue

September 2023
04/09MondayPDFThe high political cost of F-35sread this issue
05/09TuesdayPDFRebooting Czechia with expensive energyread this issue
06/09WednesdayPDFFiala's 400-billion-crown fightersread this issue
07/09ThursdayPDFCzechs wait for instructions on Ukraineread this issue
11/09MondayPDFWir schaffen das auchread this issue
12/09TuesdayPDFNerudová's immodest gaffes save STANread this issue
13/09WednesdayPDFPetr Pavel's private spokesmanread this issue
14/09ThursdayPDFThe Czech no-shake zoneread this issue
18/09MondayPDFPresident kicks off higher unemploymentread this issue
19/09TuesdayPDFDosimeter approaches the Castleread this issue
20/09WednesdayPDFPirates shape progressive ODSread this issue
21/09ThursdayPDFThe Great Pavelread this issue
25/09MondayPDF50% downtime, half as many pilotsread this issue
26/09TuesdayPDFIqos is more addictiveread this issue
27/09WednesdayPDFPricing Net4Gasread this issue

October 2023
02/10MondayPDFThe problem with Petr Pavelread this issue
03/10TuesdayPDFLeader of the eastern flankread this issue
04/10WednesdayPDFDeindustrialization? So what?read this issue
05/10ThursdayPDFProgressive intonationread this issue
09/10MondayPDFWill Ukraine dictate EU energy policy?read this issue
10/10TuesdayPDFStanding up to Palestine and the EUread this issue
11/10WednesdayPDFRusnok at the root of today's inflationread this issue
12/10ThursdayPDFSeparate schooling for Ukrainiansread this issue
16/10MondayPDFSíkela and BISread this issue
17/10TuesdayPDFHatchet job on Pavel Simonread this issue
18/10WednesdayPDFNo more cheap middle-class laborread this issue
19/10ThursdayPDFThe Pirates give Rakušan a vote of confidenceread this issue
23/10MondayPDFOne toe in the Global Southread this issue
24/10TuesdayPDFWhy rebel Kalousek still hasn't actedread this issue
25/10WednesdayPDFCzech gun cultureread this issue
26/10ThursdayPDFSpokespeople for Israelread this issue
30/10MondayPDFCzech electricity and gas for Ukraineread this issue
31/10TuesdayPDFSíkela and Fiala hand in gloveread this issue

November 2023
01/11WednesdayPDFFiala, Stanjura and Síkela with 25 minutes to goread this issue
02/11ThursdayPDFCorruption and Czech deindustrializationread this issue
06/11MondayPDFLosing the global energy warread this issue
07/11TuesdayPDF10th anniversary of the Great Devaluationread this issue
08/11WednesdayPDFOur corrupt SOB'sread this issue
09/11ThursdayPDFFiala and Síkela's personal guaranteeread this issue
13/11MondayPDFWhat is Czech policy on Israel?read this issue
14/11TuesdayPDFTalking and acting like Liechtensteinsread this issue
15/11WednesdayPDFSick man of the sick man of Europeread this issue
16/11ThursdayPDFPPF on the way outread this issue
20/11MondayPDFProvoking revolutionary changeread this issue
21/11TuesdayPDFWorst winter everread this issue
22/11WednesdayPDFPetr Pavel's defeatist vision for Ukraineread this issue
23/11ThursdayPDFTime for unemployment managementread this issue
27/11MondayPDFEducation is indeed a priorityread this issue
28/11TuesdayPDFThe race to replace Petr Fialaread this issue
29/11WednesdayPDFCommon Czech-Slovak policy on Ukraineread this issue
30/11ThursdayPDFSelling, not giving, weapons to Ukraineread this issue

December 2023
04/12MondayPDFGovernment of the chosen fewread this issue
05/12TuesdayPDFWhere to hide the briberead this issue
06/12WednesdayPDFThe anti-antiPutin award goes to...read this issue
07/12ThursdayPDFFiala in Nečas's seatread this issue
11/12MondayPDFKarel Schwarzenberg's evolving world viewread this issue
12/12TuesdayPDFKalousek and the 11% thresholdread this issue
13/12WednesdayPDFChoosing between Bibi and Bidenread this issue
14/12ThursdayPDFGuns, textbooks and Biblesread this issue
18/12MondayPDFThe non-business PMread this issue
19/12TuesdayPDFThe naked man of Europeread this issue
20/12WednesdayPDFNo taxation without representationread this issue
21/12ThursdayPDFChristmas messageread this issue
27/12WednesdayPDFIs Rakušan a patsy or an accomplice?read this issue
28/12ThursdayPDFPeaceniks in 2024read this issue


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