Final Word from Thursday, October 14, 2010

Careful readers of the Czech press can be forgiven for thinking that CEO Martin Roman of ČEZ is batting for the Russians in the Temelín tender. Roman's own comments make it appear that only the Russians wanted a delay and that he granted it, much to the surprise of the American and French bidders. In his new novel, "Our Kind of Traitor," John le Carré derides members of the British elite for losing any sense of patriotism, for going on the payroll of the Russian oligarchs and for not giving a shit about where the money comes from. If this perception gains currency with regard to Temelín, or if the Americans and French try to upset the apple cart by getting more proactive, the delay could actually end up hurting the Russians the most. Atomstroyexport seemed to have overcome the energy-diversification issue when it qualified to submit a bid, but pressure will no doubt now increase for the Nečas cabinet to vote specifically to exclude the Russians from Temelín, just as the Topolánek cabinet did in the ČSA tender to Aeroflot.[Czech Republic Czech Airlines Mirek Petr]

Glossary of difficult words

to bat for someone - to be on the side of, to support the interests of;

to deride - to express contempt for; to ridicule;

to go on the payroll of - to go to work for; to take money or bribes from;

to gain currency - to gain acceptance, popularity;

to upset the apple cart - to spoil a plan or disturb the status quo;

energy diversification - the concept of reducing one's reliance on a single source, or a few sources, of energy in the interest of energy security.


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