Final Word from Friday, May 21, 2004

Although political polls in the CR are notoriously inaccurate, it's probably safe to assume that ČSSD will do miserably in next month's European elections. This will only confirm Vladimír Špidla's status as a lame-duck prime minister. Špidla strolled into office on the promise of no more corruption but has presided over a government that's at least as dubious as its predecessor. By criticizing the possibility of hanky-panky in the Český Telecom privatization and other deals this week in MFD, ODS Vice Chair Petr Nečas has given Špidla the chance for a second life. If he accepted Nečas's challenge and launched a thorough independent investigation into the questionable deals, he could reestablish himself as a man of character and sever his now subservient link to Stanislav Gross. But Špidla probably won't do it, and he'll continue to fade into political irrelevance. Interior Minister MF Dnes parliamenary


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