Final Word from Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The CR doesn't have much locally produced spam, but a new law waiting for the president's signature goes to the extreme in trying to eliminate what little there is. According to lawyer Zbyněk Loebl of Central European Advisory Group, the CR will have the toughest anti-spam rules in the world. Not only does the law ban unsolicited email and SMS ads, but it also prevents e-based businesses from sending solicitations to existing clients without their prior consent. This goes against a mandatory provision of the EU directive on privacy and electronic communications. There are ways to get around it, Loebl said, but the CR will nevertheless be passing a law that's in known violation of EU rules. Václav Klaus told the Senate in March that there are perhaps too many laws and that it might be better not to pass any more. It'd be understandable if he vetoed this one.advertisements commercial


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