Final Word from Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Several readers were quick to point out some names we conspicuously left off our list of potential European commissioners. What about Jan Kavan, Miloš Zeman and Josef Zieleniec, they asked? On paper, they're three of the most qualified to fill the EC post. Kavan and Zieleniec are former foreign ministers who now hold prominent international positions (Kavan at the U.N., Zieleniec at the EU constitutional convention). Their names will likely come up when the debate begins in earnest. We left Zieleniec off our list because of doubts about his health (he reportedly has Parkinson's disease), but we've been assured that he's robust and working hard. Zeman is another issue. Diplomats we've spoken to indicated that the EC wouldn't welcome Zeman, mainly because of his habit of insulting people. The European Commission shouldn't be used as a place to dispose of unwanted domestic politicians, we were told.


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