Final Word from Monday, August 6, 2012

You can see the delight on the faces of the tourists as they stroll down the pedestrian zone of 28. října on a lovely weekend morning. They're mesmerized by the sights and sounds on the cobblestone avenue. To the left and right are alluring outdoor cafés and restaurants; over there is a quaint shoeshine stand; a few steps toward the square is a Unicef exhibition of artwork by children; not far along is a flock of parrots and their handlers; inconspicuously placed a bit further on is a hungry artist taking it all down in oil. It's a picture-perfect scene. Until the promenaders are scattered by a garbage truck barreling down the avenue at 30-40 km/h, side doors clapping to and fro as the grimy, smelly driver swerves wildly to avoid hitting a disoriented tourist busy snapping magical photos. CzechTourism and Prague city hall can spend tens of millions on tourism promotion, but it's still the fine details that matter the most.[Czech Republic Pražské služby]

Glossary of difficult words

to stroll - to walk in a leisurely way;

to mesmerize - to capture and hold the attention of someone to the exclusion of all else;

alluring - enticing, tempting, attractive;

quaint - attractively unusual or old-fashioned;

promenader - someone who takes a leisurely walk;

to barrel - to drive or move fast, often without regard for the surroundings or conditions;

to and fro - back and forth;

grimy - covered or characterized by grime or dirt.


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