Final Word from Tuesday, August 6, 2013

If Miloš Zeman is Napoleon the Pig from George Orwell's Animal Farm, as we wrote on July 24, who is Bohuslav Sobotka? He comes closest to Snowball, the young pig whose plans for a bright future for the farm after the liberation from the debauched Nečas-like Farmer Jones are urinated upon by the power-hungry Napoleon. Like Snowball, who teaches the other animals to read and write, Sobotka is eagerly giving his party lessons in democracy and self-determination. Yet every time he makes a valid point about the dangers of acquiescing to authoritarian rule, he is drowned out by the sheep who have gathered around Zeman. Squealer the Pig, aka Michal Hašek, explains to the other animals that if they don't accept the estate's new leadership, bad old Farmer Jones will return. Sobotka, never one to last long in a direct confrontation, finally retreats across the fence as Zeman's killer dogs start nipping at his heels. [Czech Republic ČSSD Rusnok cabinet confirmation vote autocrat]

Glossary of difficult words

retreat - an act of moving back or withdrawing;

debauched - indulging in or characterized by sensual pleasures to a degree perceived to be morally harmful;

to acquiesce - to accept something reluctantly but without protest;

to squeal - to make a long, high-pitched cry or noise;

aka - also known as;

to nip - to pinch, squeeze or bite sharply.


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