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January 2024
02/01TuesdayPDFThe awakening progressively liberal presidentread this issue
03/01WednesdayPDFThe customer is ... Czechread this issue
04/01ThursdayPDFBiden and Fiala in dire straitsread this issue
08/01MondayPDFVoting (or not voting) from abroadread this issue
09/01TuesdayPDFSTAN and the euroread this issue
10/01WednesdayPDFDivided loyalties in the war against Russiaread this issue
11/01ThursdayPDFMail-in balloting and the draftread this issue
15/01MondayPDFWho's going to stop the Russians?read this issue
16/01TuesdayPDFŠkoda Auto's Middle East trapread this issue
17/01WednesdayPDFSTAN attacks Fiala and ... Kalousekread this issue
18/01ThursdayPDFRakušan forgot about Babiš and Putinread this issue
22/01MondayPDFRemigration threatread this issue
23/01TuesdayPDFPres. Petr Pavel at Plzeňský Prazdrojread this issue
24/01WednesdayPDFODS and the Democratsread this issue
25/01ThursdayPDFThe Baxa Doctrineread this issue
29/01MondayPDFA divided Senateread this issue
30/01TuesdayPDFEuropean self-sabotageread this issue
31/01WednesdayPDFThe Pirates told you soread this issue

February 2024
01/02ThursdayPDFPlan T: Blame it on Trumpread this issue
05/02MondayPDFDebt and cash is all a washread this issue
06/02TuesdayPDFEnd of the Rusnok revaluation?read this issue
07/02WednesdayPDFSTAN's very short gameread this issue
08/02ThursdayPDFHow manipulable are you?read this issue
12/02MondayPDFPetr Fiala gets a helping handread this issue
13/02TuesdayPDFDollar weaponization and de-dollarizationread this issue
14/02WednesdayPDFFiala & Růžičkaread this issue
15/02ThursdayPDFHow to defeat Babišread this issue
19/02MondayPDFPro-Russian vs. loyal oppositionread this issue
20/02TuesdayPDFMassive farm protests in the springread this issue
21/02WednesdayPDFManeuvering toward the draftread this issue
22/02ThursdayPDFSlippery slope of corporate do-goodingread this issue
26/02MondayPDFWhat to do when the U.S. loses interest?read this issue
27/02TuesdayPDFPreparing for the A-bombread this issue
28/02WednesdayPDFŘehka questions Nato and remains in officeread this issue
29/02ThursdayPDFCorporations are losing their battlesread this issue

March 2024
04/03MondayPDFPetr Pavel prevents Orbánizationread this issue
05/03TuesdayPDFFree passage for French troopsread this issue
06/03WednesdayPDFCzech military instructors in Ukraineread this issue
07/03ThursdayPDFWhat does ČEZ want?read this issue
11/03MondayPDFNuclear Fiveread this issue
12/03TuesdayPDFFour years of covid accelerationread this issue
13/03WednesdayPDFTrump and Pojarread this issue
14/03ThursdayPDFBabiš is still very much in controlread this issue
18/03MondayPDFWhat to do when sanctions aren't workingread this issue
19/03TuesdayPDFSecurity risks at the center of powerread this issue
20/03WednesdayPDFPumping up Babiš to bring him downread this issue
21/03ThursdayPDFSystemic Babišread this issue
25/03MondayPDFDon't talk about the F-35s!read this issue
26/03TuesdayPDFPetr Pavel's real role in the ammo dealread this issue
27/03WednesdayPDFAmmo and disinforead this issue
28/03ThursdayPDFSTAN, Dosimeter and PDZread this issue

April 2024
02/04TuesdayPDFSTAN, Dosimeter, PDZ ... and BISread this issue
03/04WednesdayPDFRussian manhunt for ammunition dealersread this issue
04/04ThursdayPDFHas PPF had enough?read this issue
08/04MondayPDFRakušan in Trump's shoesread this issue
09/04TuesdayPDFExpelling Svoboda from the sectread this issue
10/04WednesdayPDFThe code of the sectread this issue
11/04ThursdayPDFFiala, Růžička and human tragedy at PDZread this issue
15/04MondayPDFWill Czechs create a new enemy in Iran?read this issue
16/04TuesdayPDFRussian tanks in Brnoread this issue
17/04WednesdayPDFSTAN's low-hanging fruitread this issue


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