Final Word from Tuesday, March 13, 2012

When CBS of the U.S. hired Katie Couric to take over from the aging anchormen on its main evening news broadcast in 2006, it redesigned the set and had her stand for part of the broadcast. It was ostensibly to shake things up, but the real reason was to show off her legs. The experiment lasted five years before CBS hired another aging gentleman to read the news. Czech TV isn't against flaunting the figures of its female reporters (see 168 hodin, Tah dámou or Horizont, for example). But the hiring of ex-model Aneta Savarová to read the 7pm news poses a potential problem. The current format doesn't allow for any leg-viewing (as Karel Šíp recently noted), so a little flesh might indeed attract a younger audience (or perhaps more elderly leches). But the move to an hour format might negate any sudden ratings boost. One hour of news? In a time when social media have lowered the average attention span to five seconds?[Czech Republic Television tits & ass Všechnopárty Události]

Glossary of difficult words

T&A - (mildly vulgar) tits & ass; 

ostensibly - apparently or purportedly, but perhaps not actually; 

to flaunt - to display something ostentatiously, esp. in order to provoke envy or admiration; 

lech/lecher - a man who shows excessive or offensive sexual desire; 

attention span - the length of time for which a person is able to concentrate mentally on a particular activity.


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