Final Word from Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Think!... It ain't illegal yet," sang Funkadelic on One Nation under a Groove. The internationalinternet community certainly isn't in a groove now that Big Bad Businesswants to clamp down on file sharing, file ripping and even file carrying. The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement is very similar to the indefinite-detention act signedby Barack Obama in the sense that both allow the government unprecedented powersto crack down. Officials in both cases are promising not to take full advantageof the powers, but the risk is in the way such laws make it possible to detain anyonewho has become uncomfortable to the regime. Listening to foreign broadcasts wasillegal during the war, but the Nazis mainly used the law to dispense with Czechswho were troublesome in some other way. ACTA is another example of the dictatorialtendencies sweeping the West. Anyone with a thinking mind is a potential target.

Glossary of difficult words

Funkadelic - an American funk and rock band active in 1968-1981;

groove - music having a rhythmic quality that is emotionally communicative and soulful;

to be in a groove - to be in a situation that one especially enjoys or is especially suited to;

to clamp down - to suppress or prevent something, typically in an oppressive or harsh manor;

file carrying - the agreement would make it possible to search computers, MP3 players, etc., at borders;

indefinite detention - the ability to hold someone (in a prison) for an indefinite period of time without being charged;

to crack down - to take severe measures against;

to dispense with - to get rid of; to manage without;

to sweep - to move swiftly and smoothly.


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