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January 2020
02/01ThursdayPDFClash of rival civilizationsread this issue
06/01MondayPDFHow Trump wins in Iraqread this issue
07/01TuesdayPDFPavel Rychetský and #JusticniMeTooread this issue
08/01WednesdayPDFSubmission to the digital godsread this issue
09/01ThursdayPDFJob killersread this issue
13/01MondayPDFIt's Greta's turnread this issue
14/01TuesdayPDFSchwarzenberg's tacit pre-strike approvalread this issue
15/01WednesdayPDFMoney that goes poof!read this issue
16/01ThursdayPDFDeath of the illiberal rightread this issue
20/01MondayPDFRusnok's revaluation is finally workingread this issue
21/01TuesdayPDFKubera's last hurrayread this issue
22/01WednesdayPDFKubera the impeacherread this issue
23/01ThursdayPDFČeská televize a.s.read this issue
27/01MondayPDFIs coronavirus the next big one?read this issue
28/01TuesdayPDFDevaluation and revaluation at onceread this issue
29/01WednesdayPDFWhat made Mojmír Hampl trigger-happy?read this issue
30/01ThursdayPDFAnger managementread this issue

February 2020
03/02MondayPDFČSSD's digital taxread this issue
04/02TuesdayPDFThat's what friends and allies are forread this issue
05/02WednesdayPDFHow the CNB helps reelect Donald Trumpread this issue
06/02ThursdayPDFImpeaching Bakalaread this issue
10/02MondayPDFCentral-bank job killersread this issue
11/02TuesdayPDFClass war and economic gloomread this issue
12/02WednesdayPDFMetrostav's bad applesread this issue
13/02ThursdayPDFUndemocratic Activities Committeeread this issue
17/02MondayPDFBelated inflation fearsread this issue
18/02TuesdayPDFTrump's Czech agentsread this issue
19/02WednesdayPDFPavel Zeman's monumental decisionread this issue
20/02ThursdayPDFKellner, Roman, Vítekread this issue
24/02MondayPDFChina's clear messageread this issue
25/02TuesdayPDFCrisis accumulationread this issue
26/02WednesdayPDFAge as an issueread this issue
27/02ThursdayPDFPredator alertread this issue

March 2020
02/03MondayPDFSobotka and Ficoread this issue
03/03TuesdayPDFRychetský wanted fair treatmentread this issue
04/03WednesdayPDFMillion Moments for the CNBread this issue
05/03ThursdayPDFRevaluation virusread this issue
09/03MondayPDFSocializing the lossesread this issue
10/03TuesdayPDFViolent uprisingread this issue
11/03WednesdayPDFJob-killing coronavirusread this issue
12/03ThursdayPDFFace it, you're poorread this issue
16/03MondayPDFHostage to Germanyread this issue
17/03TuesdayPDFRusnok's costly misfireread this issue
18/03WednesdayPDFNew Iron Curtainread this issue
19/03ThursdayPDFLove in the time of coronavirusread this issue
23/03MondayPDFBabiš's critical situationread this issue
24/03TuesdayPDFThe koruna infectionread this issue
25/03WednesdayPDFGreat Devaluation of the Czech Crown of 2020read this issue
26/03ThursdayPDFGlobal inflationread this issue
30/03MondayPDFThe great bank consolidationread this issue
31/03TuesdayPDFHamáček on a war footingread this issue

April 2020
01/04WednesdayPDFBigger than the Velvet Revolutionread this issue
02/04ThursdayPDFAlbert's infection centerread this issue
06/04MondayPDFRecord-breaking Škoda holds out its handread this issue
07/04TuesdayPDFPrymula and the other Zemanread this issue
08/04WednesdayPDFFlattening the curveread this issue
09/04ThursdayPDFHealth Firstread this issue
14/04TuesdayPDFEager to stay closedread this issue
15/04WednesdayPDFPrepare for a collapseread this issue
16/04ThursdayPDFThe face of repressionread this issue
17/04FridayPDFThe face of repressionread this issue
20/04MondayPDFHow we lost World War IIIread this issue
21/04TuesdayPDFWho's in control here?read this issue
22/04WednesdayPDFUnconstitutional? Says WHO?read this issue
23/04ThursdayPDFDon't talk to strangers or familyread this issue
27/04MondayPDFHealth (is no longer) Firstread this issue
28/04TuesdayPDFWar presidentread this issue
29/04WednesdayPDFMeet the new normalread this issue
30/04ThursdayPDFWe're so rich...read this issue

May 2020
04/05MondayPDFContagions of 1968 and 2020read this issue
05/05TuesdayPDFPrima's problemread this issue
06/05WednesdayPDFBond purchases & devaluationsread this issue
07/05ThursdayPDFJames Bond in Pragueread this issue
11/05MondayPDFOur biggest geopolitical tragedy, Part Oneread this issue
12/05TuesdayPDFOur biggest geopolitical tragedy, Part Tworead this issue
13/05WednesdayPDFPokorný & Šlachtaread this issue
14/05ThursdayPDFKoudelka's cover-upread this issue
17/05SundayPDFSaving ČSA and its banksread this issue
18/05MondayPDFSaving ČSA and its banksread this issue
19/05TuesdayPDFOKD and the death of big retailread this issue
20/05WednesdayPDFSlovak Maďar as the face of Czech repressionread this issue
21/05ThursdayPDFSenate plays games with one-Chinaread this issue
25/05MondayPDFEuropean champions in inflationread this issue
26/05TuesdayPDFInsider dissidentsread this issue
27/05WednesdayPDFAnnexation under extreme duressread this issue
28/05ThursdayPDFNečas, Machiavelli and the secretaries of princesread this issue

June 2020
01/06MondayPDFHong Kong and the new Iron Curtainread this issue
02/06TuesdayPDFBill Gates and his 'innovative' vaccinesread this issue
03/06WednesdayPDFA Prima black holeread this issue
04/06ThursdayPDFTwo young Kennedys in Pragueread this issue
08/06MondayPDFLackeys to the great powersread this issue
09/06TuesdayPDFWhat did BIS know and when did it know it?read this issue
10/06WednesdayPDFMore Havelian than Havelread this issue
11/06ThursdayPDFPokorný & Zemanread this issue
15/06MondayPDFMilan Chovanec's other reorganizationread this issue
16/06TuesdayPDFPokorný & Růžičkaread this issue
17/06WednesdayPDFWhat OKD is missing is a Bakalaread this issue
18/06ThursdayPDFTaxing the billionairesread this issue
22/06MondayPDFCzechoslovak Lenin in Germanyread this issue
23/06TuesdayPDFCourts in the era of destructionread this issue
24/06WednesdayPDFChinese Novaread this issue
25/06ThursdayPDFThe new KSČread this issue
29/06MondayPDFMilada Horáková and 'uncollective' guiltread this issue
30/06TuesdayPDFCovid-19 and inherited malnutritionread this issue

July 2020
01/07WednesdayPDFHealth First (until we get a vaccine)read this issue
02/07ThursdayPDFSvětlana in love, Blesk in actionread this issue

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