Final Word from Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Karel Gott, a much-admired crooner who just turned 70, told Radio Impuls that singers and songwriters try to make the world seem a better place by painting a pretty picture in song. The reality, he said, is a cruel world where the law of the jungle rules. All wars have been economic in nature, he added, and it has never been a question of good prevailing over evil. By studying history, he said, he's lost many of his illusions. What is instructive, he said, is how things turned out the way they were supposed to according to a pre-written script. Gott, a long-time conspiracy theorist, told LN magazine way back in 2001 that all small banks will go bust and that the others will keep merging until there's only one left. Some day, he said, we might look back on the totalitarian regime of the past with nostalgia. Some people see Gott as a prophet of what is to come. Others wish he would stick to song.[Czech Republic Lidové noviny God]

Glossary of difficult words

Gott knows best - a play on the phrase "God knows best";

crooner - a singer, typically a male one, who sings sentimental songs in a soft, low voice;

LN - we couldn't find the LN article on the paper's website, so we provided another link;

to go bust - to go broke, bankrupt.


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