Final Word from Thursday, May 10, 2012

If you were the businessman-husband of the Vietnamese woman run over by Roman Janoušek, what would your price be for providing the testimony that keeps Janoušek out of prison? Think about it. Janoušek will have to be convicted of something, because if he gets off scot-free, the public will find it too hard to take. Even Janoušek must realize that all his money and all his connections will not keep his criminal record clean. But what the victim and the other witnesses say will play a crucial role in whether he is convicted of a willful crime and goes to prison, or whether he merely gets a suspended sentence. Comments made by Janoušek's lawyer after yesterday's questioning of the victim suggest that a deal has been struck. She'll say she doesn't think he acted willfully, and her incapacity will end just in time to avoid a charge of "serious" bodily harm. And the price for this? Nothing less than Kč 100m, we'd think.[Czech Republic accident]

Glossary of difficult words

scot-free - without suffering any punishment or injury;

too hard to take - too difficult to accept;

willful - intentional, deliberate;

incapacity - physical or mental inability to do something or to manage one's affairs.


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