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January 2019
02/01WednesdayPDFNo quick fixes in 2019read this issue
03/01ThursdayPDFWill Trump split Zeman and Babiš?read this issue
07/01MondayPDFWill Sobotka's China policy unravel?read this issue
08/01TuesdayPDFEverybody's happy with Petříčekread this issue
09/01WednesdayPDFKlaus and Soros of a single mindread this issue
10/01ThursdayPDFBehind the Chinese 'lie'read this issue
14/01MondayPDFZeman's China syndromeread this issue
15/01TuesdayPDFWill China unite ODS and ANO?read this issue
16/01WednesdayPDFWho will speak for Martin Roman?read this issue
17/01ThursdayPDFExporting destitutionread this issue
21/01MondayPDFCzechs go one higher with #JusticniMeTooread this issue
22/01TuesdayPDFEU disintegration through French-German integrationread this issue
23/01WednesdayPDFFranco-German merger feverread this issue
24/01ThursdayPDFPitting Merkel-Macron against Trumpread this issue
28/01MondayPDFRychetský threw Baxa overboardread this issue
29/01TuesdayPDFWe lost - Radek Pokorný isn't a lobbyistread this issue
30/01WednesdayPDFA new Gang of Eight for Venezuelaread this issue
31/01ThursdayPDFCzech generals discover the Chinese threatread this issue

February 2019
04/02MondayPDFLustrating for PPF influenceread this issue
05/02TuesdayPDFZeman, Mynář, Baxa, Šimíček, Respektread this issue
06/02WednesdayPDFHavelian seal of approvalread this issue
07/02ThursdayPDFFreedomread this issue
11/02MondayPDFNÚKIB's state within a stateread this issue
12/02TuesdayPDFConnecting without Huaweiread this issue
13/02WednesdayPDFChina methread this issue
14/02ThursdayPDFWar with Iranread this issue
18/02MondayPDFFrom underdog to predatorread this issue
19/02TuesdayPDFNÚKIB finds the Novichokread this issue
20/02WednesdayPDFHuawei's goose is cookedread this issue
21/02ThursdayPDFTrump's best European allyread this issue
25/02MondayPDFPlaying at pension reformread this issue
26/02TuesdayPDFCheat me once...read this issue
27/02WednesdayPDFJust another Kapschread this issue
28/02ThursdayPDFAdopt a pensioner and a loaferread this issue

March 2019
04/03MondayPDFZeman's final victory over ČSSD a.s.read this issue
05/03TuesdayPDFBrace yourself for a tax increaseread this issue
06/03WednesdayPDFTrump, Babiš and the opposition mediaread this issue
07/03ThursdayPDFAndy meets Donread this issue
11/03MondayPDFBabiš at Langleyread this issue
12/03TuesdayPDFBabiš at the White Houseread this issue
13/03WednesdayPDFZeman vs. the 'reformed' terroristsread this issue
14/03ThursdayPDFRafaj's antitrust office loses trustread this issue
18/03MondayPDFČaputová like Zemanread this issue
19/03TuesdayPDFAgent Křetínskýread this issue
20/03WednesdayPDFRafaj's brainread this issue
21/03ThursdayPDFSupporting terrorismread this issue
25/03MondayPDFZeman and Rafajread this issue
26/03TuesdayPDFHuawei, Babiš and the art of warread this issue

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