Final Word from Monday, May 11, 2009

Speaking to Tý, Senate Vice President Alena Gajdůšková (ČSSD) floated the idea of impeaching President Václav Klaus for treason. Her objections to his behavior relate mainly to his negative stance toward the Lisbon treaty. If he refused to sign it, she said, it could be qualified as treason, because he failed to respect the will of the people. "Treason" isn't something that should be spoken of lightly, though. It's one thing for commentators to toss the word around, and quite another for a politician of Gajdůšková's rank to do so. Especially when her reasoning is so flimsy. If Gajdůšková wanted to raise questions about Klaus's unexplained ties to Russia, or even about his mental state (another possible reason for impeachment), she might have an argument. But for her to lambast him for meticulously adhering to the letter of a poorly written Constitution makes her, not him, guilty of abuse of office.[Czech Republic]

Glossary of difficult words

to float (an idea) - to put forward (an idea) as a suggestion or test of reactions;

to toss (an idea or thought) around - to mention in a casual or unceremonious way;

rank - position in the hierarchy of a society or organization;

flimsy - weak and unconvincing;

to lambast - to criticize harshly;

meticulously - very carefully and precisely;

to adhere to - to comply with.


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