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January 2018
02/01TuesdayPDFLeaderlessread this issue
03/01WednesdayPDFCzechs make Americans richerread this issue
04/01ThursdayPDFZeman can't check out yetread this issue
08/01MondayPDFPokorný and OLAFread this issue
09/01TuesdayPDFTopolánek's TV deficitread this issue
10/01WednesdayPDFNot wastedread this issue
11/01ThursdayPDFCzech TV gives Zeman a boostread this issue
15/01MondayPDFPresident of no oneread this issue
16/01TuesdayPDFDrahoš's government planread this issue
17/01WednesdayPDFZeman's slave PMread this issue
18/01ThursdayPDFZeman is the Czech Obamaread this issue
22/01MondayPDFZeman is the Czech Putinread this issue
23/01TuesdayPDFZeman's rolling thunderread this issue
24/01WednesdayPDFIs Drahoš clueless or clever?read this issue
25/01ThursdayPDFDrahoš's cute little bon motread this issue
29/01MondayPDFSteeling Zeman's thunderread this issue
30/01TuesdayPDFMafiaism is a European Valueread this issue
31/01WednesdayPDFPresident of the Resistanceread this issue

February 2018
01/02ThursdayPDFZeman and Radio Free Europeread this issue
05/02MondayPDFOnly the police are perfectread this issue
06/02TuesdayPDFCrisis manager Chovanecread this issue
07/02WednesdayPDFEasy money with Rusnokread this issue
08/02ThursdayPDFThe Prague paradoxread this issue
12/02MondayPDFZeman leaves ČSSD in the lurchread this issue
13/02TuesdayPDFOne Social Democrat is worth two Communistsread this issue
14/02WednesdayPDFLithium and Czexitread this issue
15/02ThursdayPDFBabiš's (self-) defense policyread this issue
19/02MondayPDFZeman and the Communistsread this issue
20/02TuesdayPDFSTAN's high valueread this issue
21/02WednesdayPDFBabiš and foreign investorsread this issue
22/02ThursdayPDFClan warsread this issue
26/02MondayPDFZeman dispenses with Chovanecread this issue
27/02TuesdayPDFWorth killing forread this issue
28/02WednesdayPDFCzechoslovak Hitmanread this issue

March 2018
01/03ThursdayPDFHow to tunnel Czech Televisionread this issue
05/03MondayPDFFico and Sobotkaread this issue
06/03TuesdayPDFSoros and the Germansread this issue
07/03WednesdayPDFZeman and CEFCread this issue
08/03ThursdayPDFCEFC, HNA, PAG, PPFread this issue
12/03MondayPDFKapsch's worst nightmareread this issue
13/03TuesdayPDFIgnominious Zeman makes heads rollread this issue
14/03WednesdayPDFGetting to ANO with Babišread this issue
15/03ThursdayPDFWho wants war and destruction?read this issue
19/03MondayPDFZeman between Trump and Xiread this issue
20/03TuesdayPDFDlouhý tries to broker a dealread this issue
21/03WednesdayPDFBabiš and the high price of ČEZread this issue
22/03ThursdayPDFKiska's color revolutionread this issue
26/03MondayPDFWhat would Zaorálek do?read this issue
27/03TuesdayPDFSobotka II arrivesread this issue
28/03WednesdayPDFIsolating Putin and Zemanread this issue
29/03ThursdayPDFWhy Petr Dvořák should stayread this issue

April 2018
03/04TuesdayPDFWhy extradite Nikulin?read this issue
04/04WednesdayPDFBabiš and the 2% Nato mantraread this issue
05/04ThursdayPDFYear One of Rusnok's Mission Accomplishedread this issue
09/04MondayPDFChovanec is backread this issue
10/04TuesdayPDFWhat is ÚZSI?read this issue
11/04WednesdayPDFZeman dispenses with Chovanec (again)read this issue
12/04ThursdayPDFShattered illusions of Sobotka IIread this issue
16/04MondayPDFTrump & May, Zeman & Babišread this issue
17/04TuesdayPDFTejc wants to expunge Chovanec's ghostread this issue
18/04WednesdayPDFKřetínský cleans up his actread this issue
19/04ThursdayPDFRusnok IIread this issue
23/04MondayPDFLike Nečas, like Babišread this issue
24/04TuesdayPDFBabiš and civil libertiesread this issue
25/04WednesdayPDFChovanec gets it rightread this issue
26/04ThursdayPDFCITIC sideswipes the Chinese flagshipread this issue
30/04MondayPDFLIFO in the Czech jobs marketread this issue

May 2018
02/05WednesdayPDFEU money saves democracyread this issue
03/05ThursdayPDFIs Babiš worse than a contract killer?read this issue
07/05MondayPDFDrábová feels Zeman's wrathread this issue
09/05WednesdayPDFWhen Babiš resignsread this issue
10/05ThursdayPDFPokorný vs. Kellnerread this issue
14/05MondayPDFFilip in the driver's seatread this issue
15/05TuesdayPDFHamáček's referendumread this issue
16/05WednesdayPDFJudges against Zemanread this issue
17/05ThursdayPDFNo to Europe, Yes to Natoread this issue
21/05MondayPDFHow long has Jarda been lying?read this issue
22/05TuesdayPDFDeath of an oligarchread this issue
23/05WednesdayPDFJarda's legacyread this issue
24/05ThursdayPDFJan & Jiříread this issue
28/05MondayPDFWhat happened at CEFC Europe?read this issue
29/05TuesdayPDFLaundering money in prime timeread this issue
30/05WednesdayPDFGDPR saves the balance sheetread this issue
31/05ThursdayPDFBabiš's Novichok transactionread this issue

June 2018
04/06MondayPDFKellner, Babiš and the chosen fewread this issue
05/06TuesdayPDFWage hell for exportersread this issue
06/06WednesdayPDFPokorný vs. Kellner, Final Actread this issue
07/06ThursdayPDFWhy does ČT promote a competitor?read this issue
11/06MondayPDFKalousek the Pirate slayerread this issue
12/06TuesdayPDFThe Jarda show continuesread this issue
13/06WednesdayPDFHow the CNB covers its rearread this issue
14/06ThursdayPDFLoans that no one can affordread this issue
18/06MondayPDFWhen ČEZ and the Castle collude with Russiaread this issue
19/06TuesdayPDFPoche and the ghost of Chovanecread this issue
20/06WednesdayPDFŠkoda Auto's near abroadread this issue
21/06ThursdayPDFBabiš as a walking conflict of interestread this issue
25/06MondayPDFPačes should pay the priceread this issue
26/06TuesdayPDFRychetský and the separation of powersread this issue
27/06WednesdayPDFThe art of the (defense) dealread this issue
28/06ThursdayPDFCompetitive Czech revaluationread this issue

July 2018
02/07MondayPDFMajor U.K. company charged with briberyread this issue
03/07TuesdayPDFOpposition mediaread this issue
04/07WednesdayPDFBakala's nose for the sellread this issue
09/07MondayPDFState-sponsored Chinese murkinessread this issue
10/07TuesdayPDFChovanec vs. Maláread this issue
11/07WednesdayPDFVisegrad for Natoread this issue
12/07ThursdayPDFODS and KSČMread this issue
16/07MondayPDFDéjà vu for Miroslava Němcováread this issue
17/07TuesdayPDFDéjà vu for Miroslav Kalousekread this issue
18/07WednesdayPDFDéjà vu for Andrej Babišread this issue
19/07ThursdayPDFDéjà vu for Miloš Zemanread this issue
23/07MondayPDFStuchlík is no Kiskaread this issue
24/07TuesdayPDFLawyer Radek Pokorný's double OKD roleread this issue
25/07WednesdayPDFBakala's OKD and Economiaread this issue
26/07ThursdayPDFOKD without Paroubek?read this issue
30/07MondayPDFWe're being suedread this issue
31/07TuesdayPDFOKD's full market valueread this issue

August 2018
01/08WednesdayPDFClose friends are saved by the bellread this issue
02/08ThursdayPDFFake Trump tweet about Rusnok's revaluationread this issue
06/08MondayPDFBakala and Parliament's mutual contemptread this issue
07/08TuesdayPDFBakala is right this timeread this issue
08/08WednesdayPDFBabiš and Merkelread this issue
09/08ThursdayPDFRegime change and friendly occupationread this issue
13/08MondayPDFVictims of 'low' interest ratesread this issue
14/08TuesdayPDFIs Česká spořitelna ethical?read this issue
15/08WednesdayPDFBakala the pro in a land of dilettantesread this issue
16/08ThursdayPDFChinese amb. leaves a mystery behindread this issue
20/08MondayPDFRusnok's revaluation ruseread this issue
21/08TuesdayPDFCzech presidents on Aug. 21read this issue
22/08WednesdayPDFWe're being sued (again)read this issue
23/08ThursdayPDFBeware Rusnok's nukesread this issue
27/08MondayPDFLike Trump, Švejnar slams the central bankread this issue
28/08TuesdayPDFWhy Poche was dead off the blocksread this issue
29/08WednesdayPDFFriends in '18, '38, '48, '56, '68, '89 and '18read this issue
30/08ThursdayPDFPump, dump, blame Trumpread this issue

September 2018
03/09MondayPDFCrazy rich Asians and their Czech suitorsread this issue
04/09TuesdayPDFFearing a bail-inread this issue
05/09WednesdayPDFODS's real enemiesread this issue
06/09ThursdayPDFThe Resistance inside the Babiš administrationread this issue
10/09MondayPDFHamáček puts Poche in his placeread this issue
11/09TuesdayPDFCEFC Europe in Chinese handsread this issue
12/09WednesdayPDFIndict Mark Zuckerbergread this issue
13/09ThursdayPDFApple's five-year death sentenceread this issue
17/09MondayPDFWhen China one day writes the history of its triumph over Western civilization, it will praise the Western liberal elite for having the wisdom to aid it in its decades-long en- deavor. The Economist, which is one of the bibles of elitist Western progressives, issued a "manifesto for renewing liberalism" on Fri. The unstated bottom line of the long call to action is that the West should support China more than ever now that Donald Trump is upending the post-World War II order that has brought prosperity to so many people. "China's ambitions to make the yuan an international currency should, in general, be welcomed," The Economist wrote. It will be difficult to convince some Czech liberals to openly support the expansion of Chinese Communism, but they have a willing leader in this respect. Pres. Miloš Zeman might be a Homo Sovieticus when it comes to Russia, but he is on the front line in supporting China as a savior of the liberal world order.read this issue
17/09MondayPDFMiloš Zeman's liberalismread this issue
18/09TuesdayPDFGeorge's armyread this issue
19/09WednesdayPDFWhat Zeman will tell Steinmeierread this issue
20/09ThursdayPDFKřetínský and Zemanread this issue
24/09MondayPDFZeman talks crisisread this issue
25/09TuesdayPDFThis text will not interest youread this issue
26/09WednesdayPDFBakala v. Krupa et alread this issue
27/09ThursdayPDFWhy FDR did not assassinate Hitlerread this issue

October 2018
01/10MondayPDFFDR on 'very great success' of Munichread this issue
02/10TuesdayPDFPetříček the punching bagread this issue
03/10WednesdayPDFUntil Babiš is out of officeread this issue
04/10ThursdayPDFŠkoda's dangerous bluffread this issue
08/10MondayPDFKingmaker Jiříread this issue
09/10TuesdayPDFHow will Kellner screw Moneta's shareholders?read this issue
10/10WednesdayPDFUnderstanding ČSSD through Škoda T.read this issue
11/10ThursdayPDFWhat's rape anyway?read this issue
15/10MondayPDFAlternative for Czechlandread this issue
16/10TuesdayPDFForeign policy is me, damn it!read this issue
17/10WednesdayPDFBuy American weapons, become vulnerableread this issue
18/10ThursdayPDFČT and ČSSDread this issue
22/10MondayPDFHamáček's distorted popularityread this issue
23/10TuesdayPDFNo crisis on the horizon?read this issue
24/10WednesdayPDFMaking Afghanistan safe for opiumread this issue
25/10ThursdayPDFTime to sell your new home?read this issue
29/10MondayPDFCelebrating interim independenceread this issue
30/10TuesdayPDFWaiting for the new lord mayor to failread this issue
31/10WednesdayPDFWhere was the Skripal leak?read this issue

November 2018
01/11ThursdayPDFA profitable police raid at Škoda T.read this issue
05/11MondayPDFMigrant caravansread this issue
06/11TuesdayPDFBudget deficits in perspectiveread this issue
07/11WednesdayPDFYear Five of the Great Devaluationread this issue
08/11ThursdayPDFWhat does Jakub think?read this issue
12/11MondayPDFThe next Zemanread this issue
13/11TuesdayPDFJuncker and Schwarzenbergread this issue
14/11WednesdayPDFIs it okay to break the law to get a scoop?read this issue
15/11ThursdayPDFThe next Kalousekread this issue
19/11MondayPDFDoes Trump want to overthrow Babiš?read this issue
20/11TuesdayPDFCzech TV is not TV Seznamread this issue
21/11WednesdayPDFConspiracy at Jiří Rusnok's CNB?read this issue
22/11ThursdayPDFThe other Five Familiesread this issue
26/11MondayPDFPigs in politicsread this issue
27/11TuesdayPDFIn the service of the oppositionread this issue
28/11WednesdayPDFWhose StB files were shredded?read this issue
29/11ThursdayPDFWith friends like Poroshenko...read this issue

December 2018
03/12MondayPDFBabiš as hostile takeover targetread this issue
04/12TuesdayPDFThe Commission's sad admissionread this issue
05/12WednesdayPDFSpies who lieread this issue
06/12ThursdayPDFKalousek is right, but also wrongread this issue
10/12MondayPDFZeman vs. BISread this issue
11/12TuesdayPDFMeng and Nikulinread this issue
12/12WednesdayPDFAgrofert a.s. vs ČSSD a.s., EU venueread this issue
13/12ThursdayPDFDoing time for Stork's Nest praiseread this issue
17/12MondayPDFBlind trust in a blind trustread this issue
18/12TuesdayPDFIs PPF a security risk?read this issue
19/12WednesdayPDFTrump calls the shotsread this issue
20/12ThursdayPDFWhen Babiš embraces Transparency...read this issue
27/12ThursdayPDFRusnok's yearread this issue
31/12MondayPDFO Agáta, where art thou?read this issue

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