Final Word from Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It would be fitting if, as Česká pozice reported on Mon., Petr Kolář were leaving as Czech ambassador to Russia to join PPF. It would be fitting, because Kolář has already been serving the state within the state. It was also Česká pozice that quoted Kolář in Dec. 2010 as saying that he had spoken with Mirek Topolánek about the alleged bribe sought by Martin Barták to smooth over problems with a Tatra contract and that Topolánek assured him that no bribe was requested. We wrote about this at the time in the Final Word and contemplated how much must have been at stake for the System of Corruption if the diplomatic corps had to be enlisted to defend it. That same Topolánek officially went to work soon thereafter for PPF/J&T. And although both Kolář and PPF made wishy-washy denials yesterday, it appears that Kolář and Topolánek will be meeting up again soon to fight for the interests they hold so dear.[Czech Republic EP Holding EPH William Cabaniss United States Moscow]

Glossary of difficult words

fitting - appropriate, suitable;

to contemplate - to think about;

corps - a body of people engaged in a particular activity;

wishy-washy - feeble, weak;

to hold something or someone dear - to care for or value something or someone greatly.


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