Final Word from Saturday, June 15, 2002

Initial election results show that ČSSD has solidly defeated ODS in the Czech general elections and, together with the Coalition (KDU-ČSL and US-DEU), can form a stable government with 110 of 200 seats in Parliament. ČSSD used its momentum built up over the past two weeks to grab an estimated 72 seats, to 62 for ODS, 38 for the Coalition and 28 for the Communists. There are three key consequences of this: First, ČSSD and the Coalition can easily create a cabinet without needing the Communists. Second, ODS cannot form a stable government with the Coalition, because their 100 seats aren't enough. Third, 69% of voters have voted against Václav Klaus. ČSSD Chair Vladimír Špidla said at around 3pm today that if the results are confirmed, he'll offer to form a coalition with the Coalition. With these words, Klaus' defeat was complete.


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