Final Word from Monday, September 19, 2011

Miroslav Kalousek is against giving free carbon credits to ČEZ, EP Holding andother energy companies, while many ODS politicians support the idea. At the sametime, Kalousek desperately needs to push through the large eco-tender, which ODSopposes. The solution, according to some wheelers and dealers, is to swap politicalsupport for the two. Kalousek gets his eco-tender, and ODS gets the free emissionsallowances. It's not an exact trade, but taxpayers can be skinned some other wayto make up the difference. Mirek Topolánek would be a hero for all those involvedin the two projects. One of the biggest winners would be J&T, which helped installTopolánek in his heating-industry lobbying position. J&T has its fingers in both theemissions and eco-tender pies. But then so do Martin Roman and his Pilsen pals, ifwe are to believe all the juicy information spewing from MFD and Andrej Babiš.

Glossary of difficult words

swap - an act of exchanging one thing for another;

wheeler and dealer - a person who engages in commercial or political scheming;

to skin someone - to take money from or swindle;

to have a finger in the pie - to be involved in an activity;

juicy - interestingly scandalous;

to spew - to expel large quantities of something rapidly and forcibly.

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