Final Word from Monday, April 11, 2011

Literally overnight, Kristýna Kočí of VV went from being a party mascot to a witchwhose evil spirit had to be exorcised for all eternity. In "Monty Python and the HolyGrail," the townsfolk knew a woman was a witch because, logically, if she burns,she's made of wood, and wood floats, as does a duck, so if she weighs the same as aduck, she's made of wood, and therefore a witch. Of course the punch line was thatshe did weigh the same as a duck. Proof for VV's leadership that Kočí was a witchcame when she blew the whistle on Vít Bárta's in-house bribery. But the public neededmore evidence. She provided it when she claimed that she placed the unopenedenvelope with the bribe into notarial escrow. The envelope was unopened, but sheknew that it contained Kč 500,000. Hmm, maybe it weighed the same as a duck. Shelater admitted she opened the envelope, but it was too late to save her from the stake.

Glossary of difficult words

to exorcise - to drive out or attempt to drive out (an evil spirit) from a person or place;

punch line - the final phrase of a joke or story, providing the humor or some other crucial element;

in-house - done or existing within an organization; internally;

escrow - a bond, deed or document kept in the custody of a third party;

the stake - a wooden post to which a person is tied before being burned alive as a punishment.


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