Final Word from Friday, March 5, 2004

Václav Klaus made his first visit as president to Brussels, a city he referred to with lament on Czech Radio as the new capital of the CR. He also compared Brussels to Moscow in MF Dnes last Sat. He was angered by the reports on food-supply levels that will have to be sent to the EU, something he said the Soviets didn't even require. Despite his harsh words, Klaus put on the charm in Brussels yesterday. He said the visit was part of his everyday duties, while his remarks at home about the EU reflect his global views. A comment in MFD last week was more revealing. He said that his decision whether to veto a given law is based on his calculated chances of ultimate success. As much as he dislikes the idea of an EU Constitution, he would apparently only use his veto against it if he were convinced that it would achieve his broader goals, whatever they might be.


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