Final Word from Monday, May 26, 2003

Richard Salzmann insisted that he never took orders from politicians while he was chairman of Komerční banka. Never did they tell him how to lend money, he claimed. It seems they didn't have to; Salzmann knew intuitively what his political bosses wanted. Pavel Zuna, who is 40 years Salzmann's junior, has a similar sixth sense. He flatly denies that Vladimír Železný ever told him what to broadcast as editor-in-chief of TV Nova. He insists that he alone made the decisions. He also told MF Dnes that Nova has never used its news programs to support its own political or business interests. Not even specific examples to the contrary made him repent. After defending himself with similar vehemence for years, Salzmann finally ran KB into the ground and finished his career in disgrace. With Železný gone, Zuna now has a chance to get his own career back on track.


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