Final Word from Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Týden, a success story in recent years, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Since new owner Sebastian Pawlowski and Editor-in-chief Dalibor Balšínek took over the news weekly four years ago, circulation has tripled, to 57,000. Pawlowski now wants to launch a Sunday newspaper, according to Strategie, and perhaps turn it eventually into a daily. He talks about the need for a serious daily, which is an indictment of existing papers with pretensions in this direction. The CR's dailies are still struggling to find a model that works. Týden hasn't been entirely without its own lapses either. Sloppy business stories have at times prompted threats of boycotts by advertisers, and there are whispers of an unwillingness to touch city hall, due to Pawlowski's real-estate dealings. If Pawlowski enters the newspaper market, though, the overall effect will likely be positive. Prague


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