Final Word from Monday, June 29, 2009

Industry groups that hire advisers to represent the collective interests of the group must rely on the professional integrity of the adviser to refrain from engaging in conflicts of interest. Imagine the chagrin of members of the Heating Association when they learned that their PR and lobbying agency, AMI Communications/Pan Solutions, was acting on behalf of a single member, ČEZ, instead of representing the entire group. AMI circulated a position paper on CO2 credits to association members but failed to mention that only ČEZ would qualify for Kč 68bn in free credits, because of a March 2010 investment-plan deadline that was omitted and that no one else could meet. Even ČEZ's buddies at J&T were blindsided. Why would ČEZ and AMI step on so many toes? Well, Kč 68bn is Kč 68bn. And rumor has it that Martin Roman knows he only has six months left at the helm of ČEZ.[Czech Republic Teplárenské sdružení Association for District Heating public relations]

Glossary of difficult words

Don't stop 'til you get enough - a song by Michael Jackson;

to refrain - to abstain or stop oneself from doing something;

chagrin - annoyance. irritation; distress or embarrassment at having failed or been humiliated;

to omit - to leave out or exclude, either intentionally or forgetfully;

to blindside - to catch someone unprepared.


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