Final Word from Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Of prominent Czech journalists, Janek Kroupa of Czech Radio was the biggest supporter of Milan Chovanec's police reorganization. A key argument of the "reformers" was that the reorganization was not announced abruptly and was in fact planned in advance, and Kroupa defended this view from the very beginning. In contrast, Jaroslav Spurný of Res­pekt tied the reorganization to the Gáborík/Holub police raid a month before the June 2016 announcement. Eleven months later, Kroupa quickly became the biggest propagator of the idea that Marek Přibil was wearing a microphone in his meetings with Andrej Babiš, based on the background noise. In contrast, Spurný quoted eavesdropping expert Tomáš Almer as saying that anything can be faked and that the mike could have been a long-range directional one. What is the significance of this? There is little doubt that Babiš said what he said, but there is still considerable doubt about who recorded him, how and why. [Czech Republic ČSSD ANO recordings]

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to fake something - to forge or counterfeit (something); (in this context) to modify something to give a false impression.

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