Final Word from Monday, April 30, 2012

Remember the large eco-tender that nearly brought down the Nečas government last year? Finance Minister Miroslav Kalousek talked about the economic benefits of grouping all the cleanup claims together and dealing with them in one big contract, but he finally had to cancel the deal because the "savings" became impossible even for him to justify. Nečas had reportedly confided to ODS's leadership that he'd resign if the deal were passed. He said that he couldn't imagine allowing his cabinet to be linked to something accompanied by so many doubts about corruption. Another Gripen, Mostecká uhelná, OKD or Pandur deal wouldn't occur on his watch. Many of the same arguments are now being used for and against the church-restitution bill, with the notable difference that Nečas hasn't yet seen the light and is still staunchly defending the church deal. So is Karolína Peake, who had also expressed her objections to the eco- tender. It's sometimes odd what one will do in the name of God but would never do in the name of the devil.[Czech Republic environmental clean-up ecology MUS]

Glossary of difficult words

to confide - to tell someone about a secret or private matter while trusting him or her not to repeat it to others;

on one's watch - during one's period of responsibility;

to see the light - to understand or realize something after prolonged thought or doubt;

staunchly - strongly or firmly.


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