Final Word from Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Two under-reported TV events from the holiday period gave an interesting take on the role of the media in the CR. On ČT24's "Média a svět," Patrik Tkáč of J&T said his investment group plans to launch a TV news station, Z1, in part because if it has such a tool at its disposal, its rivals will think twice before attacking it. This has already worked for it in Slovakia, he said. He admitted that a station like Z1 could also be used directly to attack others, but he insisted that the main value in this respect is more subtle or "below the line." On TV Prima's "Nedělní partie," editorial writer Martin Komárek of MFD said he supports Václav Klaus for president "because Klaus will win." Only a naive person can be completely surprised by the reality behind Komárek's or Tkáč's comments. It is surprising, though, these two prominent individuals would allow such revealing thoughts to be aired on national TV.[Czech Republic television]

Glossary of difficult words

under-reported - not receiving the media coverage something deserved;

a take on something - a particular view on something or approach to something;

Z1 - a new digital-TV station to be launched this year;

below the line - not conventional (such as an unconventional advertising technique);

Nedělní partie - see the show from Jan. 1, 2008;

MFD - MF Dnes, the leading serious daily;

revealing - making interesting or significant information known about a person's attitude or character.


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