Final Word from Thursday, May 6, 2004

Every time Interior Minister Stanislav Gross gets someone sacked from a Czech company (Český Telecom, ČSA, ČEZ, Eurotel, etc.), the doubts about his intentions grow. He's cleverly kept the situation under control, though, by releasing damaging information about the people he's had terminated. This isn't working in the case of CEO Terrence Valeski of Eurotel. The business community isn't willing to accept the excuses given for his removal as statutory representative. CEO Jack Stack of Česká spořitelna and other respected business leaders came out in defense of Valeski in MFD today. Also speaking in MFD today, ODS Chair Mirek Topolánek said that Gross's "map of influence" in Czech companies presents a real risk to the CR. If ČSSD decides to elect Gross as its chair, it's the party's business. But if he ever becomes premier, it'll be everyone's business.


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