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Miloš Zeman said in his inaugural address that he wants to fight against "islands of negative deviation" and that one of these are the "godfather mafias that parasite on the body of Czech society and suck blood" from it. He didn't say who these vampire squids are. VV Chair Vít Bárta nevertheless told Právo he is glad that Zeman unequivocally addressed the problem of godfathers. Bárta took to the airwaves yesterday and declared on OVM that Andrej Babiš of Agrofert is the person doing the most damage to the Czech economy by making food expensive. But when F1 radio asked Bárta last month who the capo di tutti capi is, he didn't name Babiš. Nor did he name Jurečko, Hrdlička, Janoušek, Soukup, Kellner, Chrenek, Bakala, Komárek, Tkáč or Dospiva. Instead he named Radek Pokorný, who happens to be the lawyer and good friend of Zeman's first unspoken target as president, ČSSD Chair Bohuslav Sobotka.[Czech Republic Roman Tomáš Jaromír Petr Zdeněk Marek Patrik Karel little big godfathers kmotr kmotříček Jurečka]

Glossary of difficult words

[Correction: Andrej Babiš said that Vít Bárta is the one hurting the economy the most, not the other way around. Apologies.]

vampire squids - an expression used to describe financial parasites, popularized by an an article in Rolling Stone magazine;

unequivocally - in a manner that leaves no doubt; unambiguously;

capo di tutti capi - the godfather of all godfathers; the boss of all bosses.

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