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New Justice Minister Pavel Blažek is known as the invisible man, and we've discovered why. Using the exhaustive investigative techniques of Jaroslav Kmenta (someone handed us a secret file), we've learned that Blažek is the long-lost son of ex-Chair Miroslav Sládek of the far-right Republican Party. Because the resemblance is so striking, Blažek-Sládek has been keeping a low profile. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, though, and the new minister has the same anti-establishment tendencies. Sládek Sr. wanted to recall Havel as president in 1998 because he was elected illegally. Blažek now wants to castrate Supreme State Prosecutor Pavel Zeman in a similar way. Klaus was on Sládek's side in this in 1998 and is now on the progeny's side too. Dagmar Havlová tried to get into the Castle yesterday to whistle Blažek down, but the president's security team acted on orders and pretended not to recognize her.[Czech Republic political parody presidential elections]

Glossary of difficult words

political parody - this is political parody. Pavel Blažek is not the son of Miroslav Sládek (as far as we know);

to keep a low profile - to avoid publicity; to keep out of the public eye;

Klaus was on Sládek's side - both Klaus and Zeman criticized the way Sládek was arrested 10 days before the vote and released a few days afterward; Havel was elected by a single vote;

progeny - offspring; descendant;

Havlová - she whistled in Parliament when an ally of Sládek's protested against the way Havel was elected.

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