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January 2013
02/01WednesdayPDFConceited self-proclaimed saviorsread this issue
03/01ThursdayPDFKlaus hoists European flagread this issue
07/01MondayPDFNo dirty money, no tunnelersread this issue
08/01TuesdayPDFKlaus aloneread this issue
09/01WednesdayPDFSchwarzenberg: The best of the badread this issue
10/01ThursdayPDFJanoušek's big chanceread this issue
14/01MondayPDFMoney can't buy you loveread this issue
15/01TuesdayPDFAge mattersread this issue
16/01WednesdayPDFSchwarzenberg's presidential immunityread this issue
17/01ThursdayPDFZeman, Rychetský and Šloufread this issue
21/01MondayPDFObama vs. Nixonread this issue
22/01TuesdayPDFZeman and the lieread this issue
23/01WednesdayPDFZeman or KJSread this issue
24/01ThursdayPDFHow's the weather?read this issue
28/01MondayPDFZeman and the Princeread this issue
29/01TuesdayPDFDown and out in Paris and Londonread this issue
30/01WednesdayPDFThe fiscal what?read this issue
31/01ThursdayPDFDon't blame it on Benešread this issue

February 2013
04/02MondayPDFWaiting for Supermanread this issue
05/02TuesdayPDFWhy Czech yogurt isn't sellingread this issue
06/02WednesdayPDFWoodsman-in-chiefread this issue
07/02ThursdayPDFZeman and ČEZread this issue
11/02MondayPDFUnemployment up, job security downread this issue
12/02TuesdayPDFBank fees and debt collectorsread this issue
13/02WednesdayPDFPresidential vicesread this issue
14/02ThursdayPDFEnjoy life to the max?read this issue
18/02MondayPDFBárta vs. Babišread this issue
19/02TuesdayPDFBárta the political commentatorread this issue
20/02WednesdayPDFBulgaria and the Roman Empireread this issue
21/02ThursdayPDFOpposition agreement 2read this issue
25/02MondayPDFThe new 'working' classread this issue
26/02TuesdayPDFStill an emerging marketread this issue
27/02WednesdayPDFWhy delay the civil code?read this issue
28/02ThursdayPDFFinal Word readers have the pension bluesread this issue

March 2013
04/03MondayPDFAmnesty spoils Janoušek's chancesread this issue
05/03TuesdayPDFTreason!read this issue
06/03WednesdayPDFA bungled assassinationread this issue
07/03ThursdayPDFKlaus: The next generationread this issue
11/03MondayPDFWho's the biggest godfather?read this issue
12/03TuesdayPDFWanted: Moral authorityread this issue
13/03WednesdayPDFWho audits the auditors?read this issue
14/03ThursdayPDFHavel as moral authorityread this issue
18/03MondayPDFTatra changes hands (or does it?)read this issue
19/03TuesdayPDFWe are all bloodsuckers nowread this issue
20/03WednesdayPDFThe fleeting charm of ČSSDread this issue
21/03ThursdayPDFCentral & Western Europeread this issue
25/03MondayPDFBribery at Prague city hallread this issue
26/03TuesdayPDFDue diligenceread this issue
27/03WednesdayPDFEvil intent, incompetence or ...read this issue
28/03ThursdayPDFNothing personal, Václavread this issue

April 2013
02/04TuesdayPDFSummer time, and the livin' is confusin'read this issue
03/04WednesdayPDFODS: Stop your sobbingread this issue
04/04ThursdayPDFPeake and Kubaread this issue
08/04MondayPDFSchwarzenberg's flexible Realpolitikread this issue
09/04TuesdayPDFThatcher and Czech privatizationread this issue
10/04WednesdayPDFGodfathers bewareread this issue
11/04ThursdayPDFČSA still up in the airread this issue
15/04MondayPDFThe guilty pleasure of impulse callingread this issue
16/04TuesdayPDFApril putsch, but by whom?read this issue
17/04WednesdayPDFWhat Zeman told Schwarzenbergread this issue
18/04ThursdayPDFDetain the bastardsread this issue
22/04MondayPDFKlaus, shale gas and Temelínread this issue
23/04TuesdayPDFKuba's public-procurement policyread this issue
24/04WednesdayPDFThe vowread this issue
25/04ThursdayPDFHigh on Kalousek debtread this issue
29/04MondayPDFAs anyone who carefully follows Czech news should already know, President Miloš Zeman told Deník and its sister publication Passauer Neue Presse that the CR could join the eurozone within about five years. This was exalted by those who favor greater Czech participation in the EU integration process and pilloried by those who thought Zeman was trying to co-opt another decision that belongs to someone else. The FT, somewhat dubiously, credited Zeman with opening a debate about the common currency that has been "moribund for years." There's also a much less eurocentric way to look at the matter. ČSSD Chair Bohuslav Sobotka wrote in MFD on April 6 that the CR will "most certainly not become a member of the eurozone in the next five years." The CR is not ready, he said, and eurozone members aren't prepared to accept it. Two weeks later, Zeman said he thinks the CR could indeed join within about five years. So, was Zeman being an EU visionary, or was he looking for another excuse not to appoint Sobotka as the next read this issue
29/04MondayPDFZeman, Sobotka and the next five yearsread this issue
30/04TuesdayPDFAbolish the across-the-board abolitionread this issue

May 2013
02/05ThursdayPDFDrop-dead beautifulread this issue
06/05MondayPDFMartin Roman and J&Tread this issue
07/05TuesdayPDFMethanol moneyread this issue
09/05ThursdayPDFKarel the Mumblerread this issue
13/05MondayPDFInfectious vodkaread this issue
14/05TuesdayPDFPutting people firstread this issue
15/05WednesdayPDFBrave messagesread this issue
16/05ThursdayPDFNeo-feudalismread this issue
20/05MondayPDFT is (not) for Traditionread this issue
21/05TuesdayPDFZeman and quantitative easingread this issue
22/05WednesdayPDFYour pension dutyread this issue
23/05ThursdayPDFThe Hrdlička bribe chartread this issue
27/05MondayPDFOne million liters of hooch in the groundread this issue
28/05TuesdayPDFConfusion about godfathersread this issue
29/05WednesdayPDFWho in Prague is a democrat?read this issue
30/05ThursdayPDFWho owns the Lendl Collection?read this issue

June 2013
03/06MondayPDFCrisis mismanagementread this issue
04/06TuesdayPDFGrowth through floodingread this issue
05/06WednesdayPDFSaved by the floodread this issue
06/06ThursdayPDFGimme gimme gimmeread this issue
10/06MondayPDFAbstemious Kalousekread this issue
11/06TuesdayPDFWhen politicians and executives must lieread this issue
12/06WednesdayPDFThe demise of independent newsread this issue
13/06ThursdayPDFBakala and sanitized journalismread this issue
17/06MondayPDFDasvidaniya, Nečasread this issue
18/06TuesdayPDFMoney's all that mattersread this issue
19/06WednesdayPDFObama in Berlinread this issue
20/06ThursdayPDFDrunk on bileread this issue
24/06MondayPDFKalousek and Kuba in Zeman's viseread this issue
25/06TuesdayPDFZeman vs. parliamentary democracyread this issue
26/06WednesdayPDFWhat Zeman won't tell Merkelread this issue
27/06ThursdayPDFKalousek's big mistakeread this issue

July 2013
01/07MondayPDFZeman's revengeread this issue
02/07TuesdayPDFIs there no stopping Zeman?read this issue
03/07WednesdayPDFRotten food just isn't selling the way it wasread this issue
04/07ThursdayPDFLegalized tunneling at OKDread this issue
08/07MondayPDFZemanspeakread this issue
09/07TuesdayPDFThe Zeman-Rychetský conspiracyread this issue
10/07WednesdayPDFThree words that shook PPF's worldread this issue
11/07ThursdayPDFSustaining the coupread this issue
15/07MondayPDF'Suitcase' Sobotka v. 'Plastic Bag' Fischerread this issue
16/07TuesdayPDFRittig, Alseda and Homolkaread this issue
17/07WednesdayPDFWhat Kalousek knew and when he knew itread this issue
18/07ThursdayPDFWhat does Kalousek fear?read this issue
22/07MondayPDFThe metamorphosis of Jeroným Tejcread this issue
23/07TuesdayPDFOut with the old, in with the same old thingread this issue
24/07WednesdayPDFMiloš Zeman as Napoleon the Pigread this issue
25/07ThursdayPDFSPOZ - the new ODSread this issue
29/07MondayPDFZeman's man at Prague city hallread this issue
30/07TuesdayPDFŽaluda's sleight of handread this issue
31/07WednesdayPDFForced print-to-internet migrationread this issue

August 2013
01/08ThursdayPDFIštvangate 2read this issue
05/08MondayPDFCzech Cultural Revolutionread this issue
06/08TuesdayPDFSobotka's retreatread this issue
07/08WednesdayPDFSobotka the democratread this issue
08/08ThursdayPDFBabiš and early electionsread this issue
12/08MondayPDFWhen chairmen betray their partiesread this issue
13/08TuesdayPDFOstrava is not Detroitread this issue
14/08WednesdayPDFThe nonpartisan presidentread this issue
15/08ThursdayPDFLegal tunneling of OKD bytyread this issue
19/08MondayPDFTOP and ODS to lift Nečas's immunityread this issue
20/08TuesdayPDFRepairing Nečas's natural disastersread this issue
21/08WednesdayPDFZeman's new lease on liferead this issue
22/08ThursdayPDFDefriending foreign investorsread this issue
26/08MondayPDFZeman & Klaus: Two for the price of oneread this issue
27/08TuesdayPDFSUPR Boboread this issue
28/08WednesdayPDFZeman's Syria policyread this issue
29/08ThursdayPDFUnwinnable wars and unsustainable debtread this issue

September 2013
02/09MondayPDFThe People vs. Martin Romanread this issue
03/09TuesdayPDFRusnok snubs Kerryread this issue
04/09WednesdayPDFWhen state prosecutors quarrelread this issue
05/09ThursdayPDFTrojan horses at Nokia, CME and IPBread this issue
09/09MondayPDFLies, half-lies and complete stupiditiesread this issue
10/09TuesdayPDFZeman's trap for Sobotkaread this issue
11/09WednesdayPDF#Whats_Twitter?read this issue
12/09ThursdayPDFZeman's constitutional amendmentread this issue
16/09MondayPDFAndrej Babiš's Super PACread this issue
17/09TuesdayPDFOKD and the price of a reputationread this issue
18/09WednesdayPDFRats abandon the Bakala shipread this issue
19/09ThursdayPDFNo sense of justiceread this issue
23/09MondayPDFWhen Zeman meets Bakalaread this issue
24/09TuesdayPDFIštvan, Vitásková and the shady solar businessread this issue
25/09WednesdayPDFZeman sticks it to Goldman Sachsread this issue
26/09ThursdayPDFHavelian dirty moneyread this issue
30/09MondayPDFBakala guts Economiaread this issue

October 2013
01/10TuesdayPDFAre Slovaks foreigners too?read this issue
02/10WednesdayPDFCanals lined with goldread this issue
03/10ThursdayPDFBabiš's power horizontalread this issue
07/10MondayPDFNationalizing OKD's coalread this issue
08/10TuesdayPDFTeflon Karelread this issue
09/10WednesdayPDFKateGate and its big winnerread this issue
10/10ThursdayPDFKlaus loses his 'immunity'read this issue
14/10MondayPDFMUS and the simple peopleread this issue
15/10TuesdayPDFCrossing out Kalousekread this issue
16/10WednesdayPDFThe corrupt Czech Senateread this issue
17/10ThursdayPDFBabiš's secret weaponread this issue
21/10MondayPDFThe Kč 2m flash diskread this issue
22/10TuesdayPDFAntonín Koláček zips his lipsread this issue
23/10WednesdayPDF10,000 crappy jobsread this issue
24/10ThursdayPDFLife after prisonread this issue
27/10SundayPDFWaiting for Zemanread this issue
29/10TuesdayPDFZeman's useful idiotread this issue
30/10WednesdayPDFWhat does Babiš want?read this issue
31/10ThursdayPDFKnown, unknown and suspected liesread this issue

November 2013
04/11MondayPDFProof of liferead this issue
05/11TuesdayPDFZeman speaks - but hides his faceread this issue
06/11WednesdayPDFThe Communists are backread this issue
07/11ThursdayPDFZeman's hapless bandread this issue
11/11MondayPDFThe CNB flips the nuclear switchread this issue
12/11TuesdayPDFA kinder, gentler Zemanread this issue
13/11WednesdayPDFSinger, Klaus and ERM IIread this issue
14/11ThursdayPDFAndrej Babiš - master of obfuscationread this issue
18/11MondayPDFNuclear switches and super inflationread this issue
19/11TuesdayPDFPPF's Chinese connectionread this issue
20/11WednesdayPDFJournalists in exileread this issue
21/11ThursdayPDFWho caused the devaluation?read this issue
25/11MondayPDFFrantišek Savov's very bad luckread this issue
26/11TuesdayPDFOligarchs against Bakalaread this issue
27/11WednesdayPDFPPF under attackread this issue
28/11ThursdayPDFHas Sobotka already Peaked?read this issue

December 2013
02/12MondayPDFBillionaires serving billionairesread this issue
03/12TuesdayPDF'There was no devaluation'read this issue
04/12WednesdayPDFSobotka's cabinet of budget irresponsibilityread this issue
05/12ThursdayPDFPrivatizing Czech Televisionread this issue
09/12MondayPDFZeman's last man standingread this issue
10/12TuesdayPDFIs Zeman still relevant?read this issue
11/12WednesdayPDFRegime change in the ČEZ Republicread this issue
12/12ThursdayPDFThe Kellner and Bakala republicsread this issue
16/12MondayPDFZeman rates himselfread this issue
17/12TuesdayPDFThe great purges of 2013read this issue
18/12WednesdayPDFLord of Czech woods and fieldsread this issue
19/12ThursdayPDFSobotka's guardian angelread this issue
23/12MondayPDFBabiš as PM?read this issue
30/12MondayPDFThree reasons for buying Ringierread this issue
31/12TuesdayPDFPerson of the Yearread this issue

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