Final Word from Friday, June 27, 2003

The ink is barely dry on the EU referendum, and things are already emanating from Brussels that are getting Czechs nervous. Václav Klaus didn't like Germany's latest effort to reopen the Sudeten issue. Vladimír Špidla is fighting not to lose his voice in Brussels. And now Czechs have to worry about their favorite porn show. The Financial Times reported this week that the European Commission wants to ban sex discrimination and halt TV programs that cast women as sex objects. For the prudes in Brussels, TV Nova's Peříčko (roughly, "Little Tickler") show probably couldn't be more offensive. Hosted by a former stripper, the hugely popular program bares all and delves into such topics as sadomasochism, prostitution and group sex. As pro-EU as they are, Czechs won't want to give it up. They'll expect Klaus and Špidla to take out their whips and fight this one. pornography sexist sexism


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